Author: HalfHuman

Title: Unexpected Guests

Summary: The Star Trek Voyager universe meets the Farscape universe.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek or Farscape, I am merely toying with the characters, which aren't mine. However, the story is mine. Please R/R.

Author's Note: Thanks for the reviews. Theres a lot of cursing in this fic, but its in "Farscape lingo" so I guess it doesn't really count. In this chapter I kinda changed the language a lil bit and the dialogue in order to make it seem more real, specifically with John. Its kinda funny. Tell me what you think of it. Also, I can so relate to the obsession over Aeryn/John and B'Elanna! She is my favorite Trek character. (im not such a big Paris fan, i only like him cuz he's involved with Torres) Anyway, enjoy.

Chapter 2

With all of the crazy dren Crichton had encountered in the UTs, and because he didn't see any threat, he decided to shed all doubts that Janeway and her posse were set on mind frelling him. An arn had passed since John's last meeting with Janeway, and John had brought aboard Chiana, D'Argo, and Rygel. None refused to stay on Moya, especially Rygel, who was particularly interested in the replicators John told him were on Voyager.

"All-righty," John sighed as he entered the mess hall with his little gang. Janeway had noted that her senior staff, in addition to John's crewmates wouldn't fit too comfortably in her ready room. She decided to shut the mess hall for a couple of hours and hold the meeting there. John and Aeryn and the rest sat down on one side of a long table, which seemed to be put together from several other small ones. Janeway and Chokotay and the rest of the senior staff sat opposite to John and his crew. "Ok, well…let me introduce myself," John began. "I'm John Crichton, as you may already know- human, and with the worst luck in this universe, may I add. This lovely lady beside me," John gestured to his right, "is Aeryn Sun, but don't be fooled, she's not human, nope, she's sabacean. Just think of them as human wanna-bes." Janeway looked at him frowning, and John noticed only two of Janeway's people smiling at his joke. "The huge guy with the tentacles things is D'Argo, he's my right hand man. The gray chick is Chiana and the little dude that looks like some demented puppet is Rygel." Janeway nodded and then began to introduce herself and her crew.

"Yes, well you already know that I'm Kathryn Janeway, this is my first officer Chakotay," Janeway turned left to address whom she was speaking of, she then continued, "next to him is-"

"Is B'Elanna Torres," John interrupted, "sorry, but I had a slight crush on you," John said nonchalantly to the half-klingon half-human Chief Engineer. Torres frowned at him, and John continued, "See, you gotta love that face…and you are Tom Paris," John pointed toward Voyager's pilot, "and you're Harry Kim, an ensign who somehow always ends up at the senior staff meetings." The young ensign blushed and looked down. "You're Tuvok," John pointed at the Vulcan Chief of Security officer. "And you," John said, pointing at a petite blonde at the end of the long table, "the one every guy goes head over heals for, your Seven of Nine, the ex-Borg. Just to let you know, I was always a Torres guy."

"Excuse me," Janeway interrupted. John turned to her and quickly apologized.

"Sorry, that was kind of irrelevant, but you don't know how many guys go googoo-gaagaa over Seven, its ridiculous, she boosted up your ratings." John paused as he saw every pair of eyes look at him as if he were the only alien in the room, then he got serious, "sorry."


"Crichton, we should begin by cross-referencing your ships' diagnostics and sensor record with Voyager's. We need to find out exactly what happened before we attempt anything." Janeway stated firmly. Her brow was low and her face wrought with worry, yet her eyes never wavered from Crichton's as she spoke. "We understand your ship is…unique and we would like to have your ship's…expert help us with compiling the necessary information. Seven," Janeway gestured to the ex-Borg, and the woman stood and headed to a panel against the wall near her. She pressed several buttons on the panel and the display screen illuminated an image of what looked like the nebula just outside of Voyager's hull.

"This is a simulation of the nebula, and here," the woman pointed at a spot in the nebula, "is the trans-universal rift."

"Nice name," John muttered to himself. Seven proceeded by enhancing the image to where the rift lay.

"The anomaly seems to have formed by the reaction of the nebula's ionic field, Voyager's warp core chemical composition, and several unknown compounds and elements." Seven returned to her seat.

"I've examined the events before Voyager was pulled through the vortex," Lt. Torres spoke up, "Sensors picked up strange readings from the nebula, and when the order was given to go to warp, the warp drive failed. A draining of power from the warp nacelles was detected. That is when the sensors suggest the rift coalesced in the nebula and Voyager was pulled through. What we need to know now, is what those other elements Seven mentioned were." Everyone stood silent, except Rygel who had a mischievous smile on his face and was mumbling to himself, while rubbing his palms together vigorously.

"Moya," John spat. "It's the other part of the equation. While you might call them the unknowns, the elements are no doubt from the energy extracted from Moya's Star Burst. I thought we were suppose to cross-reference our information?" John turned to Janeway.

"We wanted to briefly inform you of our findings," Janeway answered.

"Well, obviously we've wasted time here, I'll have Pilot send us Moya's sensor database. You guys need less talk and more action." John got up, walked to the nearest window, and contacted Pilot. Janeway looked confused, along with the rest of her crew.

"Moya is the name of our ship. Pilot is …the pilot," Aeryn offered coolly.


"That wasn't hard, was it?" John asked Lt. Torres and Seven after several long hours in Astro-metrics. Torres glared at him as if she were going to kill him; they had had to delay their efforts at trying to understand the anomaly because unlike herself and Seven, John decided to give Voyager's warp diagnostics a cursory reading and therefore had to return to the diagnostics when he found himself wholly lost. They had finally finished the complete simulation of the ordeal they had gone through in the nebula. All the elements fell into place, and all they needed was to recreate the conditions that lead to the formation of the rift.


An arn following the completion of the simulation, the mess hall was once again closed so that Janeway and John could hold one last meeting before initiating their plan to bring Voyager back to their "home." John briskly walked into the mess hall and scanned the area. Aeryn was chatting away with Tuvok over some combating moves, Torres, Seven, and Janeway were pensively reviewing the specifics of the plan, and Paris was showing off the stats of the Delta Flyer to D'Argo. John found Chakotay sitting quietly reviewing a PADD, and noticed at the corner of his eye a certain gray woman awfully close to an uncomfortable looking ensign.

"Chiana," John sighed, as he reached the young woman. "Lay off the kid, he has the hots for Seven." John smirked as he noticed Kim's face turn bright red.

"Can't a girl have a little fun around here?" Chiana complained as John pulled her off Kim by the back of her top's collar.

"Rygel," John said suddenly, as he remembered about the other pest he had to always keep an eye on. He looked around the mess hall, and when he failed to find him, walked towards Tuvok. "Um, excuse me, but have you seen the little fur-ball around, its not a good idea to have him out of sight, and I know you're the one in charge of security" John interrupted.

"If you are referring to Mr. Rygel, yes I know of his whereabouts. Rygel was caught tampering with the replicators in the mess hall by our ship's chef, Neelix. When taken into custody and questioned about his actions, evidence was found about his meddling with the holo-deck programming. Since you were busy in Astro-metrics, I reported Rygel's misdemeanors to Aeryn Sun. She granted me permission to put him in our brig and leave him there until you and your people departed from Voyager. Are you content with this course of action?" John looked toward Aeryn, who couldn't control herself from grinning.

"Yeah, that's just fine," John answered the stoic Vulcan, with Aeryn's contagious grin creeping up on his face.


"In half an hour…arn, Moya will be able to Star Burst. Once she begins the process, Voyager will begin to prepare for warp," Janeway said to the now quieted mess hall. "The power-up of both ships should begin the formation of the trans universal rift in the ionic field of the nebula. I've sent all the other technical details to Moya. From what I've learned Moya's ability to Star Burst is somewhat erratic and she can only Star Burst when she's ready, so time is of the essence. If everything goes well, we'll be out of here and back to the Delta Quadrant. Thank you for your help, all of you." Janeway shook John's hand and then added smiling, "Rygel, I'm sorry about the replicators and the holo-deck technology. You know our rules."

"Bloody Prime Directive," Rygel muttered under his breath as both crews said their goodbyes, with the exception of Kim who just tried to avoid Chiana.

"Well, thank you for…letting me have yet again a freakishly weird experience, and-"

"Captain," John was cut off with the sound of a voice from Janeway's com-badge.

"Janeway here," the Captain spoke, looking a little irritated.

"Sensors are picking up three ships which appear to be heavily armed. They are heading toward our location, interception in about ten minutes. Sir…they don't look friendly." Janeway immediately turned to John.

"Peacekeepers," John whispered in dismay, as he realized their situation and how they didn't have enough time to implement their plan.


So what do you think? I didn't want to just end it, it would have just been boring. If I continue this, I'm probably going to get into the relationships built by the characters, I dunno…

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