A/N: I'm back!!! England was awesome!! I tried to chain myself to a tree or something to prevent them from dragging me home! Please review! I wrote this on a coach ride. It takes after the previous Homeric poem I wrote, with the same first and last line, though about entirely different subjects, with entirely different tones. I'm sorry if anyone doesn't share my opinion of Paris, but please don't flame for that! Review!

Sing, o blessed one
Tell the tale of Troy, her course run
And of her cursed son
Paris, forsaken at birth

A mother's warning unheeded
Firebrand indeed, you consumed your city
Dooming those that took you
Illustrious Hector, kind-hearted Priam

Alexander, why did you leave Ida?
Led by that delightful goddess
Tempted by the voluptuous beauty
Was she worth your world?

Scorning your virgin sister's sight
Plunging Troy to her plight
Dardanus, your proud walls fallen
Your sons are no more

O Paris! She returned to Sparta
Yet your brothers return not from Hades
You lounge in your palace, in her delight
While they bleed, the land is stained

Alas, bane of Ilios, your name hated
A great lover nay, but a coward
Dooming magnificent Pergamus of yore
Known now only in lore.