A/N: Also wrote this one in the coach in England, and it was inspired by a score of trees passing by... Yea I know, I'm weird. It can be taken as a tribute to many things, such as trees, the earth, or especially, the Elves. Please review. I might add onto this if any more verses pop into my head suddenly. The stanzas are divided weirdly.

You pass me in the window
Basking in your magnificent splendor
Ageless, yet seen so much
The cycles of this world

Yet as I gaze upon you
Pain stabs my heart as I realize
Each look may be the last.
As the wheels of this life move on

I am taken far from you
Never again to share your company
Yet as the will is in me, I hold on
Desperately, for memories are all I have

Let them not gather as dust
Swept away by a passing breath
Alas, above all else, I doth pray
Remember me