A Not So Innocent Joke

Author: Freewater

Pairings: Seto/Jou Seto/Otogi

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Notes: In light of my successful fic "An Innocent Joke?" I'm writing this one for everyone who enjoyed it and wanted to see a sequel made. Unfortunately this is not a sequel, but another story altogether. There won't be a sequel to that story since I can't think of anything to write for it. But this another fic where Seto does play a mean trick on poor Jou! ooooo These many circles can indicate a change of some kind. Time, scenery or character. Seto is eighteen and Jou is seventeen.


Chapter One: A Not So Innocent Joke

Jou blinked, glowing amber eyes up at deep cerulean blue. Trying to get his mind back to its original working condition while thinking back to what was just said, because there was no way in hell he'd heard that right.

"You... you want to what?" He asked, fighting to keep from lifting a finger and pointing in his stunned shock, knowing that the CEO wouldn't like that one bit.

Said CEO smirked down at him. "You heard me correctly, puppy dog. A date. Tonight. My place." He finished gruffly, as if there would be no arguments on the situation. Because Seto knew that there wouldn't be any, and he was enjoying that idea a great deal.

Jou's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, a bright smile forcing its way onto his lips as he let out a delight filled squeal and threw his arms around Seto's neck. So much joy flooding into his system at the idea of going out on a date with the Seto Kaiba that he didn't feel him tense up at having his arms around him, reluctantly placing his own around his slender waist for an added effect.

"Oh wow, cool! Thank you so much!" The blonde cried out. "You have no idea what this means to me! I've had a crush on you for so long Kaiba, er, Seto. Can I call ya Seto?"

Seto rolled his eyes up as if in thought before making up his mind. "No." He shook his head.

Jou's face fell, but only just a little before his bright smile returned. If Seto wasn't comfortable with having someone other than Mokuba using his first name then he wouldn't press the subject. Especially since he'd just gotten a date with him after years of admiring him from afar.

And to think, he thought today was going to be a bad day. It was a Monday, he was late for school, he lost his journal, got in a fight with Honda and Anzu over an issue that he couldn't even remember anymore, got laughed at by Otogi for tripping and falling right on his face on the gym floor, and then got another detention from his teacher for not having his homework done.

But in comparison to having Seto Kaiba walk right up to him at his locker when the day had finally ended, and then tell him how cute he thought he was before asking for a date, those other things meant nothing to him at all.

Kaiba, seeing that there were still a few people left in the school, looking at him oddly for hugging his supposed enemy like he was, coughed a couple of times to get the blonde's attention as he loosened his grip on him.

Jou was quick to take the hint, thinking that since Seto wasn't the "touchy feely" type, that he probably shouldn't be hugging him like that in the middle of the school where people would see. And so he let him go, trying to ignore his inner disappointment at being out of his warm arms so soon after finally getting in them.

Seto held him at an arms length at this point. "So then, seven-thirty tonight at my place?" He asked again, searching his eyes for any traces of fear that could cause the blonde to back out at the last minute.

He found none, just the bright shimmering glow and that ever growing smile on his lips. "Of course! I wouldn't miss this for tha world!" He practically squealed, grabbing his book bag from it's spot next to his leg on the floor before slinging it over one shoulder.

Then, taking a quick look to both his right and his left to make sure that no one was around or watching, he reached his head up to give him a quick yet shy peck on the cheek, before turning away and running excitedly down the hall and out the school doors without another word, half afraid that if he stayed Seto would disappear and it would have all been nothing more than one of his cruel fantasies. Blushing and grinning madly as well at the thought that he had just kissed Seto for the first time ever in their brand new relationship.

When the school doors closed behind the mutt, Kaiba smirked. His mission was accomplished.

Around the corner suddenly came the boring sound of someone who was slowly clapping their hands together, and Kaiba whipped his head over to the source just to see Otogi come into view, leaning against the lockers with a sly smirk of his own on his face when he stopped clapping. Both simply stared at one another, as if silently celebrating what had just happened with their twin smirks.

"I told you it would work." The dice master finally said, breaking the silence.

Kaiba gave a half chuckle, folding his arms as he approached him. "Alright then, fine. You win this time." He said, stopping just in front of him.

Otogi smiled through his evil green eyes. "You know the deal lover, and I'm not letting you out of it. Now say it." He demanded, the amusement level in his voice high.

Kaiba rolled his eyes, a look of annoyance crossing his face as he scowled. A bet was a bet, and he'd be damned if he'd back out of it now, even if it was stupid. "Fine," He spat. "I, Seto Kaiba, hear by declare Ryuuji Otogi to be the greatest prank master against the make inu, Katsuya Jonouchi. This title is final, and in no way can it ever be redeemed." He finished, and not looking too happy about it either.

His scowl quickly changed back into a smirk, only this one was more playful. "Are you happy now?"

The raven haired teen nodded his head. "Yes, quite happy."

Kaiba took another step closer. "Good." Was all he said before putting his hand behind the other boys neck, pulling him forward for a hard kiss, dominating it with ease.

To the few people who would ever catch a rare glimpse of both CEO's in such a passionate moment, they would assume by the fierceness of the kiss, that the two were madly in love. When in truth, it was almost the exact opposite. There was nothing between the two aside from a possessive need and lust for each other. No love, no gentle words of endearments or encouragements, no holding, teasing or touching. It was only about the physical pleasures and the idea of owning the other that drove them together in the first place.

Otogi was the one to break off the kiss, holding up a leather journal in his one hand that Kaibe had not seen him with earlier, but decided he didn't care about that anyway.

"You see? My plans always work." He said triumphantly.

Kaiba smirked. "You lucked out this time. If I hadn't found that thing when you were with me then I would have read it first, laughed in that dumb dog's face next before burning it last." He said evilly.

Otogi brought a hand up and shook it at him, as if he were being a naughty child. "That's where your problem is. All you want to do is humiliate him the easy way. Yes, you reading his diary and then laughing him off for what he wrote about you in here would be good. But this is a thousand and a half times better." He explained, and Kaiba promptly snorted.

"I don't see how. I'm the one who has to entertain that fucking flea bag tonight and every other night until the school dance, which is two weeks from tomorrow to top it off." He finished sourly.

"Ah, but think about his humiliation when the two of you are dancing around on the gym floor, and then you can dump him in front of the whole school. Go ahead and even tell him about how fucking stupid you think he is if it makes you feel any better." He added.

Kaiba sighed, hating himself for giving in. "Fine." He then chuckled as an amusing thought hit him. "I wonder if he's any good in bed?" He asked himself, putting a hand under his chin in thought.

Otogi's eyes sparkled with mischief. "There, you see! Something good's coming out of this already!" He said, his voice filled with delight about another way to torture the puppy dog. "Now just think, two weeks is all you have to spend with him, and you can get all the sex you want out of it too. Does that sound bad?"

Kaiba shook his head. Finding that there was some actual logic in the dice master's thinking. All he had to do was spend two useless weeks with the mongrel, and he'd be getting laid along the way. Why should he complain?

"You're right. This should be fun." He smirked, walking towards the school doors with Otogi following closely behind, nodding his head in agreement.

"Of course I'm right." He said smugly as they both exited the school building.

Kaiba had a lot of work to get done, and so did Otogi, so they both thought it would be best to get as much in as possible before Seto's date with Jou tonight.

To Be Continued...........................

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