A Not So Innocent Joke

Author: Freewater

Pairings: Seto/Jou Seto/Otogi

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Notes: In light of my successful fic "An Innocent Joke?" I'm writing this one for everyone who enjoyed it and wanted to see a sequel made. Unfortunately this is not a sequel, but another story altogether. There won't be a sequel to that story since I can't think of anything to write for it. But this another fic where Seto does play a mean trick on poor Jou! ooooo These many circles can indicate a change of some kind. Time, scenery or character. Seto is eighteen and Jou is seventeen.


Chapter Nineteen: The Threat

The music was loud. The gymnasium was dark. Lights were flashing. Bodies were grinding. Kids were drinking the alcohol they'd smuggled in and sold out to the crowd. Making out in the dark corners beneath the bleachers as if they were unaware that the other kids knew they were even there.

It was paradise.

Exactly the way Jou wanted it.

He knew perfectly well that Kaiba was not subject to come to an event like this very often. So he wanted to make the dance a memorable one for him. And he made sure to do that as he pulled him close, grinding his body against the taller teen's in a suggestive manner.

Somehow, losing one's virginity made it a lot easier to do other things. So whenever the blonde was sweet talked into having sex, he found it hard to say no as opposed to saying yes. Now, he actually looked forward to being sweet talked into bed. Not that he needed to be begged for it anymore since he would probably give himself up to his boyfriend at the drop of a hat. But because he enjoyed the attention.

Kaiba smirked at the way his lover danced. If it got any dirtier then he might as well start stripping off his clothes and proclaim himself to be an exotic dancer.

Not that he minded the way the puppy clung and grinded against him. On the contrary, it was actually quite the turn on.

The actual dancing was a bit difficult though, and he found it hard to get into once dragged onto the dance floor. The idea of doing some actual dancing in front of so many people was difficult for him to swallow. It was different from when he was playing Dance, Dance Revolution back at the arcade, because here he was expected to at least know what he was doing.

When he finally managed to stop thinking though, it turned out to be a lot more fun than he expected.

Kaiba could now see why so many people opted to do this in their spare time.

When the last song came to an end and the next one started, he didn't expect Jou to grab his hand and take him away from all the dancing. When they were a bit farther away from the blaring of the speakers and the screaming kids, Jou stopped to speak with him. A bit out of breath from their exercise.

"I need ta go to tha bathroom. Can ya wait for me?" He asked.

"Sure thing, puppy." Kaiba said, a bit surprised as to how out of breath he sounded as well.

Were they really dancing for that long?

Jou smiled, giving his hand a quick squeeze before letting go and making his way to the washrooms in the school while Kaiba took a seat at a nearby table. Watching him go.

No sooner was the blonde out of the gymnasium full of kids, did Otogi quickly pop up from seemingly nowhere. Startling Kaiba with his sudden arrival.

"Hey babe." He cooed.

Seto narrowed his eyes at him. Willing himself to not cause a scene by jumping out of his chair to beat the hell out of the dice master when he took a seat next to him.

"What in the blue fuck do you want?" He sneered evenly. Trying not to look all too concerned about his sudden arrival.

Otogi actually pouted. "Really now. I thought you would be happy to see me. God knows I'm happy to see you. It took forever for that loser to finally go away--"

"Just say what you have to say and get away from me." Kaiba snapped. He wasn't about to sit around and let him insult his puppy like that.

Shockingly enough, he only smiled in return. As if accepting a challenge. "It's not about what I have to say." He said, pulling out a small video camera. "It's about what I want you to see."

He handed it to his ex-lover with the true face of calm. Watching with some kind of satisfied smirk as the brunet pressed the play button and watched as the small blank screen came to life.

What he saw made his eyes go wide.

It was obviously footage from a security camera. But what he was seeing made him want to be sick. Especially with the knowledge of what Otogi planned on doing with the tape becoming painfully clear in his mind.

It was so strange. He never even knew Otogi had security cams in his own bedroom.

The footage contained pretty personal stuff. Otogi was in the middle of giving Seto what looked to be a very enjoyable blowjob on the bed. Teasing him until he finally pulled away so they could fuck like proverbial rabbits.

Kaiba was quick to rip the tape out of the camera. The sudden act causing the film inside the tape to become stuck and ruin as he ripped at it and crushed tape in his bare hands. His eyes aflame and burning when he turned to face the black haired teen.

Sadly though, he didn't look at all worried about what had just happened.

"Gee. I had no idea you would do that!" He teased sarcastically. Pulling out a cigarette before lighting it calmly. "I have a copy of that at my estate. And I could do plenty of things with it to fuck you up."

Kaiba clenched his teeth. "What do you want?" He asked.

Otogi leaned in a bit closer. "Get rid of the dog. Like we agreed in the first place. And come back to me." He said. An evil glint in his eyes when he said it.

"What?! Are you out of your fucking mind? No way!" Kaiba spat. Sounding downright outraged by the very idea.

"Hmm, are you sure? Because unless you want the press, your stockholders, and hey, even the police to get a hold of that tape, you'll do exactly as I say." He purred, running a hand across Seto's smooth cheek.

Kaibe slapped the hand away. "I have nearly every journalist working in Domino paid to stay out of my personal life. You'd be taking a big risk of sending that off to someone who might just be working for me. And as for my stockholders, what would they give a fuck about my sex life? Even the police for that matter?" He demanded.

Otogi's smirk never left his face. "Who said anything about using Domino reporters?" He asked. Watching in satisfaction as Kaiba paled only just a little. He was trying to keep himself calm. Otogi could tell that much.

"And secondly, you're eighteen. I think your stockholders would be very interested in something like that." He said, pointing at the remains of the tape on the table. "You're only there to do your job and make sure they all get paid. If anyone in your company found out you've been fucking around and acting irresponsible, well, they might get nervous about your credentials." He sneered. Loving how the color in Kaiba's face seemed to continually decrease in shades.

"And lastly, once again, you're eighteen, and I'm seventeen." He pointed out.

Kaiba raised a brow at him. "So?"

Otogi scratched his chin in innocent thought. "Wouldn't that be statutory rape?" He asked.

Kaiba's eyes went wide. "You wouldn't."

Otogi sneered at him. "After what you did to me? Of course I would!" He said, leaning back in his chair. A look of contentment on his face. "The dog is underage too. You could do some jail time for that. Your company could go under too." He warned. Taking a puff of his cigarette before blowing away the smoke.

Kaiba just sat there. Stunned with what he was hearing. Because it was all true. He could face jail time for what he was doing. Although most likely brief, his company would still suffer if it managed to survive being taken down like that.

How would he provide for Mokuba? What would he do about that?

"I still won't go back to you." He hissed. Fighting to the very last.

Otogi shrugged. "Fine with me. I'll just take your precious puppy." He threatened.

Bue eyes widened again. "What?" Was all he could say.

"Blonde boy will be soooo heart broken when you tell him the news. I'm sure he's going to need someone around to comfort him." The black haired teen leered.

"You stay away from him." Kaiba snarled.

"Oh I will. If you're with me that is." He said cooly. Enjoying the mixture of horror, hatred and confusion on his soon-to-be lover's face.

Revenge kicked ass.

Otogi put out the half smoked cigarette, getting to his feet. "I'll give you twenty-four hours to think about it." Was all he said before walking away. Leaving a stunned Kaiba behind at the table.

If anyone had been paying attention to the teen billionaire, they would have thought the look on his face to be odd. Thankfully though, they were all off in their own little dream world.

Only Jou seemed to notice the look of distress on his face when he came back several minutes later.

"Seto," He asked, touching Kaiba's arm to get his attention. "You okay?" He asked.

Relieved at the sight of him, but still contemplating his two shitty choices, Seto got to his feet and took the blonde into his arms. Shushing away Jou's questions with the need for some small amount of physical contact in the room filled with people.


It wasn't hard for the dice master to locate Yami. What with the hair and all.

He was near Yugi, as usual, so all he had to do was stroll on over.

"Hello Otogi-san." Yugi greeted politely when he approached. Not knowing about the plan he was putting into motion at that very moment.

Yami gave no greeting.

Otogi nodded his head. "Hello Yugi," He said. "Would it be alright if I could speak with Yami for a few minutes. It's very important." He said, hoping to have sounded sincere enough.

The smaller of the two only blinked at him, but figured that if it was important enough then he might as well leave for a minute or so.

"Sure." He said, looking up at Yami. "I'm going to get us something to drink." He said, pointing to the drinks table before walking off.

Yami then turned to Otogi. "I feel something is off with you. What's going on?" He asked.

For a split second, Otogi's heart did a weird sort of flip. Afraid that he'd been caught. Quickly, he managed to calm himself. Knowing that there was no possible way in the world that the pharaoh could know for sure what he was doing.

"Have you noticed that Kaiba and Jou have been spending a lot of time together?" He asked.

Yami raised a brow at him. "Yes?"

Otogi sighed dramatically. "Well, I'm afraid to be the bearer of bad news, but I thought you should know that Kaiba's been using him for sex. They're whole dating thing has been nothing but a big prank."

Yami's eyes widened. "What?" He asked. "No. I don't believe it. My cousin would never do such a thing!"

Otogi was quite taken back by that statement. "Kaiba's your cousin?" He asked.

Strange. When they were dating he failed to mention that.

Yami nodded. "Yes. We were related back in Egypt. And I know he can difficult at times but I simply cannot believe that he would stoop to something that low."

Otogi shrugged. What did he care if the pharaoh believed him or not? When Kaiba broke it up with the dog for whatever reason, he would surely go running to his friends for their support. And when Yami found out, he would have to tell Jou about Kaiba's prank.

Yes. That should do it just fine.

"Alright then, fine, don't believe me. But it'll be your own fault when Jou gets hurt." He warned.

Yami narrowed his eyes at him. "Just be gone!" He hissed.

Otogi smirked. Gladly doing as he was told.

All he had to do now was wait.


Jou, confused as to why Kaiba was acting so strange, pulled out of the warm embrace. "What's tha matter?" He asked, knowing there was something wrong with his boyfriend. What confused him though, was what could have happened in the five minutes he was away for.

"I... I need to speak with you." Kaiba said, taking Jou by the hand before forcefully dragging him through the sea of students and out of the room.

"Kaiba, what are you doing?!" Katsuya demanded when they were away from the crowd. Snatching his sore wrist away to rub some circulation back into it.

Seto sighed. He had to do this, and it would only be better if he were to do it right there. Where Jou wouldn't need to be humiliated in front of a huge crowd.

"It's over Jou. I'm leaving." He said. Keeping his voice as heartless as he could.

The blonde only blinked at him. "Leaving? For home?" He asked. Not getting what was being said.

Kaiba had to force himself not to do a face vault. Obviously Jou hadn't completely understood what he was doing. Not that he could blame him, he halfway didn't understand the things that were being spilled from his own lips. But it was for his own good. For the good of everyone. It had to be done.

"No, I meant us." He said, carefully watching the blonde's face for a reaction. "I don't want to be with you anymore. I've had enough."

Jou's face fell slowly. His brain having trouble taking in what he was hearing. "What?" Was all he could say.

It was hard, but Kaiba was doing it.

Silently, he thanked God for making him such a great actor, because right then he had to fight to keep from bursting out into tears. He didn't want to do this, but he had to. "You heard me... dog." He added as an afterthought. Walking passed the stunned blonde and making sure to hit their shoulders together when he did.

Jou whipped around and grabbed his arm. "What the hell are you doing?!" He demanded. "This doesn't make any sense! There's no way you mean that! You've gotta be jokin'!"

Kaiba forced a snarl onto his face. Keeping thoughts of his little brother and his company firmly in mind. "You're the joke. Now fuck off." He said. Ripping his arm away from Jou's tight grasp.

Jou felt his throat tighten as he watched Kaiba walk off, his heart beating loudly in his chest while the blood rushed into his ears. Making everything suddenly dead silent as he waited for the brunet to turn around and tell him it was just a prank, and that he was only pulling his leg. And when he did, Jou would make sure to yell at him for scaring him like that.

Kaiba didn't turn around though. Instead he turned a corner. Out of Jou's line of sight, and he burst into tears when it suddenly hit him that he wasn't coming back.

His feet, suddenly allowing him to move from his place in the hallway, started to run without his consent. But even if he did have control, he wouldn't have stopped it. He was running towards Kaiba's direction. He would not let him have the last say. He would not let him use him like that!

When he finally caught up to the CEO, he grabbed his arm before whirling him around and landing a fist in his face.

Kaiba was too stunned to see him again that he nearly lost his footing. But he managed to get a hold of himself in time to straighten up and get a look at the tears streaking down his face. He suddenly didn't feel the pain of the punch, and even if he did, he knew he would have deserved it.

"Bastard...!" Jou said between sobs.

Kaiba wanted to hold him, to tell him that it would all be okay. But instead he sneered. "Whatever." He said, turning his back and walking away again.

Behind him, Jou dropped to his knees. Still sobbing, not knowing what to do, only knowing that he'd been used and thrown away.

It was a long time before he found the strength to get to his feet and go home.


Kaiba slammed the door to his grand house. Snarling as he yanked off his trench coat, throwing it to the floor for a servant to pick up in the morning, as he made his way to his room.

Mokuba had been allowed out of bed early, and was well enough to be walking around in a pair of crutches. So when he caught his brother stalking off, he didn't take it as anything unusual. But when he saw his face, wet from tears, he knew he had to investigate.

It was hard trying to get up to his brother's room quickly, yet quietly at the same time, especially with no one in the house to help him. But he was a persistent little boy, and he was worried.

When he did make it up the stairs, it was easy enough to get to his brother's room. He opened the door a crack, and peered inside.

Seto was talking on the phone, faced away from him while looking out the window into the night sky.

"I did it." He choked. Mokuba couldn't hear the person on the other end of the phone. But then his brother spoke again. "You mean now?!"


"Yes, alright, I'll be there." And then he hung up the phone.

Mokuba didn't know what was going on, but he knew it to be serious when Seto proceeded to pick up the phone and fling it across the room. Running a shaking hand through his hair. Looking more helpless then he'd ever seen him. And it was then when he got another look at his tear stained face.

"Seto?" Mokuba pushed the door open a bit more. Making his presence known.

"Mokuba?" Seto said, surprised to see him there, yet looking relieved at the same time.

Mokuba moved forward to give his brother a hug. That always seemed to help him when he was feeling bad, so why wouldn't it help his brother?

It was a bit awkward with the crutches, but Seto gladly embraced him. Keeping in mind that he was the reason he gave up Jou, and that he would do it again to protect his brother if necessary.

"What's wrong Seto?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba sighed. He knew he'd worried his little brother, but he couldn't involve him in his problems. "Nothing that you need to worry about." He said, pulling away. "It's passed your bed time."

"Aw, but Seto--"

"I mean it, Mokuba." Kaiba said. Wiping the tears out of his eyes. "I need to go out again, but I'll be back soon, and I want you sleeping when I return. Alright?" He asked. Suddenly looking like the authoritative figure that he was.

Mokuba nodded. "Alright."

"Good." Seto then kissed his forehead. Helping him to his own room before giving him his medication and tucking him in.

"'Night Seto." Mokuba said, feeling sleepy from the pills.

Kaiba ran a hand through his hair. "Goodnight Mokuba." He said, Turning out the light before leaving the room and his house. Off to meet Otogi.


Jonouchi's father was relaxing peacefully on the couch when he heard the front door slam open before slamming shut again. And after whipping his head over to his boy running inside and up the stairs to his room, his didn't wait to hear another door slam shut before getting to his feet to find out what was wrong.

Knocking on his son's door, he could clearly hear choked sobbing coming form inside. "Jou?" He called. Finding that the door was not locked, so he let himself in. "Jou?" He called again.

The little blonde copy of himself was found huddled in a corner of his room. A hand fisted in his hair with tears streaking out of his tightly shut eyes and down his cheeks.

Instantly worried, Jou's father crouched down before him. "What happened?" He asked carefully.

Jou shook his head. "I-I can't b-believe... h-he did that!" He wailed.

Alarms were now going off in his father's head. "Who? That boyfriend of yours?" He asked. In the back of his mind finding it odd that he had to comfort his son about boyfriend troubles. If anything he would of expected this sort of thing from Shizuka, not Jou. But he pushed the thought in the back of his mind. Seeing that no matter what the reason his boy was still hurt, and he had to be supportive.

Jou nodded his head. "Yeah." He croaked. "H-he left me. Said I was only a-a joke." He cried.

"WHAT?!" Jou's father burst out.

No one said that about his son!

"Don't you believe that, Jou! That's bullshit! If anything, you're better then he is!"

Although he knew his father was trying to comfort him, his words did little to help. But he agreed with him anyway, just wanting to be left alone. "Yeah." He whispered through his tears. "I really shoulda seen this comin'" He whispered. "Why would Kaiba suddenly act all nice ta me? He never was before."

There was a pause. "I don't know, boy." His father answered softly. Putting a hand on his shoulder.

Jou sniffed. "Y'know what?" He asked, looking up at him with the faint hints of a smile on his face. An idea to hopefully make things better for himself.

"What?" The older Jonouchi asked.

He shrugged. "I'm not gay anymore." He said. Kind of laughing when he did.

Jou's father blinked. "What?"

"Every time I get into a relationship with a guy, I always get hurt like this." He explained. "I know you don't wanna hear that--"

"No, no, it's okay. Go on."

Jou sighed. "If I get a girlfriend, I'd never do to her what he did to me... And then everything will be better." He finished sadly.

Jou's father really didn't know how to handle what he was hearing. So he did the only thing he knew to do at that time. He went along with it.

"Alright. Whatever you think is best, son." He said.


The next day at school, Jou, Kaiba, and Otogi were all not there. Having called in sick for some time to think, or in Otogi's case, to get some from his boyfriend.

The day after that, though, all three were there. And all three saw each other when walking down the halls.

Otogi had his arms hooked in Kaiba's, and Jou was leaning against the lockers, hitting on Mai in the hopes of taking his mind off his pain.

Kaiba winced at the sight of them. Jou had certainly gotten over him fast.

When Jou looked up and saw them, a flash of pain crossed his own features at the sight of Otogi clinging so tightly to Kaiba.

So that's why he broke up with him. He wanted to see Otogi instead of him.

Deciding to play fire with fire, Jou cupped Mai's cheek before softly kissing her. Watching Kaiba flush in anger out of the corner of his eye.

Weird. If he didn't care then why would he do that?

Otogi tightened his hold on the brunet before leading him down the hall. Angered with the sight and not wanting to lose his boyfriend again over something so trivial.

Needless to say, over the next few days rumors spread like mad about the rich CEO's sudden break up with the blonde mutt form the wrong side of the tracks, and soon enough, those rumors got back to Yami, who was none to pleased to find out about it.

To try and settle everything, thinking that perhaps it was all nothing more than just a simple breakup instead of the cruel joke that Otogi tried to pass it off as, he went to see his friend to ask him about it.

It was lunch, so he was able to catch him in the lunch line easily enough before taking him outside.

"So what's so great that ya need to talk ta me about?" Jou asked, taking a bite out of the sandwich he'd bought.

"Jou," Yami started, hoping to be as gentle as he possibly could considering the subject. "I've been hearing some things going around the school, and I was hoping that you could clear them up for me."

Jou shrugged. "Okay, what?" He asked, taking another bite out of his sandwich.

"How did you and Kaiba break up?" He asked.

Something flashed across Jou's eyes at the question, but it was gone before he could determine what it was.

He wasn't stupid though. It had to be pain. What else could it be?

"I... I don't wanna talk about it." Jou stuttered. "I really need ta get back ta Mai." He then made as if to leave, but Yami stopped him.

"What did he say to you, Jou?" He called, making the blonde stop in his tracks.

"He just... he broke it off with me. That's all you need ta know." He replied.

Yami knew he was hurting, his shadow magic confirmed it. So he let the subject drop.

...For the moment.

Next he had to see Kaiba.


It wasn't hard to find his former priest, but what he did find to be both odd and difficult, was the fact that wherever he seemed to go, Otogi was always right there with him. Clinging to him. Following him. Kissing him.

Why would he try to warn him of Kaiba's devious plot to hurt his friend if he was only planning on dating Kaiba when he was finished with Jou?

What was that saying that Honda had told him about?

Oh yeah. Something smells like bullshit.

That was it.

'Good thing Yugi doesn't know about this. Who knows what he would do if he knew Jou was being hurt like this.' Yami thought. 'Though, he already suspects something with Jou's sudden interest in Mai.'

Unfortunately, Yami never managed to get a moment alone with Kaiba during school, or even after school since the dice master went with Kaiba in his limo.

That caused some rather disturbing and awkward discussions with Yugi as to why he couldn't go home and have sex with him. Not like he could tell him that he was planning on spying on Kaiba for the sake of Jou. That would be even worse.

He would just have to deal with an upset Yugi and a week on the couch.

When he made it to the Kaiba Mansion, it wasn't too difficult to sneak his way onto the property. But what he despised the most, was having the climb into a tree and hide from all the security cameras and motion lasers scattered about.

'Whatever happened to the good old days when all you needed were a few armed guards and dogs?' He thought to himself. 'Stupid technology.'

Unfortunately for him, his perch in the tree didn't give him much of a view inside, but he was pleased with the full frontal view of the front door. So all he had to do was wait for Otogi to leave, and then he could ring the doorbell.


"Stop it! Stop it!" Hoshi cried, watching in horror as her cousin proceeded to beat up a still injured Mokuba while Osuka held her back.

"Shut it, Hoshi!" Teimu screamed. Stopping his fun involving the kicking of Mokuba's ribs long enough to slap her in the face. Not hard enough to make her bruise, but enough to make her cry out in pain.

"I don't give a shit if we're related anymore! I'm tired of your sh–!!"

He didn't have a chance to finish his rant as Mokuba got to his feet and tackled him to the ground. Fully intent on beating him to a pulp for daring to lay a finger on her.

Unfortunately, he was still injured, and Teimu managed to roll them over and pin him to the ground once again. "You're gonna get it for that one, rich boy." Teimu snarled, not at all pleased with the sneak attack.

Feeling suddenly courageous, along with the fact that Hoshi was watching, he spat out the first thing that came to mind. "Fuck you, you pathetic piece of shit!"

The fact that he was the one to say something so... so... not Mokuba, was enough to make everyone freeze up for a total of five seconds. But then Teimu snapped out of it and started to punch him in the face again, and Hoshi started to scream.

"Hey, What's going on here?!"

The intrusive voice snapped them out of their attack once more, and they all turned their heads up to see a rugged looking blonde teen. Staring at them with hate in his eyes for what they were doing to the black haired boy and the little red head.

The gang of kids didn't know who it was to stop them, but Mokuba knew, and he was thrilled to see him. "Jou! Please, help." He whimpered. "They're going to hurt Hoshi!"

Jou turned his gaze to see the little red head the other boy was holding back, and he guessed her to be a friend of the younger Kaiba's.

He glared at the boy holding her. "Let her go." He snarled.

The boy tightened his grip on the girl, causing her to yelp in pain. "Fuck you! Go away!" The boy yelled.

A sweat drop appeared on the side of Jou's twitching vein. Since when did kids this young have that kind of language? Granted, he was swearing and causing trouble at a young age too, but that wasn't the point.

What the point was, was that he was older, stronger, and better then those little brats currently hurting his small friend, and he wasn't going to stand by and let it happen.

Three quick steps was all it took before he grabbed a fistful of the kid's hair and lifted him into the air. Half proud of the startled shriek of shock and pain he let out. The boy pinning Mokuba could only stare in shock.

Jou smiled evilly at his captive. "You gonna do as I say an' leave?" He asked.

There were tears streaming down the boys cheeks. "Y-yes! Yes! Please, just let me go!" He wailed.

That was enough for him. Jou set him back down to the ground, but didn't let go of his hair as he turned his narrowed eyes to the boy on top of Mokuba. "Let him go!" He yelled.

Teimu instantly did as he was told. Allowing a now sore Mokuba to get to his feet.

Jou then let go of the boys hair and watched as they both ran off. Turning his attention back to the children when they were out of sight.

"What was that all about?" He asked. Allowing Mokuba to lean on him since he seemed to be having trouble standing.

The little red head - Her name was Hoshi if Jou got it right - was quick to rush up and check if he was alright.

"They always pick on me." Mokuba replied.

Jou turned down to face Hoshi. Surprised to hear such a thing. "Is that true?" He asked.

Hoshi nodded, but didn't say anything.

Jou's face fell. "Shouldn't you have guards or something around to watch you?" Jou asked.

Mokuba scowled. "They're so stupid. They never do their jobs right. It's no wonder I get kidnaped all the time." He grumbled.

Jou blinked. "Point taken." He said. "You want me to walk you home?" He asked.

Mokuba nodded. "Sure. Thanks, Jou." He said. Not expecting to be picked up and piggy backed out of the school yard. Hoshi, hot on Jou's heals.

"You comin' with us, kid?" He asked.

"She's a friend of mine, Jou." Mokuba said.

"Oh okay." Jou replied, eyeing the little girl strangely. She wasn't much of a talker. That was for sure.

He didn't know if he wanted to ask or not, but seeing as how he was going to Kaiba's house, he figured it would be best.

"Your brother isn't home is he?" He asked somewhat nervously.

Mokuba thought for a moment. "He should be. Why?"

Jou shook his head. "No reason." He replied. His voice low.

Hoshi did her best to not pay attention to the conversation, seeing as how it was none of her business, but she just couldn't help what she heard as Mokuba spoke up again.

"Why did you and Seto break up, Jou?" He asked. "You were so happy together."

Jou flinched when he heard that. "Not happy enough." He mumbled. And the rest of the trip stayed quiet.


'About damn time!' Yami cursed, watching as Otogi let himself out of Kaiba Manner about an hour after getting there.

He gladly hopped out of the tree. Happily stretching his aching muscles before walking up to the door and ringing the bell.

He figured it wouldn't matter if Kaiba hadn't heard anything from the front gate first since he would most likely think he was Otogi again.

His suspicions were confirmed as Kaiba himself answered the door. Looking quite disheveled and pale.

"What are you doing here?" He asked. Which surprised Yami since he didn't snarl at him.

"I came to ask you what's going on with Jou and Otogi." He said, folding his arms and immediately getting to the point. "Otogi fed me some bullshit about you using Jou. I didn't believe it at first, but then you two suddenly break it off and things get weird. I want to know what's going on." He demanded.

Kaiba leaned against the doorframe. Obviously too tired out from something to want to argue. "For the moment, if I tell you, you need to give me your word that nothing I say will get back to Jou."

Yami raised a brow at him, but said nothing. As long as he got answers then he didn't care. He would deal with the problem later. So he nodded his head in agreement.

Kaiba sighed. "Otogi has some... information on me that could send me to jail and put my company under. He said if I didn't leave Jou he would send it to the police, and that if I didn't go back to him he would go after Jou."

Well that certainly seemed like a logical excuse, but then the other thing he said hit him. "Go back to him?" He asked.

Kaiba nodded. "We used to date, and Jou and I were only together so that I could humiliate him. But I changed my mind." He added quickly, seeing the look of anger flash across Yami's face. "I left Otogi for Jou, and he didn't particularly like that."

Yami snarled. So that's what's been happening. Kaiba really was out to hurt Jou. But how could he hold something like that against him when Otogi was out to hurt the both of them? He believed that a person could change if they truly wanted to. Marik was living proof of that. So even if Kaiba's intentions weren't the best to start off with, it was obvious that he truly cared for the blonde now.

He had to help them.

"What kind of information are we talking about here?" Yami asked curiously.

Kaiba rubbed his face with his hands. "Tapes of me fucking him." He said. "And because of both his and Jou's age, I could get put in jail for statutory rape."

Yami blinked. "What's that?" He asked.

"It's when you have sex with someone underage." Seto replied unhappily. "I never even thought of that when I got involved with either of them." He grumbled.

Yami blinked again. "But I have sex with Yugi all the time." He said, not thinking about his bluntness on the subject. "He's five thousand years younger than I am and he's never said anything about this statutory rape to me." He said.

Kaiba shook his head. "That's different." He said. "Yugi's old enough to know what he's doing, and Jou is too, I know that, but I could still lose everything. How will I care for Mokuba then? He could get taken away from me if I have no way to provide for him!"

Yami thought the problem over for a moment, and quickly came up with a solution. "Just tell Jou about it." He said.

"Are you out of your fucking mind?!" Seto shouted.

"No, really, tell him what's going on, and I'll just get the tape. Jou will be eighteen soon enough. You're only, what? Four months older than he is? So the two of you can just wait a bit."

"It's not that easy."

"Why not?"

"Just... just because!"

Yami smirked. "Whatever. So you can tell Jou, and I'll get the tape." He said, turning to walk away. "I'll see you in the morning!" He called. Leaving Kaiba standing there, wondering what in the hell just happened.

'Fucking pharaoh.' He thought before going inside.

Not fifteen minutes later, Jou arrived with Mokuba and Hoshi in tow. He put Mokuba down on the porch, and after ringing the bell, was quick to try and leave, but Mokuba grabbed his arm.

"Please don't go!" The black haired boy pleaded. "I want you to see Seto!"

The look Jou gave him was both sympathetic and sad. "Y'know I can't stay." He said.

"Please?" Mokuba begged. "I've never seen Seto sadder since you left. He needs you back!"

"If he needed me so much then he wouldn't a' left me." The blonde said, turning to leave again.

It was then that Kaiba chose to open the door. Seeing the back of his blonde just as he made the first step off his porch. "Katsuya?" He asked, shocked at seeing him there.

Jou froze at the sound of his former lover's voice. His heart aching for him, but he kept calm as he turned to face him. "Hey, Kaiba."

Out of shame and guilt, Kaiba turned his face away, only to look down and see the bruises forming over his brother's face. "Mokuba! What happened to you?!" He demanded, getting to his knees to examine his face.

Mokuba winced at the worry on his face. Damn. Now he would have to explain himself. "I...uh... had a run in with a few bullies?"

"Oh my God." Kaiba groaned, taking his hand and getting to his feet. "Are you hurt too, Hoshi?" He asked. Relieved when the little girl shook her head no.

"The both of you, inside, now." He said, stepping aside to let them in. He then turned to face the blonde. "Are you coming?" He asked. Sounding rather hopeful, much to Jou's confusion.

"Sure." Was all he could say. Following the brunet inside like he was some kind of robot.

Kaiba put his hand on Jou's back as he led him on in. The touch burning him through his jacket, and he didn't know if he wanted to jump the CEO and kiss him or run away in fear. He chose to simply remain acting like a robot.

When Kaiba removed his hand, Jou let out a small whimper, but was happy to see that Seto hadn't noticed as he picked up his brother and brought him up the stairs. There were servants in the house, and he was quick to get them to summon a nurse.

Thankfully Mokuba's original injuries hadn't been reopened, and all he needed was some iodine on his new cuts and scrapes to clean them.

Seto decided to try and put Yami's plan into action. Telling Mokuba that he could play some of his video games with Hoshi as long as he stayed in bed.

"I guess I should go now." Jou said, feeling that since he'd done what he came to do he should leave quickly before Kaiba decided to laterally throw him out.

Seto grabbed his arm before he could go. "Wait."

Jou turned to look at him, confusion and hope mixed in his features. "What is it?" He asked.

Seto sighed. 'Damned pharaoh better be right about this.' He thought. "I want to talk to you... privately." He said, leading him into his library before shutting the door and locking it behind him.

Jou wasn't too sure he was comfortable with the door being locked. But he said nothing about it, just remained fidgeting on the spot. "What did ya wanna talk ta me about?" He asked, looking at anything but him.

Kaiba didn't answer him. He just walked over, lifted his chin and kissed him. Wrapping his arms around the wonderful body before him and holding on tight. He simply couldn't stop himself. How he'd missed him. Missed this.

It wasn't until the kiss broke off that he realized that Jou's hands were in his hair and around his neck. And he wasn't fighting him. He felt like putty in his hands, and to take advantage of the situation, the CEO pressed their lips together again. Guilt free and full of passion. Delighted when the mouth he was kissing opened up for him and moaned.

He then felt a certain wetness on his cheeks. Strange, what was that?

Breaking off the kiss, he could plainly see tears streaming down the blonde's cheeks, and they had dripped onto his face during their kiss.

He made to wipe them away, but Jou turned his face away, the tears coming harder as he pulled himself away from the invitingly warm arms that had been wrapped around him. Wrapping his arms around himself as if to protect himself.

The sobbing was enough to break Kaiba's heart all over again. It was even worse then when he broke up with him.

"W-why are you d-doing this?" Jou stammered.

Kaiba was at a loss for words. He wanted to go over there and comfort him, but he knew that such an act would be unwelcome. "I need you." Was all he said.

Jou gave a sort of choked laugh. "No you don't." He cried.

Kaiba didn't bother to go over to him. He just stood there, contemplating what he should say next. "You don't understand--"

"You're the one that doesn't understand!" Jou screamed. How dare he tell him that he didn't understand?! He broke his heart for Christ sake! If anything, he was the one that didn't understand!

"H-how could you do that to me? H-how could you dance with me and tell me you love me one minute, a-and then call me all those names and leave me the next? Why should I trust you?" He asked.

Kaiba gave him a pleading look. Having nothing to argue back with.

What was he supposed to say to that?

"I don't expect your trust, I just want you to hear what I have to say." Seto replied.

Jou gave another choked laugh. "Why should I?"

The look Seto gave him was a look only a poor beggar would give. "Please?" He asked, praying that it would be enough since he had nothing left.

Jou seriously considered hitting him again before walking out. For daring to mess with his emotions like he did by kissing him. But... he couldn't deny that he still held feelings for him, and in a way, he wanted to hear his side of it. Then, maybe that way he could direct some more of his anger at him for leaving him over something so stupid.

"What is it?" He asked. Wiping away stray tears and folding his arms.

Kaiba instantly got to the point. Still looking the beggar. "I never wanted to leave you." He started, making Jou's eyebrows go up. "Otogi came to me, and threatened to put me under if I didn't drop you and go back to him." He explained.

Jou still looked distrustful of him. "Why wouldn't you just tell me?" He asked.

"If I did... you would have hated me." Seto said, walking over to his study desk before opening up one of the drawers and pulling out an old leather bound book.

Jou's eyes lit up at the sight of it. "Hey! That's my journal..." He said, realization dawning on him. "What are you doing with it?" He asked, holding it close when Seto handed it to him before backing off again.

"You dropped that a few weeks back, and Otogi and I found it." Kaiba explained, watching Jou's facial features carefully for any signs of betrayal.

So far, all he found was understanding. So he continued with his speech.

"Otogi and I... used to date. It was never anything important really. We hated each other, it was just a lust thing." He said.

Jou paled when he heard that, but forced himself to keep calm as he listened. "O-okay."

Seto took a step closer to him. "He and I read you journal, and got the idea that I would take you out a few times and dump you for fun."

Jou's eyes widened. "What?" He asked, on the verge of tears once more at the thought of being used like that.

This time, Seto didn't hold himself back as he stepped forward and cupped the blonde's face. "Katsuya, I love you! I do! That's how all this started! I fell in love with you and left Otogi for you." He said, his blue eyes pleading with him for understanding. "Otogi got angry with me, and threatened to expose what we'd done to the media if I didn't leave. Please, you have to believe me!"

Jou tossed his journal aside before looking back up into his deep blue eyes, and for a moment, Kaiba was afraid he would get chewed out before being told to never go near him ever again.

What happened was the very last thing he expected to happen. Jou kissed him quite forcefully, wrapping his arms around his back as Kaiba melted.

"I don't care." The blonde whimpered. "I don't care anymore! I need you." He said, crushing his lips to Kaiba's once more.

And just like that, they were together again.

Kaiba broke their kiss off, a question of his own in mind. "What about Mai?" He asked.

Jou shook his head. "Don't worry about her. She an' I were only together ta make you jealous." He said.

Kaiba blinked. "Really?" He asked, stunned that Jou had actually been trying to make him jealous. And surprised with himself when he realized that it had worked.

He laughed when he pulled Jou's lips up to his again. All horrible thoughts gone from his mind.

He did, however, wonder what Yami planned on doing to help him with Otogi.


Yami chuckled evilly as he strolled down the street. Having shadow magic could be rather fun when he set his mind to it. Why did he never think to do things like that before?

Granted, the dog bites from his fumbled escape hurt something awful, giving him a slight limp, and Otogi probably knew that he'd broken in by now. But it was still worth it. By morning, the new tapes would be sent off to the media, and after a long shower Yami was looking forward to being lavished by attention by Yugi.

His light was like that. Waiting on him hand and foot whenever he found him to be hurt. Usually leading to some fun time in bed, but that wasn't the point.

Kaiba and Jou would be quite happy with the results of his work by morning. There was no mistaking that.


Kaiba sat at the edge of his bed, wearing nothing but a sheet covering his lower half as he stared, stunned, at the tv across the room, the remote frozen in his hand.

Jou was directly behind him, still sleeping peacefully from the night before. Or at least, Kaiba thought he was sleeping. When in truth the sound of the tv had woken him up from his slumber. Causing him to sit up to see what was happening.

Before he could ask Kaiba to turn the volume down, he noticed that what his lover was staring so determinedly at was a program on the news.

Something involving Otogi.

Jou rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before letting out a silent yawn. Wrapping the blanket around his waist before crawling up behind his brunet lover.

The News Anchors seemed to be making a joke of the dice master for sending some information into them. Kaiba looked almost afraid as he watched, and Jou guessed that whatever it was, was the reason why he left him.

The screen then turned to the footage of whatever it was Otogi had sent in.

What it was made Kaiba's eyes go wide, and Jou burst out laughing. Alerting the older teen to the fact that he was now awake.

The bottom half of his body was blurred for the sake of daytime tv, but it was obvious that Otogi was furiously masturbating in an office. Most likely his own.

They next showed the dice master being taken away by police for sexually harassing the reporter he allegedly gave the tape to. Apparently telling her that "If she played her cards right, that tape could make her career."

Kaiba clicked the tv off, unable to watch anymore with Jou's delicious laughter still ringing in his ear.

He turned and tackled the blonde back down to the bed, nuzzling his neck appreciatively. Evidently Yami hadn't been kidding when he said he would help him. He'd have to remember to thank him for this.

"Are you going to stop laughing any time soon?" Kaiba asked, smirking down at his lover.

"M'sorry!" Jou laughed, wiping away tears. "I-it's just too funny!"

Kaiba lifted the blanket cover Jou's waist and grabbed his shaft, making the blonde yelp in surprise. Ceasing his laughter. Kaiba then went back to kissing his neck. "Glad I have your attention." He purred.

Jou moaned. Quickly becoming hard at the acts. "Y-you only needed to say something." Jou said, bucking his hips in hopes of getting more friction.

"I did." Kaiba said, still fondling his boyfriend. "Call your dad." He said suddenly.

Jou was somewhat taken back by that. "What? Why?" He asked.

Kaiba smirked at him. "Because I want you to spend the rest of the day with me." He said silkily. Still smelling the sent of Otogi on him, and wanting to get it off with his puppy's help.

Jou smiled brightly up at him, pulling his face down for a kiss. Like he needed to ask. He would spend the rest of his life with Kaiba if asked. But that was for later.

The End

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