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Warnings: yaoi (boyxboy), shonen-ai, blood,
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'words' - thoughts

"words" - speaking
A New Begining

Chapter 1: A New Arrival

Slamning his fist onto the alarm clock,
Yugi pulled the covers back over his head. Yawning he attempted to fall back asleep.

A few minutes later the creaking of the steps brought the boy out of his slumber.

"Damnit boy! Get your lazy ass out of this bed!" snarled Achiro. "If you weren't my sisters son, I would have kicked you out a long time ago!"

Pulling the covers off the bed, Achiro picked Yugi up from his leg and pulled him out of bed.

"I'm not paying for your education crap if you don't go to the damn thing!" Yugi just whimpered a little as his face came in contact with one of his uncles hard hands.

Dropping Yugi to the ground, Achiro stomped out of the room and slamned the door.

Standing up, Yugi felt a wave of dizziness hit him and grabed onto the desk behind him. Allowing his mind time to clear, he looked out the window and thought he saw a black blur in the tree outside.

"Argh, I think I'm starting to see things." placing a hand on his head he ran it thru his spiked tri-colored hair. "Why are the weekends so freaking short?"

Pulling on his blue school uniform, he put on his neck buckle and
and connected a chain to his pants pocket. Grabing his school bag
from on top of the desk, he started out the door. He never regarded
the return of the black clad figure with piercing crimson orbs.

Walking past the drunken man on the couch, Yugi rolled his eyes at
his uncle before opening the door and heading towards his school.

Making sure the boy left, the black figure headed into the house thru
an open window. Approaching the drunken man on the coach, he lifted him up by the collar of his shirt and slamned him into the wall.

"You'll pay for the innocent's pain." he snarled as the man opened his eyes.

He screamed in fear as the strangers teeth grew and his eyes narrowed.

"Leave me the hell alone you bastard!" the figure, Yami, chuckled as he lowered his teeth to the pulse on the man's neck.

As soon as the man fell limp in his hold, Yami let the body drop and hid the bite marks on the man's neck.

"Your blood is foul, just like your soul." snarled Yami as he spit out some of the remaining blood in his mouth. Spreading his black wings, he escaped the same way he had come and started on his journey.

--------------- With Yugi ------------------------------------

Opening his locker, Yugi grabed the items he needed and headed to first period.

Sitting down his desk, he waited for the teacher to come in. Closing his eyes, he rested his head on the desk.

"Hey bud! Wha ya doing sleepin?" yelled Joey as he shook Yugi's shoulders.

"Huh? Joey?" replied Yugi as he tried to snap out of his tired state.

"Well thanks for saying hi Yug." replied Honda as he slapped Yugi on the back, gaining a painful 'ouch' from the smaller. "Opps, sorry bout that."

"It's ok." said Yugi as he smiled up to his friends.

"Hey have you guys heard of the new guy that's joining our class today?" asked Anzu as she rushed up to the group.

"Yeah, I've heard he's locked himself up in a closet to hide himself from you." Joey snapped back as Anzu glared at the trio and stalked off to the group of girls that were also talking about the new student.

"We have a new student?" questioned Yugi as he looked at his friends.

"Yeah, they say he's from Egypt or something like that." replied Honda as he scratched his head.

"Please sit down in your seats!" yelled the teacher, Mr. Holinka as he sat down in his desk.

"See ya at lunch bud." whispered Joey as he and Honda sat down in their desks.

"Calm down!" yelled Mr.Holinka as the group continued to talk amongst themselves. "We have a new student today so make him welcome."

A sigh was herd from most of the girls from the room, but a fit of laughter was heard from most of the boys. Yugi didn't really care if there was a new student or not, he just wanted to get out of class and go to lunch.

The door opened and a leather clad figure walked into the room. Leaning on the table on front of the room, he let his eyes wander around the room until he found what he was looking for.

"Please tell us about yourself.. um. Yami?" said the teacher as Yami looked at him with crimson eyes.

"Yeah, as he said my name is Yami and I'm from Egypt. I moved here to get away from the heat of the desert and to experience another culture I guess." replied Yami as his gaze never left his small look a like. Running a hand thru his spiked hair, he waited for the teacher to speak.

"Hn, please go sit next to Mr. Motou over there." replied the teacher looking up from his list.

Nodding, Yami walked over to the smaller boy and gave him a smirk as the younger looked up. Yugi shook it off, thinking it was towards one of the girls behind him.

Sitting down, Yami pulled out the book needed for the class and pretended to start to read as he allowed to his eyes to glance at the boy besides him. 'He has to be him, I feel so pulled into the innocence that surrounds him.' thought Yami as he licked his lips.

"Oh and Yami, remember to wear the school uniform next time." Yami just rolled his eyes as the teacher wrote the assignment on the board.

Yugi was snapped out of his thoughts when a piece of paper hit his arm. Opening it, he read the message scribbled on it.

Meet me for lunch at the tree by the front gates of the school for lunch. I want to talk to you alone.

- Yami

Confused at why Yami would want to see him, he gave the tanned Egyptian a glance and saw him smile back. Yugi felt the blood rush to his face and turned his face back to his book to try and hide it.

Soon enough, the lunch bell rang and the class ran out of the classroom. Walking to his locker, Yugi placed his things inside and slamned the door. He 'epped' when he felt a hand on his shoulders.

"What the hell Joey?" he yelled turning around.

"Joey?" questioned Yami as he gave Yugi a smile. "Hn.. I thought my name was Yami." he joked as he laughed at Yugi's scared face.

"Um.. I thought you wanted to meet me at the tree, not my locker." stated Yugi as he started to calm down.

"Yeah, well I didn't want to wait for you to get your food and then come and find me." replied Yami, scratching his head.

"I don't eat the food here." said Yugi as he headed down the hallway.

"Well if you're not eating, will you come and join me? I brought some food we can share." he said holding up a bag.

"No, it's ok. I'm going to go tell Joey and Honda I'll be with you and then we can go." replied Yugi as ran up to his friends.

'You're to kind, little one. I swear I won't let anything happen to change that.' thought Yami as he felt the smaller grab his hand and pull him outside.

"Come on or you'll never get to eat before the bell rings." stated Yugi as he pulled the taller out the front door.

The two's fun didn't last long as Yami noticed they were being followed by a group lead by none other then Anzu.

"Damnit.. Why won't they leave me the hell alone." said Yami as he pulled Yugi up and started to lead him around to the other side of the school.

"Aw.. Yami come back! We just won't to talk!" yelled the girl-crazy mob as Yami growled.

"Yeah and steal all my clothes you crazy bitches." snarled Yami making Yugi laugh. "What? What so funny Yugi?"

"I don't know. We just met and here you are acting like I've known you my whole life." said Yugi as he looked back and saw the mob coming closer and closer. Yami pulled Yugi into a narrow corner.

"Yami! How are we going to fit in there?" stated Yugi as he felt himself become glued to Yami's chest.

"Like this little one." stated Yami as he held Yugi to his chest and easily squeezed in between the buildings.

Yugi was glad he was against Yami's chest so Yami couldn't see the bright red blush that covered his whole entire face. 'Why am I blushing like this? I don't like him, do I?' Yugi questioned himself as he felt Yami tense. Peering to the side, he saw Anzu staring into the darkness that surrounded the two. He felt his heart begin to race and heard Yami let out a growl.

"Not a bad hiding place Yami." stated Anzu as she chuckled a little. "Come on out. I know you want to talk to me."

Yami just glared at her. Yugi could have sworn Yami's crimson orbs had grown even a darker shade of red. He began to shake, scarred of what Anzu might do if she saw him lying against Yami's chest.

He felt Yami's grip on him tighten and thought he herd the word 'demon' muttered by Yami. Yugi couldn't think, he just griped tighter to Yami and felt the taller calm down.

"Fine then! If you want to play hard to get, we'll play hard to get!" she yelled as she stalked off into the building.

"You can calm down now little one, she's gone." Yami stated crawling out of the corner, still holding Yugi.

"Thank you." whispered Yugi as he got up and tried to walk on his numb legs. He almost fell over if it wasn't for Yami's grip on his waist as he fell. "Th-thanks again."

"Your welcome." smirked Yami as he saw the beginnings of a blush cover Yugi's creamy white skin. "Just be more careful next time." Yugi nodded and headed into the building.

'I have to be more careful when I'm around him. Just one whiff of his blood sends me over the edge.' Yami thought as he watched the petite form of the younger. 'Soon. Soon I'll have to show you what I truely am, or I might loose you.'
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