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A New Beginning

Chapter 7: New Foe


The sun was quickly setting, leaving darks reds and pinks to outline the horizon. The same colors seemed to attract the eyes of a very curious Bakura, who had lost all interest in watching Yami and Pegasus quarrel.

Dark brown eyes gave Pegasus a glance as the white haired vampire landed on the ground.

"Bakura! Get off your lazy ass and get him!" yelled a very ticked off Yami. Bakura just rolled his eyes at his friend and stood up.

"Why don't you? He's your damn hikari and second, I'm not your slave!" Shot back Bakura as he walked towards the Pegasus. Yami just snarled and jumped off the ledge, landing besides Bakura. "Damn it! If you were going to do that, why the hell did you have me get up?"

"To see if you were a live." Bakura sent a glare, but decided to get it over.

Pegasus had managed to make his way to one of the many entrances to the forest. Stopping at the bush-covered entrance, he turned around and glanced at the forms of the two bickering vampires.

He could not hold back a laugh, as one managed to escape him.

The sight had brought back memories of when the old group was together Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Cecilia, Keith, Malik, and Ma. He forced himself to stop at the last name.

'I have no time to think of this, am I becoming as weak as I was back then.' Snarling to himself, Pegasus dug his nails into his palm as an act to calm his troubled mind. Using his other arm to grip Yugi's shirt, he glanced at the sight before him.

Yami was already a few feet away and his crimson eyes turning as dark as fresh blood. He noticed Bakura near the entrance at which he stood, holding what appeared to be a bloodstained knife.

Eyes narrowed, Pegasus moved the boy behind him in the bush. He could see Bakura walking into the forest. 'He is probably going to try to sneak up from behind and ...' He stopped when he felt himself forced into a nearby tree.

Extending his claws and unfolding his wings, Pegasus was about to retaliate when he saw Yami quickly charge straight at him. The blow knocked him over, but did no more damage than that. His breath quickened as he prepared himself for another attack, one that did not come.

Giving a quick glance around him, Pegasus saw no trace of where the vampire was. Relying on his ability to track energy instead, he stepped away from the forested area incase Yami would try to attack from above.

Sensing an increase in power from his left, Pegasus quickly turned to the side and noticed Bakura holding Yugi's limp form. He could tell the vampire had returned his bloody knife back into its sheath, as it glistened around his waist. Sighing out of frustration, he proceeded in locating Yami, but suddenly froze when the energy surge he had felt before seemed to explode.

A faint trace of red outlined the trees behind Bakura as the energy increased, sending the hairs on the back of his neck up. Turning around, he felt the energy die down, but a golden burst of light filled the forest in its wake.

Placing a hand over his face to shield the light, he felt someone grab his arm. Turning around with his eyes squinted into narrow slits, he met crimson eyes. He could see a look of fear on the vampires face but it disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

Bakura could faintly make out Yami's hand, grabbing or at least trying to grab a piece of his shirt. Bakura pulled away from him and snarled; silently saying he could do it himself. Yami, understanding Bakura's gesture, pulled away and quickly retreated out of the forest with Bakura and Yugi at his heels.

-Do not they remind you of frightened animals? - questioned a voice appearing in the back of Pegasus' mind. -Wait for the right time and grab the boy, this time run instead of standing their you fool or we'll never get this finished!- The voiced hissed as it faded off. Pegasus glared into the woods, seeing dark purple eyes return his gaze.

Returning his attention to the three companions near him, he tried to figure out a quick plan that would prove successful in getting the small hikari. He knew from experience that Yami could be very protective of his friends and had experienced the force before. Trying to get his hikari away from him this time would prove a challenge, since he only acquired the smaller by Yami's misjudgment.

Purple eyes narrowing like a hunter finally catching sight of its prey, this 'comrade' of Pegasus silently left his hiding spot of the woods. Watching as the two vampires recovered from their temporary blindness, he placed himself right behind them. He was still slightly protected form the bushes in front of him, giving him a slight advantage from his enemies eyes.

'They both act as if they have no experience, as if they are acting without a certain purpose. Well, Yami is trying to protect his Hikari, but he lets fear and anger blind him. If this continues, it should be much easier to get that blasted boy away from them.' After thinking about it, the creature, also known as Marik, sent his statement to Pegasus. Gaining a nod through the mind link that Pegasus and Marik shared, he crept back into the shadows. He would wait for the right time, no matter how long that was.

Ryou quickened his pace; he knew very well the power he had sensed. It belonged to one of the bonding items his friend Malik held. He held one himself, a small gold ring that had a golden eye of Horus in the center. A bonding item was what the vampires used to stay in contact with their hikari's. Each vampire had a specific item the represented them or their life in one way. The ring that was given to him by Bakura, all he truly knew about it that it represented Bakura's Egyptian past, before he was 'turned'.

The item he had sensed was a golden rod, similar to his item because it also had the eye of Horus, but it held different powers than his. Remembering the glistening rod and the bloodshed it had created sent shivers up and down his spine. 'Why had Marik forced Malik to use it against us... the way his eyes turned, he looked like he was in pain.' Hitting his fist against the brick wall bear him, he allowed tears to fall as red coated his white jacket.

Pain soon enveloped Bakura's mind as the golden ring around his neck glowed, emitting an eerie blue light around his body. He clutched a hand to his head, but the pain soon disappeared, replaced by a feeling of sadness.


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