Title: Another direction

Author:ewan's girl

Summary: "What of Obi Wan's Jedi training? All of that lost. What would the boy become? Would he become a lost, neutral warrior for hire? Would he use the Force for darkness, like Qui Gon's old apprentice?" A major AU story taking place after Jedi Apprentice #3, but does destiny still have a way of working out in the end?

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Would he use the Force for darkness, like Qui Gon's old apprentice. Xanatos?

He did not believe that could happen. He would not believe it. If Obi Wan had lost his memory, surely he would still retain his goodness.

Yes, Qui Gon was full of worry. But he was also heart broken. The boy he knew was gone. The diligent boy, so curious and intent on knowledge. The quick study. The boy who wanted to learn. Qui Gon refused to believe that all was gone. No. He had to hope that somehow the memory wipe would be reversible, if he could find Obi Wan.

( )

The last anybody had seen any trace of Obi Wan Kenobi was footage taken from a probe droid that the Syndicat guards had set to follow the young Jedi apprentice after his memory was completely erased.

Qui Gon Jinn along with four master/padawan teams which included Jedi Council member Adi Gallia and her new apprentice Siri Tachi combed the planet of Gala for the better part of three weeks and found nothing. The Jedi Council although concerned for the apprentice knew that after so much time the possiblity of finding him became more and more unlikely so they decided to call back the teams. The distraught master was hell bent on continuing his search but after a month and a half of no trace of the padawan the Council was able to convince Qui Gon to return home and a memorial service was held for the lost padawan.

In the west wing of the Jedi Temple the small service was held. Teachers, Council members, fellow padawans all came to pay their last respects to Obi Wan Kenobi. Since no body was ever found a small fire was set to comemorate his spirit becoming one with the Force. All were in a very somber tone with the exception of a small group of children about Obi Wan's age.

"I don't get what the big deal is, he was supposed to go to the Agri Corps anyways. . .it's not like we lost anything." Bruck Chun whispered to the boy and girl standing next to him.

"I heard even master Yoda locked himself in his meditation chambers for three days after they called off the search." Aalto added with a scoff.

"Yeah, don't the masters teach us to move on? To let things go?" Bruck leaned against the back wall, crossing his arms over his chest.

The blonde girl standing next to him glanced around the room and focused on a group of three padawans huddled together trying not to cry. Her gaze fell directly on the Mon Calamari girl. "Like you're one to talk Bruck," Siri turned towards her new master. "Like you ever let anything go."

"I think Tachi here is showing her true fellings for old Ofey-Wan." Aalto laughed and Bruck gave Siri a hard stare.

Siri rolled her eyes and headed towards her master. Adi Gallia sensed her apprentice heading towards her, she glanced down at the young girl. Before Adi could say anything a loud sob broke through the silent room and the Calamari girl rushed out, leaving her friends behind.

"Padawan, I am going to go check up on Master Jinn." Adi kept her gaze on the door that the distraught girl exited from. "Perhapse you should make sure Padawan Erin is alright."

Siri felt her heart sink, she didn't want anymore to do with Kenobi's funeral. "But master, she has friends. . ."

"Siri," Adi knelt in front of her young charge. "Sometimes the best help comes from someone who is far from the problem."

Siri swallowed her further protests and nodded. "Yes master."


Adi rang the door chime and waited paitently for an answer. She rang two more times before one came and a tall man who looked like he hadn't slept in days reluctanly opened the door.

"Today was his memorial, you weren't there." Adi exclaimed as she let herself in.

"Won't you come in Adi." Qui Gon closed the door behind her and plopped down on the couch.

Adi sat down at the other end of the couch. "You weren't there." She stated again.

Qui Gon sighed and Adi noticed Obi Wan's light saber sitting on the coffee table. "I didn't go to his funeral because in my heart I know he isn't dead."

"I see."

"I know you don't believe me Adi, but I would've sensed him becoming one with the Force, and I didn't." Qui Gon defened.

"Yes but Qui, were you together long enough to form a true bond?" Adi asked.

Qui Gon sighed, putting his head in his hands. "I don't expect anyone to understand, I don't even understand but yes we did."

"We had noticed, I will admit that you and the boy shared. . ."

"No!" Qui Gon cut her off, rising to his feet. "If you are here to talk to me you are here as my friend, not as the council."

Adi swallowed her next come back and nodded. "Of course old friend, I am sorry."

The towering Jedi master walked over to the window and rested his head against the pane. "Why does the Force do these things, Adi?"

Adi didn't say a word, knowing that her friend needed to unleash his emotions.

"I mean the code forbids attachments, and yet here we are forced to take on a child and raise it as our own." Qui Gon continued.

"Qui Gon, no one forces a Jedi to take an apprentice, it. . ."

"The Force forces us Adi, believe me I know this." The male Jedi began to walk aimlessly around the apartment, Adi kept her keen gaze on him. "I never wanted another padawan after Xanatos, and yet the Force had something else in mind. And believe it or not I may actually care for this boy more!"

"Nothing happens by accident Qui," Adi said gently. "We do not yet know the full extent of Obi Wan's purpose in the Force."

"What purpose did the Force have for leaving a child all alone without any memories to die on a strange planet?" Qui Gon rebutled, frustrated.

Adi sighed a very quiet sigh, knowing her friend was teetering on the edge of insanity. "I have no idea old friend, it will take many hours of meditation to come to any kind of understanding I'm sure."

"I didn't want to love him Adi." Qui Gon stated under his breath. "I tried so hard to push him away, and then I finally gave up and let him in. . .and now. . ." He wiped a stray tear that had wormed it's way down his cheek.

Adi was not known for her compassion, but was always there for a friend when they needed her. "I know Qui, and I'm sorry." She rose to her feet and placed a hand on his back. "It is difficult at times, they become your children and just have this way of becoming your entire life." Adi hid a small smile. "Or so I've discovered." She added.

"I'm done with this Adi, my heart can't take it anymore." Qui Gon moved away from her.

"Qui, don't make any rash decsions right now." Adi rolled her eyes. "You're just upset right now, you're letting your emotions go which is good."

"No Adi, it's different this time." Qui Gon stated in a stern tone. "I've now lost two padawans in the span of five years I will not put myself or another child through this again."

"You must do what you feel is right of course Qui Gon." Adi resolved, folding her arms inside the huge sleeves of her cloak.

The two Jedi masters sat in silence for what felt like an eternity, Adi knew full well that it would be pointless to argue with the renowned Qui Gon Jinn who was famous in the order for following his heart and marching to the beat of a different drumer. She knew once his mind was made up there was only one person who could change it and it was Qui Gon himself.

( )

Siri Tachi moved slowly into the Jedi Temple gardens, really wishing she could be somewhere else. She could feel the sorrow through the Force coming from the other occupant in the room. The eleven year old swallowed her emotions and proceeded towards the lake in the middle of the gardens.

As she drew closer she noticed the form of Bant Erin sitting on the grass, hugging her knees, tears streaking down her salmon colored cheeks. Siri walked up behind the Mon Calamari girl and attempted to make the first move to speak, but Bant beat her to it.

"I can't believe it." She exclaimed, her voice broken.

"Believe what?" Siri asked, then cursed herself for asking such a dumb question.

"That they gave up searching for him, he can't be gone." Bant continued to cry.

Siri shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry Bant, but I was there, and there was no way he could survive on his own without his training."

Bant shook her head. "You don't know that, Obi Wan is strong in the Force, he will be ok." Siri kept her gaze on the ground, her foot kicking up some of the grass. Bant turned and looked at her, tears still streaming down her face. "You don't believe me do you?"

"I don' t know Bant, I guess anything is possible with the Force." Sir shrugged. "I am sorry though, I know he was your friend."

Bant stared at the water. "Yeah, best friend."

Siri moved slowly and sat down next to the young girl. "I guess this is why the code forbids attachments, maybe it hurts less if we never grow attached to others."

Bant looked at Siri, her brown eyes searching the blue ones. "What are you talking about?" She wiped her nose with her sleeve.

Siri began to pull blades of grass out of the ground. "I don't know, I'm not very good at this."

Bant chuckled through her tears. "No, you're not." She looked back out to the water. "But thank you anyways, it means a lot to me that you tried, I thought you didn't even like me or Obi Wan."

Siri winced. "Well to be honest, my master sent me, but I am truly sorry."


"And it's not that I don't like you or Obi Wan, I just never took the time to get to know him." Siri continued.

"Well you should've taken the time, he was a great person and you and Bruck treated him like he didn't matter. . ." Bant answered, trying not to cry again.

"Look, I can't speak for Bruck, but I never had anything against Obi Wan." Siri defended. "I'm sorry."

The two padawans sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity, neither knowing what to say next. Suddenly Bant began to cry uncontrolably again, Siri confused on what else to do took the Calamari girl in her arms and hugged her tightly.

"Just remember Bant, he's in a better place." Siri tried out her most soothing voice, hoping she would be able to calm her down. "The Force will take care of him."

( )

Fourteen year old Jango Fett moved out of the way as his mentor Jaster Mereel entered into the ship, carrying an unconscious form of a boy about his age. The young man gave Jaster a curious look once the youngster was placed on a medi sleep couch.

"Watch over him Jango while we clean up the last of this mess." Jaster commanded, pulling his green helmet off his head. "We found him alone and no one knew who he was. His family must've been killed during the battle, when we found him he was very disoriented and had no memory of what happened, probably lived through an explosion or something."

Jango looked down at the unconscious boy. "Are we taking him with us?" He asked.

"Yes Jango, we can't leave him alone." Jaster stated, "We're his family now."

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