Disclaimer: Do you see Kai and Rei sharing long and passionate kisses anywhere in the show? If you are shaking your head "no" then you have your answer.

Warning: Shounen-ai material.

A Moth Is Drawn To The Flame

Have you ever watched a moth fly directly into the burning arms of a flame and wonder why the poor creature could end it's life with hardly a second thought? And then realize that moths are attracted to all manner of light and a flame attracts it so strongly that it abandons all common sense to instead follow that pull of attraction? I have and I've come to the conclusion that....

I am the moth. Kai is the flame.

Like the moth, I am drawn to Kai with such an intense pull that it sometimes frightens me. But I continue to move closer against my better judgment. And sometimes I stop to think what might happen if I fly too close and get burnt. Oddly, that only fuels my desire to embrace the flame.

Parents always tell their children to never play with fire. It's too dangerous, they reprimand. I suppose moths were never told that. I've been playing with fire since the time I took the first step toward the blaze. And I haven't been burnt...yet. But any moment, any time, if I take a wrong step and slip... I could damage something vital to me. There's a certain thrill evolved too. A thrill of stepping out of the safety zone and into uncharted and dangerous lands. I must confess I've come to love that thrill. At the same time, however, the whole concept scares me senseless.

A moth is drawn to the flame. It's a fact of nature. From the moment the moth is attracted, the only thing that matters is getting to the flame. But does the flame need the moth the same way the moth desperately needs it? Or does it simply play with the unsuspecting creature before finally demolishing it? Then what happens when the moth is no more? Will the flame move on to other victims? I wish I knew those answers.

To the moth, the flame is an addiction. To me, Kai is the addiction and my absolute obsession. I couldn't ignore the pull of attraction even if I wanted to. If I tried...it would tear me apart. I suppose I'm dammed either way. So please ask me why I'm smiling at that, why I feel that it would be worth it just to feel the lick of the flame upon my skin. But... now that I think about it, I don't really care. As long as I can continue to play with the fire, nurse this addiction, I don't care about anything else.

I'm staring at the moth I've been comparing myself to. I watch as it flies ever so closer to the flames in my fireplace. My heart thuds as the distance shortens. Then without warning, without hesitation, the moth is embraced by the one thing it so frantically chased. It is now no more.

My smile widens. A moth will always be drawn to the flame.

-- Fin --

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