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Tonks and Tokari Demons

series: 10 Things that Never Happened to a Wyndham-Price

by pari

[ A response to the 10 Things that Never Happened challenge at TtH (#389) ]

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Wesley and co. belong to Joss; the HP characters are J.K. Rowling's.

Summary: 10 things that never happened to Wesley Wyndham-Price. This part: Wesley never… considered returning to England?

It felt surprisingly good to be back in England. Wesley had even found himself a Slayer in need of Watching. So he had more than just demon killing to keep him busy, most days.

"No, no. Nymphadora… You have to aim more … yes, like that. Anything but a clean decapitation will just make him angry."

Granted, Watching a Tonks was turning out to be a challenge - even considering Wesley's past experiences with Faith…


Wesley watched in horror as Nymphadora tripped with her battle ax and cleaved off her Tokari demon's ear, rather than his head.

"Oh, my."