series: 10 Things that Never Happened to a Wyndham-Price

by pari

A response to the 10 Things that Never Happened challenge at TtH (#389)

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Wesley and co. belong to Joss;

Summary: 10 things that never happened to Wesley Wyndham-Price. This part: Wesley never thought he'd see the day…

Wesley never thought he'd see the day when that face smiled sweetly at him.

Of course…it wasn't Faith smiling - however much this Tru looked like her. Still…

The resemblance was uncanny.

Wesley had been reeling over it, ever since Tru had told him she'd seen him lying on one of her examination tables.

"Right. Well… If you want to help me with this, you'll need swords. Amparae demons are easier to kill with a sword."

The resemblance faded. Tru looked green at the thought of decapitating a slimy demon.

Her friend - Harrison - turned to Wesley and shook his head.

"You just couldn't have died doing something normal, could you?"