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Chapter 4

- -

Ranma and Kasumi had been talking continuously with each other for hours now and nearing midnight Akane finally had to knock on Ranma's apartment door just to check in on her sister.

Hearing no reply she slowly opened the door and peaking in she saw the two of them inside sitting close to each by a small table smiling at each other as they talked, she was pretty happy for her oldest sister.

Akane truthfully hadn't seen her oldest sister in such high spirits since she could remember. Of course she had a lot of explaining to do about this Ranma person to both herself and Nabiki but right now she just wanted to know if she was thinking of coming back to sleep.

Frantically blushing Kasumi at her questioning she quickly replied Akane that of course she would be going back to sleep at their own apartment but she wanted to be with Ranma for just a little while more.

"How long you're going to be in Japan?" she asked him keenly yet feared hearing his reply.

"I've got a business meeting to attend to until this weekend then I'd have to fly off to the States to attend to some other matters over there."

Kasumi mentally frowned at the shortness of his visit and Ranma sensing that spoke up, "Kasumi...why don't we worry about that later...You need to work tomorrow and I've got a meeting to go to so we both get some sleep for now and maybe we'd meet up for lunch tomorrow."

Kasumi nodded approvingly and walking Kasumi to her door Ranma said his goodnight and Kasumi rather unwillingly pushed the handle of her door and walked in. Once the door was shut behind Kasumi Ranma leaned his head on the door almost as if trying to sense her for a few more extra seconds.

Kasumi's back leaned heavily on the door behind her it was almost as if she knew Ranma was there leaning in on it but seeing the pair of very questioning eyes burning into her Kasumi made her way to the livingroom.

"Okay sis spill it..." commanded Nabiki giving a very stern look to the playing innocent Kasumi.

"Shouldn't you two be sleeping you do have classes tomorrow..." Kasumi retorted.

"Afternoon classes..." they both replied.

With an audible moan Kasumi began to tell them the story of dry-cleaning, dragons and late night suppers.

- -

The next day during lunch, Kasumi waited anxiously by the small familiar restaurant for the morning earlier she had met up with Ranma exactly as she was leaving her apartment. Ranma then quickly offered to drive her to her working place and while on their way to work they decided to meet up at grandma's for lunch just to give her a surprise.

Hearing the sounds of hurried running Kasumi looked over to her left and smiled, for Ranma in his business suit and all was running up to her. Ranma was panting hard when he stopped right beside her, "Sorry...Kasumi...meeting...dragged 't...leave..." he said in between breaths. Kasumi laughed and taking his hand into hers they entered.

Grandma was genuinely surprised to see the two walk in together happily holding each other's hands. But she was happier to see Kasumi smiling once more and carefully eyeing the man standing beside her she could understand why. After ribbing Ranma for a bit at their table which had caused him to blush like a red tomato and also Kasumi she went to get their orders.

"So...how is your current boss now?" inquired Ranma as he quickly drowned a handy glass of cold water.

"She's okay...better then my previous bosses." Kasumi replied.

"I guess I don't count eh since I was only your boss for about only a day hehe..." he laughed.

Kasumi gave Ranma a jovial slap on his shoulders, "Excuse me but you weren't my boss you were my colleague..." Hearing that both Ranma and Kasumi exploded into muted giggles and only stopping when their lunch was served to them.

As they ate their Ramen in between some small talk Kasumi couldn't help but want to ask Ranma the burning question she had all morning.

"So Ranma...not seeing anyone particular...at the moment?" Kasumi had planned to voice that out as casually as she could while trying to hide her nervousness. Even though she had professed that she loved him Ranma hadn't exactly said anything about not seeing anyone even after their talk last night.

"Well there was that time when I was in China and this local girl with purple hair was getting pretty close to me..." he recollected.

Seeing Kasumi's brow inch closer Ranma burst out in giggles, "No...I'm not...you're a hard girl to forget Tendo Kasumi...as if you didn't notice. How am I supposed to love someone else when I still so madly in love you?"

Kasumi blushed red but her face was visibly relieved, "How about you Kasumi...no one special?" asked Ranma as an after thought.

Kasumi shook her head sideways but catching the time on her wristwatch she quickly shot up and gathered up her things, "I've got to get back...my lunch break's almost over..." she gasped.

Ranma taking his cue from her quickly paid for their meal and even quickly gathered up his things and together they headed off to Ranma's car. After getting into his car together, Ranma quickly sent Kasumi back to her workplace but before driving off...

"Kasumi...what time you get off work?" he shouted from inside the car.

"5. Why?" Kasumi replied.

"I'd pick you up okay with you?" asked Ranma.

Kasumi nodded and waving goodbye Ranma stayed until he saw her run up the marble stairs before driving off.

- -

Under the slowly fading light of the evening sun Ranma sat down on the marble ledge of the huge steps and waited for Kasumi to get off work. He was wondering what to do now since he had only two days left before he had to fly of to the states, well he knew for sure that Kasumi loved him as do him of her but they hardly can be classified as a couple just yet.

Ranma noted that he hasn't even kissed her yet and like a teenage schoolboy madly in love he was wondering when the best chance to do it was. Engrossed in his thoughts he never heard Kasumi come up behind him and hugging him from behind she managed to surprise him.

"What were you thinking just now?!" she shouted playfully as her arms rounded his neck.

"Geez...Kasumi...you could have given me a heart attack!" he complained looking over his right shoulder. No matter how many times Ranma would see Kasumi he'd swear that she was becoming more and more stunning to him as the day goes by.

But feeling the full weight of her body pressing onto his back Ranma oddly began to blush. Kasumi wondered what was making him blush like that and when she noticed that she was practically jumping up and down pressing her whole upper body on Ranma's back she figured it out and she too began to blush.

Looking at each other blushing they broke into a light laugh and after managing to get it under control the two of them soon drove off back to their apartments.

"Ranma...my sisters would like to have dinner with you later tonight sort of a want to get to know you better kind of thing if you don't mind..." Kasumi timidly asked him by her door.

"Err...well I guess that's okay...hey why don't I bring you girls to a restaurant somewhere in town..." suggested Ranma.

Kasumi thought that would be a good idea and after already deciding on the plans for tonight's dinner they parted.

Akane and Nabiki were ecstatic when they heard that they were actually going out for dinner tonight which was a real treat since they seldom got to do it. So now dressed in they best outfits the three of them waited anxiously for Ranma to come over.

They didn't have to wait long as Ranma soon knocked on the door and stepping in he was quite taken back at the sight of three beautiful ladies looking straight at him. Dressed in a pair of black formal pants and a black long sleeve shirt with his hair neatly tied Ranma cut quite the figure of a dashing young man.

Even Akane and Nabiki had to admit that Kasumi was pretty lucky to get Ranma. But after a few awkward moments of staring at the poor boy that made his cheeks light aflame, Kasumi quickly led them out and into the car below.

On their arrival at the restaurant the three girls were pretty impressed with Ranma's choice. The said restaurant was located on the highest floor of the Nerima Regency Hotel and was a pretty prestigious one at that.

"Nice choice Ranma...err...I hope you have enough money to pay for all this because we're all flat broke..." commented Nabiki offhandedly after sitting down.

"Nabiki...!" Kasumi quickly chided her second sibling.

"It's okay I'm sure I've brought enough money with me...maybe if not then I can always use my credit cards..." Ranma unknowingly and innocently took out his wallet and flipped though his wads of notes counting them just to make sure that he won't be forced to wash the dishes later.

Now this was a very bold move especially since the sight of him doing so made Nabiki's eyes dance around in a waltz of Yen's, Euros and US dollars.

"Wow you must be rich to be carrying that much money..." exclaimed Akane catching sight of the amount of money Ranma was carrying.

"Akane...!" Kasumi chided once more this time directed to her youngest sister.

"Well...I guess I have a pretty well paid job..." fidgeted Ranma.

"Which is what by the way?" Nabiki posed of him.

"I work for my father's company...here why don't I give you my card..." Ranma then quickly produced two business cards and handed them to the two girls.

Nabiki was the first to finish studying the business card and when she did her mouth instantaneously slacked open. Being a final year business major at Nerima University she would have easily heard of the Saotome name.

"You are Saotome Ranma...the son of Saotome Genma... Owner of Saotome Industries, Saotome Shipping, Saotome Finance and..." she uttered on.

"Err...yes..." Ranma was now getting rather scared of Nabiki as she began to drool rather incessantly from the corners of her mouth.

"So Nabiki does that mean he's rich or something??" inquired Akane who was a Physical Education major, as she stared at the rather smoke emitting head of one Tendo Nabiki.

Nabiki's brain was currently going into overdrive as she was trying to mentally calculate the total net worth of Ranma's family fortune.

Kasumi leaned to Ranma's right side and whispered, "Ranma...I'm sorry for this Nabiki gets a little money crazy sometimes...please forgive her." Ranma then quickly nodded in understanding.

Dinner was proceeding as well as it could be, Nabiki having managing to cool down was acting normal again while as for Akane she was beginning to like this Ranma character more and more. He seems to be a pretty nice guy when she compared him to the other males she knew from school at least he wasn't perverted in a sense.

"So Ranma...how old are you this year anyway?" Nabiki inquired before partaking in a slice of chocolate black forest cake into her mouth.

"24..." Ranma replied.

Nabiki instantly choked on the piece of cake and started to cough, "24??" she gasped.

"So that means you're younger then Kasumi...and you and Nabiki are the same age..." Akane said with a smile.

Nabiki was thinking more on the lines of 'He's 24 and already has a fortune and a whole number of high profile companies under him. We're the same age but I'm just about to graduate...wonder if he has any siblings.'

"So Ranma do you have any other brothers older or younger perhaps?" she asked with a hint of hopefulness.

"Nope...I'm the only child..." he replied, Nabiki let out a visible and audible note of disappointment.

Kasumi lowered her head...shaking it in embarrassment as her two younger sisters were acting rather out of character in front of Ranma.

Kasumi couldn't believe that the two of them, she being 26 and Ranma being 24 were right now at the restaurant being upstaged and teased incessantly by her two younger sister's who was 23 and the other was 24.

Ranma's cheeks had been turning red on and off like a busted traffic light for Nabiki and Akane were ganging up half teasing half interrogating him as if their lives depended on him.

Kasumi was glad once the whole dinner was over and while driving home she was glad that Nabiki and Akane were sleeping behind in the back.

"Ranma...I'm so sorry for that...they're just being protective of me..." she explained keeping her voice down.

"No worries...I sort of expected as much..." smiled Ranma while keeping his voice down as well.

- -

Kasumi having shooed her siblings into their apartment was right now enjoying some time alone with Ranma in his apartment. "Since tomorrow's a bank holiday do you have anything planned?" asked Kasumi while she stared out from his window enjoying the night breeze.

Ranma looked around the room a bit, "No...I was more of thinking on resting up before I pack and head of to the states..."

Kasumi face sadden a bit when she remembered that Ranma will be leaving the day after the next, "But if you have anything in mind I'm open to suggestions..." he added.

With Akane going on a date with a guy named Ryoga from her class and Nabiki going to a convention on how to earn more money Kasumi was pretty free on what to do, "How about we take a drive up to the mountains?"

Ranma thought about it and figured why not, "Sure but we have to wake up pretty early tomorrow I'm worried if we are going to get any rooms or not and being this late most of the cabin reservations office are closed."

Kasumi stifled a giggle, "Ranma I was suggesting maybe we just have a picnic and a nice stroll then head back home..."

Ranma blushed for the nth time that night, "Sorry...I wasn't insinuating anything ..."

Kasumi still wearing her best dress had been standing beside the open window admiring the night view all the while and Ranma was rather more admiring the other view.

Ranma was enamored with the vision of Kasumi, she had worn her long brown hair loosely by her back and it was now flowing freely behind her following the light breeze. Her light baby blue dress modest but elegant still was ruffling ever slightly along with it under the night skies shadowy rays.

'It's now or never...'Ranma figured to himself so gathering up his courage...

Ranma slowly stood up and silently walked over to the preoccupied Kasumi and anxiously but gently snaked his arms over her waist by the window.

Kasumi let out a small gasp of surprise at first but when she found the temptingly warm feeling of Ranma's hands going around her waist and the sensation of him slowly resting his head on her left shoulder too doting to resist Ranma slowly molded himself to her figure.

"Sorry...if you're uncomfortable with this I'd let go..." Ranma softly whispered beside Kasumi's left.

"It's okay...I kinda like it..." she whispered back, her eyes not daring to look beside her to his face for fearing him seeing how flushed she had become.

Kasumi and Ranma ever so lightly blushing but were taking great pleasure in the cacophony of sensations from their new found closeness to each other. Ranma then proceeded to lightly interleave his fingers around Kasumi's hands all the while observing how he was doing it from over Kasumi's shoulders.

Happy with the result he then caught how Kasumi lips had formed a wide smile.

"I never said this to any girl before so I don't know if it's going to sound right...but I'd give it my best..." hearing him Kasumi glanced over to look back.

Looking into her eyes, "Kasumi you're the most beautiful girl I ever seen but that's not all...its everything about you no matter how small of a trait it is...you make me so crazy for you...when I left you that day in the café I was so heartbroken that I couldn't even stand staying in Japan anymore so I left the very next day. But now holding you in my arms like this I don't ever want to leave you...I don't want ever leave this feeling...I love you so much you know that..." he whispered down to her.

"I love you too..." Kasumi replied softly letting the wind drift her reply towards him.

Kasumi then closed her eyes in expectation and Ranma leaned in gently...as their lips touched for the first time they felt a charge of emotions they'd thought they had long forgotten. The moment was too precious to let go but Ranma soon pulled back from his kiss and gazed into Kasumi's eyes.

It had been a light kiss...gentle yet somewhat shy and imperfect, it was after all Ranma's first kiss in over 3 years and for Kasumi it had been almost 5 years since she had been kissed.

Ranma wasn't too pleased with the first kiss he had given her so he leaned in once more and kissed Kasumi again, same gentleness as before but he was more confident of himself this time. This kiss was longer and a lot more enjoyable for the two of them and as Ranma lips once again slowly began to part from her own, Kasumi unintentionally let out a gentle gripe from the loss of his tender touch on her lips and pouted. Picking up on it right away Ranma quickly and very gladly leaned back down and kissed her once more.

Kasumi then started to slowly turn herself around so to allow Ranma to kiss her more comfortably and not once breaking the hold they shared with each other Kasumi then managed to place her hands on Ranma's chest and leaned in a little more towards him to take in more of his sweet kisses.

In between a series of long adoring kisses alternating between short light ones the two lovers were blushing to their limits and now settled on just staring at each other longingly, their foreheads leaning on each other for support and their noses carelessly caressing tip to tip.

"If I'd known that we were going to end up like this I'd be willingly wait for you for another year and lose my wallet once more..." grinned Ranma.

Kasumi play pouted and gently slapped Ranma on the chest, "If you'd do that again I'd make sure you won't leave this room..." The two spent a few more minutes like this before Ranma started to drift away from her.

"Come on its late and I'm sure your sisters are listening in on the walls right now wondering what the heck are we doing in here..." said Ranma as he tenderly brushed his cheeks along Kasumi's.

Kasumi enjoying the light caress almost didn't want to hear what Ranma was saying but she soon had pushed herself off the window sill as Ranma lifted himself of her figure and took her hand and led her out to the door and walked the short path to her apartment.

"Goodnight then..." Ranma whispered as he leaned in for one more quick kiss.

"See you tomorrow at around 8..." Kasumi softly replied back and leaned in for another kiss as well.

"Okay..." he replied and with that Kasumi pushed on the handle and slowly walked in.

Kasumi didn't even want to see her siblings knowing faces but from the blush she had on they could have guessed what had gone on back there.

- -

Ranma and Kasumi the next morning were driving on the highway going down south to the mountains they had planned to enjoy the view and the calm air there. It would be a three-hour drive but it would be worth it since it would only be the two of them together.

Kasumi was wearing a nice light green pullover with a pair of beige slacks borrowed from Nabiki. Ranma meanwhile was wearing a long sleeved red polo with a pair of black khaki pants. They had managed to get a few things snacks to stuff their small basket with at the nearby bakery so food wasn't a problem.

Kasumi had been listening to the gentle music and added to the soft swaying of the car couldn't help but fall asleep and after a light dream she felt a gentle nudge beside her shoulder and she fluttered her eyes open.

"Hey sleepy head we're here..." smiled Ranma beside her.

Letting out a mute moan as she stretched out Kasumi couldn't believe that she had slept all the way here. But the view of the mountain range in front of them was pretty breathtaking. The pair walked hand in hand down to the large park below hoping to find a nice spot to lay out their picnic.

They soon found a small flat area with some tree cover above them and spreading out their medium sized blanket they soon settled in. Since neither of them were quite hungry yet they just decided to maybe talk a bit or just enjoy the silence of each other's embrace.

Ranma with his back leaning on the trunk of the large tree while Kasumi was resting her head on Ranma's left shoulder were taking pleasure in the silence of nature all around them. Ranma was looking down on Kasumi tracing patterns with her fingers onto his chest through the fabric of his shirt as she rested on it.

"This is making it even harder for me to leave..." Ranma moaned softly down to Kasumi gently tracing his bent finger across her right cheek.

"Then don't...is the meeting that important?" she softly begged of him.

"It's a quarterly meeting which I have to attend..."

"How long will you be gone?" she whispered, Kasumi had by now shifted slightly so to rest her whole back onto his body as Ranma's arms lovingly enveloped her.

"A week maybe two the most..."

Kasumi was again tracing invisible patterns but this time on Ranma's left forearm but she strangely found it wasn't a smooth as his chest and this made her curious.

"Ranma...what's this?" asked Kasumi while tracing her finger over a certain father light bump.

"Roll up my sleeves..."

Rolling up Ranma's sleeves Kasumi was quite shaken to see very thick rough scars lining almost the entire length of Ranma's left forearm.

"It's the same with my right...when my father was crushed under those slabs I ran over trying to try and lift them off my father. I totally ignored the fact that the slabs had metal rods embedded into them and the ones that stuck out kept scratching deeply into my arms as I tired to lift them up but I kept losing my grip." explained Ranma.

Kasumi was gently outlining each scar with her left finger when a lone tear started to stream down her cheek. "Hey now...don't cry...it doesn't hurt...I may not be able to get a tan but at least I won't feel cold...with the long sleeves..." joked Ranma lightly.

The two then rested back into their silence, "I miss my parents sometimes do you?" said Kasumi sounding melancholy and as an afterthought, "But at least you had your foster parents..."

"Yes...that's true but your sisters at least had you to look up too. That's why they protect you like they do..." replied Ranma with a smile.

Laughing a bit the two then spent the next few hours lying down like that doing nothing expect pausing for a light lunch.

- -

Ranma was trying hard to find the right moment but couldn't decide when or even if he should ask Kasumi.

They had moved on from the small area and now were strolling along the path with Kasumi leaning on his shoulders alone with some other couples scattered here and there. Pretty soon it was getting late and as they walked back to the car Ranma was wondering again when he should ask Kasumi.

The drive back was a little faster and Ranma feeling that he could wait no longer stopped at a nearby bridge saying that a break from driving would be nice right about now.

Kasumi then walked onto the bridge and was looking at the refection of the almost full moon bouncing off the water when Ranma walked over to her and stood behind her, his arms around her once more wondering if this was the right time.

"Kasumi...I want to ask you something..." stuttered Ranma slightly.

"Sure...what is it?" replied Kasumi looking up slightly.

Gently letting go of Kasumi and going around his neck, he produced a silver chain with a ring dangling through it. Unhooking the chain Ranma brought the ring along with chain up to Kasumi's eyes.

"Kasumi...this was my mother's wedding ring...it's nothing fancy but it's been with me since she died. I've worn it around my neck reminding me of my beginnings. I want you to have it now if you accept it that is...I want to make a new beginning in my life...hopefully our lives...together as husband and wife what I'm asking you, Miss Tendo Kasumi is will you be my wife ..."

Kasumi's whole body started trembling ever so lightly...not from the cold evening air but she was trembling with joy. She slowly took the ring into her somewhat rickety hands but managed to re-hook it back around Ranma's neck.

"I do...I'd like nothing more then to be your wife but I want you to keep this with you...as it's the only thing you have of your mother with you. I don't care if you don't give me a ring...as long as I remember you asking me on this day to be your wife I'd cherish this day till I'd die..." Kasumi replied looking deep into his eyes.

The two leaned in for a loving kiss and an embrace and once they were satisfied they headed back home.

- -

Kasumi was poignant to see Ranma leave at the airport but he had to no matter how it pained them to be apart. He promised her though that he'd be back as soon as he can. They had previously spent Ranma's last day in Nerima having dinner together at his apartment after work.

The first day after Ranma's leaving Kasumi was already feeling restless Nabiki and Akane couldn't stand to see Kasumi like that. She would absentmindedly just stare out through the window or just go into his apartment next door for a few hours since he had left the keys with Kasumi.

Inside his apartment Kasumi would just touch the windowsill and remember back to their first kiss and how warm he had felt holding her in his arms.

The second day was no better and by the third Akane and Nabiki were ready to rip their hair out...

It was worst then having a zombie living with them...sure they loved their sister to death but this was too much even for them.

"Kasumi...why don't you just call him..." moaned Nabiki.

"Huh??" whispered Kasumi sitting by the table with a cup of tea in her hand.

"Yeah...he did give you his cellphone number..." added Akane catching on to her older sister's idea.

"He should be in the meeting...it is after all a 12 hour time difference..."

Nabiki slapped her forehead, 'That she remembers...' she inwardly moaned. For earlier when Nabiki had asked what time dinner was going to be ready Kasumi had answered her next Wednesday. Next Wednesday coincidentally was the day that Ranma had told her was the earliest he could come back.

'Worst off today is only Thursday...' Nabiki moaned to herself again.

- -

Nabiki finally decided that Kasumi needed a break for when she wasn't at work Kasumi would be moping or sitting idly in the apartment.

So when Sunday came Nabiki had called Hitomi over to try and help Kasumi snap out of her love sick daze. Even Hitomi when she came over and taken a look at her thought that she had it bad but she wasn't surprised as Ranma seemed to be a guy capable of doing that to a girl.

After spending nearly an hour trying to convince her to go out for some window shopping and maybe a movie she finally agreed to it or at least that was what Hitomi thought she had said.

Just as the whole bunch of girls were getting ready to leave the phone suddenly rang.

Akane went over to pick it up and after saying a few yeses she hung up.

"Who was that?" asked Nabiki.

"Dunno just someone who asked if we'd open the front door..." replied Akane trying to hide a giggle.

Hitomi was nearest to the door and as she pulled the lever door and opened the door...she had the shock of her life...

Ranma was standing there by the door smiling and since she had Kasumi right beside her and upon seeing Ranma in the flesh right in front of her she instantly sprung back to life...

"Ranma!!!" she happily yelled as she ran over to the boy and hugged him for dear life.

As the now very happy and full of life looking Kasumi hugged Ranma ceaselessly it wasn't until the poor young man's face was slightly turning blue that Hitomi had to nudge Kasumi a bit and show that she was essentially squeezing Ranma to death...

"Anyway...here...this is for you." Ranma then produced a singular red rose from his back after Kasumi loosen her grip but by not much.

"Just a rose...a little weak Saotome...don't you think?" scoffed Nabiki.

That earned her a very cold stare from Kasumi who nevertheless went back and gave Ranma a quick kiss on the lips.

"Well...I couldn't possibly carry the whole bouquet up..." smiled Ranma as he led Kasumi out to the outside walkway and pointed down.

Nabiki, Akane and Hitomi then rushed to the walkway's edge and looking over they saw what he meant.

Underneath the apartment was parked a large truck with its back filled literally with roses...

Kasumi didn't care though she just gave it a glance but still found the single rose in her hand more interesting then the ones downstairs.

"You came back early..." she smiled resting her head on his chest while still admiring the rose.

"Well snuck out more like it...I had to give this to you remember...to make it official." Ranma took out from his pants pocket a small black box and once opened it revealed to her a ring. Pleased with the smile he saw on Kasumi's face Ranma then softly slid it down Kasumi's ring finger.

"I couldn't resist buying it when I was out shopping with my mother. I had asked her what ring would a girl like for a engagement ring but then she sort of went wild on me and I sort of told her about you...she was the one who help me choose which one to buy and also snuck me out from under dad's nose." said Ranma with a laugh.

"Remind me to thank her..." Kasumi replied as she gave Ranma a long kiss.

Meanwhile everyone else was stunned to see the size of the diamond on Kasumi's ring.

"Why don't you thank me now?" suddenly said a voice behind the group.

Everyone turned and came face to face with a middle age woman with short brown hair wearing a very elegant Kimono standing behind them. "And you must be Kasumi...I've heard so much about you from Ranma. And it is I who must thank you truthfully, for you have managed to whittle away the walls my son had built up around his heart for so long...he'd come back to me a lot happier..."

The woman then went over and hugged Kasumi, "Auntie...you must be Ranma's mother..."

"Please call me mom or mother or just Nodoka." Nodoka replied Kasumi with a smile.

"Mother..." Kasumi smiled as she obeyed the matriarch's wishes.

"Come we must get back to the airport Ranma's father would not be too please that we took his new Jet without his knowledge...what a mother has to do for her son...You should have seen Ranma lie around all day in his room sighing and moping. I knew something was up and when I heard him asking about an engagement ring I knew my son had found himself someone special so I had to see her for myself." said the Saotome matriarch as she glanced over to Kasumi who hued from her stare.

"Must Ranma go so soon?" complained Kasumi ever so carefully so as not to step out of line with Ranma's mother and her soon to be mother-in-law.

With a smile Nodoka replied, "Why my dear...I wouldn't dream of splitting you two apart as I think that would be physically impossible anyway seeing how you and Ranma have not released each other's hold since he arrived."

Kasumi and Ranma looked at each other and noticed that she was right since Kasumi had seen Ranma she had yet to release their intertwined hands.

"Anyway why don't you pack a few of your things...I expect Ranma's father to be anxious of meeting you as well..." she added.

"What you mean pack mother?" inquired Kasumi.

"Why pack for your trip to America with us of course...would you be so kind as to keep an old lady company for a few days while the men are away talking about business. It would be a good chance for me to get to know my future daughter-in-law better." she smiled.

"Really?" Kasumi smiled a bit wider and looking up and seeing Ranma smiling back down at her merrily nodding his head, "I'd better start packing..." she contentedly shouted.

The girl quickly rushed back into her apartment and immediately started to pack the stuff she needed to bring to begin her new life together with Ranma...as fiancé and fiancée.

The End...

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