All Higher Ground characters belong to Fox Family. This is just Shelby's thoughts in "Because It's There" during the scene where she found out that her stepfather Walt had abused her younger sister, Jess. Since I don't know where they live, I'm just going to make something up.

What was Shelby thinking after she found out that Walt had lied to her?

He touched Jess. He had sex with Jess. Oh, my gosh. He got to Jess. No! No, he wouldn't! He promised to leave her alone! He said he wouldn't hurt her if I kept quiet! He promised! Why did he lie? Why did I run? Why didn't I take Jess with me? These thoughts raced through Shelby's mind as she looked around the kitchen. She opened the medicine cabinet. Pills. Pills to end it. A way to end it all. She unscrewed the cap and stared at the pills inside. Gotta end it. No more reason to live. But for some reason, she couldn't take them. Maybe it was because pills would be too easy. Yeah, way too easy. Shelby's hand shook and the pills fell into the sink. Okay. Something else. How else could she do it? What else could she use? She looked around, then noticed a box full of knives. Knives, yes. Much better. This will work. This will show him. Shelby dumped the utensils into the sink. Okay, now which one? Which one will do the job? she wondered. Finally, she picked out a large butcher knife. She started to strike but then saw Jess' tear-stained face. No. No. Can't do it. Can't leave her alone. Can't leave her for him. She sank to the ground. Oh, Jess. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. So sorry. So sorry. Didn't know. I swear I didn't know. He lied to me. He said he'd leave you alone if I never told. She began to sob. Suddenly, she felt a kind of peace wash over her. She felt more in control. And a realization came to her. It was time to stand. It was to speak up. For her and for Jess. No more running. No more cowering. I said I'd never tell because he promised not to hurt Jess. But he lied. He went after her. So now I'm telling. No more secrets. No more lies. With determination, she stood up. Then, she walked towards the phone and dialed a number. After a few rings, someone picked up.
"Grange Police Department. How may I help you?" a woman asked.
"My name is Shelby Merrick and I need you to come to 1121 Grange Street," Shelby whispered, then hung up. There. Take that Walt. Shelby then walked into the living room to tell Walt exactly how she felt.