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Camping with Malfoy

Chapter 1:

Draco sat on a bench in the Malfoy's huge backyard. He was not in a good mood. His father had escaped from Azkaban and he had only been there two whole days. Draco was not surprised at this. He was more upset at the fact that his father had gotten out so soon. He hated his father more then he hated Harry Potter who had caught Lucius Malfoy and some other death eaters in his fifth year. So now the whole wizarding world hated Draco even more.

This gave Potter a bigger head. He had harassed Draco to no end. 'HE, THE GREAT HARRY POTTER' had caught Lucius Malfoy, and the Malfoys were losers from the start, 'your father should have known he couldn't beat me' and lots of other things. Draco really couldn't say anything about it either. For he had found out that the one person he thought he could trust had been using him all along, just to get to his father.

Snape had made Draco think he was a friend and that he cared for Draco like a son. It turned out he didn't care for Draco at all. It had all been a lie. Draco was truly hurt by this, for all he'd every really wanted was one good friend. When he found out there was no one behind or beside him, he froze over inside. He had never been a friendly person before but he had his reasons, but now he was even colder and more distant. There was no reason to smile at anyone any more. They all wanted him to die or go to Azkaban even though he had done nothing wrong. The whole world didn't care. He was a Malfoy, therefore he must be evil. Draco took in a long, deep breath.

"Well if they want me gone, I'll just leave." He looked up at the blue sky and smirked. It was a good idea. At least he wouldn't have to see his father or Potter and his friends. Plus he could do as he wished. Best of all he would no longer have to be a Malfoy. Draco got up and headed to his room. He would have to get ready if he were to leave tonight.

He would need some money, clothes, food, a magic bag, his wand (even though he couldn't use it) and many other things. He found his magic bag, placing seven blankets, five pillows, any and all the clothes he owned, every magical item he had, anything else he could fined, and a long sword he owned. Now, all he needed to get was his money and buy food, water bottles (full of clean water) and a tent to sleep in.

Once it was all inside his bag it wouldn't be heavy. Sneaking down the steps and into the car garage, he found the most normal looking car there, a green Subaru Outback. He put his bag in the glove compartment and opened the garage door and turned on the car. He pulled out of the driveway and headed in to town. "Gringotts here I come."


Draco had taken all the money he had in his savings and used some to buy himself a tent, a water bottle that would never get empty, and some food. He would stop at restaurants here and there for his meals. He made sure all of his money was muggle-money.

This way his family couldn't trace him. He would sell the car and go some where else to get a different one. All was going well. He sighed, his car was packed and ready to go, but Draco was hungry and he hadn't eaten all day. So, he made his way in to a bar called Brooms and Ale. He sat down and waited for someone to serve him. After a few minuets a young witch came over to him.

"What do you want?" the woman said. She seemed angry at him. She must have known who he was and was mad that she had to serve him. He made his order small so the lady didn't spit in his food. She glared at him and walked back to the bar.

Draco took this opportunity to look around. The people all seemed to be looking at him. They where whispering back and forth. Draco didn't like what was going on, but he wasn't going to let them know that. He sat and ate his meal slowly, paid for it and left a nice tip, hoping that it would ease the tension. He headed back to his car as fast as he could, but a cool voice made him stop.

"You're Draco Malfoy right?" The voice hissed. Draco turned around to see three large men standing behind him. All of them looked like masses of muscle. They were obviously bullies or something like that.

"Yes, I am Draco Malfoy, and what's it to you?" The largest man smiled an evil smile. The other two seemed to be boxing Draco in.

"Oh, I just wanted to teach you a lesson in pain. See, I'm tired of low lives like you and your family running around. So, we're going to show you what happens to people like you....Oh, also, you should know better then to be traveling alone."

With that said the three men pushed him into a back alleyway and proceeded to punch, kick and even bite him. There was no use of magic (thank the gods) but when it was over, Draco had two broken ribs, a bloody nose, mouth, and head. There were also scattered cuts and bruises all over his body.

As he picked himself up off the ground he felt dizzy and threw up his just-eaten meal. He dragged himself to his car where he cleaned himself up, and caught his breath. He was too dizzy to drive and his ribs needed to be looked at. He didn't want to go anywhere at the moment though. As he tried to figure out what to do next, a voice intruded his thoughts. He knew the voice all to well and somehow he wished it was the bullies coming back to bet him up again. Hermione Granger stood in front of him.

"Malfoy...are you ok?" He looked at her through fuzzy eyes. He wasn't in the mood to be harassed by her or her stupid friends. He turned away form her and tried to open the car door. This was a mistake for he found himself in more pain then before. He felt his knees give way. As he headed for the ground Hermione's hands came out to catch him.

"Malfoy, what happened to you? You look like you've just gotten the crap beaten out of you." Her words where of no comfort, not that they ever were. Draco got angry at the fact she knew he was beat-up and lashed out at her.

"I know that's what you want to hear and I am sure you're so proud of who ever did it... You just want to thank them for beating on me right, that's why you're here. To laugh at me and thank them. Or were you in on it? You ugly, stupid, mudblooded bitch! Just get away from me!" He was hysterical at this point.

He just couldn't figure it out. It seemed like every time he was down on his luck, one of the three Gryffindor dream team was always there to see it. He swore they had been watching him though a magic looking glass. It was becoming too much for him. He had to get away, and he had to get away now. He was so mad he hadn't noticed the angry look on Hermione's face nor Mrs. Weasley coming upon them.

"You are such a jackass. All I was doing was trying to help you out and you have the nerve to accuse me of being in on it and call me that awful word. I hope that they beat you good and hard." At this point she was going to spit on him, but Mrs. Weasley intervened.

"What on earth happened to you?" She leaned down to help Draco off the ground.

"We better have you looked at." She literally pulled Draco into a little fix-you-up-shop. Hermione walked behind them glaring at Draco all the way. Draco knew no good could come out of this. If Hermione was here with Mrs. Weasley, then that also meant the rest of the trio was too. Plus Mrs. Weasley would write Draco's mother to let her know where he was. That would not go over well. His mother at this time didn't even know he wasn't home. Somehow his perfect day had gotten all fucked up. Now he was going to have to fix it and quick or he'd have a lot more to be worrying about then Harry Potter and his dream team.