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call it a perlog to 'Malfoy Runs Out" (They only when you get it is if your read this story)

Draco sat in the car he had stolen looking out at Hermione Granger. She didn't see him as she walked bye the car talking to the Weslay girl. His rids hurt, but he didn't think anything was broken. An there was nothing in this world that would make him even think of finding out. One flase move like that could get him killed. All it would take is for someone he know to see him or for someoe else to owl his mother to come get him because he was hurt.

As he drove away unseen by anyone he know Draco felt a pian in his heart. His whole life had been stolen form him over the couse of five years. Each year it only got worse and now with death eater out for his blood it would surely be over very soon. He had no friends to go to for help. His family would turn him in to save there own skin and he would rather die then ask Potter for help. Not that the boy who wouldn't die would even think of helping him. After all Draco had once reach out to Potter and he had slaped Draco in the face. It was the last time Draco spoke to him with kind words. After that they became bitter enemies and that was how they would stay.

So where does a run away go? He wonder as he drove down the endless highway. He looked out the windows to see if anyone was fallowing him. "Well one thing is for sure, I have to get ride of this car once I've put some space between me and them." He said to the open air around him. Putting the petle to the floor he speed down the highway making the space before he had to get ride of his lest peace of shelter. Gods know a box would never hide him for the death eaters. 'So what would?'

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