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What a boring disclaimer ok this is a one-shot sasusaku

Sasuke wlked down the path to his medium sized white house. He didn't understand the purpose of a big house but he liked to live comfortably. Since he knew Sakura was following he didn't walk to his house but in a different direction. He finlly stopped at the Ramen bar. He looked around as usual naruto was here eating ramen with................Hinata? hmm. Sasuke sat on a chir and started thinking about sakura he was feeling very strange. Every time he shook it off and tried o concentrate on revenge her smiling face popped up in his mind. What was her problem anyway it was all her fault that he couldn't concentrate on Itachi. If only he could stop thinking about her

Just then sakura came in panting she stoppped for aminute to catch her breath then she walked over to sasuke. "er Sasuke-kun I know your probably very irritated that Im even here I understand I just wanna tell yu imm gonna leave you alonenow K? Im sorry for botering you" she ran out of the bar "sakura,. Wait!! Sasuke yelled after her, too late. Then he noticed the bar was quiet and everyone was staring at him.after a moments silence sasuke said "what are you looking at? "he finishd his ramen and left the bar.

Sakura's thoughts tormented her and Inner sakur wasn't any helpeither.

Inner sakura: Why did you do that!!

Sakura: I didn't do anything wrong!! I only did what hes been wanting me to do for ages, leave him alone.

Inner Sakura: but why!!!

Sakura: because,...... Iwas thinking if I cant just stop chasing him for his sake then my love for him is entirely selfish

Inner sakura: don't be stupid its not too late you can still go back

Sakura: NO! Leave me alone!!

Inner sakura : fine, but don't come crying to me!

Sasuke was upset now he understood his emotions and she had left him, given up on him. Argh sakura couldn't you have had a little more faith? He calmed himself down there was only one thing to do

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