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Damn! where'd she go?! calm down Sasuke you're not acting yourself. He calmed even if he

found sakura how was he supposed to tell her.... tell her. everything. He'd save those worries for

after he found her and continued searching, jumping over bushes, ducking under branches , etc. he

just kept looking. (A/N: Just keep looking, Just keep looking, Just keep looking,looking,looking.)

Sakura was sitting on a tree stump deep in the forest. "Sasuke-kun, I'm sorry"

she gave a sad smile. All I've ever done was be a nuisance. but now............" suddenly her

expression changed to one of grim determination." no matter what happens I will help you to the

outer limits of my ability." she suddenly stood and turned her head to face the sky "I understand

that you will never see me as I see you....................." flashbacks ran through her head "Sasuke-

kun! will you..." "Sasuke-kun don't use your sharingan anymore!!..........." "Sasuke-kun" "Sasuke-

kun" "Sasuke-kun!!" ........."It doesn't matter to you you're just being nosy" she looked down. "but I

will, o anything to help you" defeated from her sudden outburst and determined vow, she fell to the

ground crying. "Sasuke-kun...."

Continuing to look for Sakura his thoughts tortured him. "I should have told her the minute I knew I

shouldn't have let her leave....did she really mean that?..........does she really not care about me

anymore? It doesn't matter I've got to find her !' he sped up and ended up in a clearing with just one

tree in the middle. And way up at the top kakashi was reading his usual perverted book. Sasuke

stared up at him ready to go on. Suddenly Kakashi spoke" If you're looking for Sakura she went that

way" he said pointing." She yelled something about you and not wanting to be a nuisance and then,

she started crying, yare, yare what's wrong with girls these days?" not even listening to the rest of

kakashi's blah he ran in the direction Kakashi indicated.

Sakura just stared at the ground letting the tears fall. she didn't even notice that the rabbit that was

sitting next to her was gone, or that there were two shoes in front of her. Suddenly the person sat

down in front of her and she noticed it was Sasuke. 'damn!! I wanted to show him that I can be

strong and help him!! but now I screwed it up with my crying' she hurriedly wiped away her tears.

"sa-sasuke-kun" She stuttered. "Sakura,.er.what are you doing here?" He asked not knowing how to

start a conversation. 'how am I going to say this I have to tell her, but how?!' "I was thinking" she said

looking down embarrased.'dont lie, you baka he knows you were crying! Wait a minute why is he

even here normally he wouldn't even care' "Sakura, I-"he tried to say "Sasuke-kun I - Im sorry, I'll

leave you alone now and I'll try to help in any way I can" She stood up and tried to leave but he

suddenly grabbed her hand. "Don't!! I - I need you!! " 'what?' she suddenly turned around her eyes

wide. "na- nani?" "I, I swore I would kill him, my brother, I made myself an avenger and made that

my sole purpose for living. So I had no time or interest to mind your ...feelings or naruto's

rivalry" She just stood there to shocked to speak. the cherry blossom trees blew in the wind. and the

wind whistled gently. It was almost impossible to believe, was she, was she ....dreaming? or was

sasuke really saying all those heart-warming things to her? "Sakura I -"

she kneeled in front of him as he was still sitting down and took his hand in hers. To her surprise he

gripped her hand tighter, but still didn't look at her face. "Sasuke-kun I, I understand " he looked up

at her smiling face and smiled 'yes she would , she would understand' smiling he took her hand

and they stood up. They happily walked back together. hand in hand , heart with heart.

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