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Genma watched over a hole dug on the ground, which was now covered by a huge slab of stone. In his hands was a brochure, which he threw away as soon as he covered up the hole. A child's screams were heard coming from underneath the slab of stone. He wore a white gi with a white bandanna covering his head, which seemed to be bald. He waited impatiently while occasionally grumbling something.

Humph, what a weakling. Blast that damned Kounji, if he hadn't reported to the police then I....err we wouldn't be in this mess. Genma thought angrily as he ignored the screams of his child.

He had stolen the Kounji's yattai or rather tricked them out of it by engaging his son to Ukyo, the little girl who was daughter of the owner of the yattai, and accepting it as dowry. He then dumped her on the side of the road and ran away with it. Unfortunately, Mr. Kounji had followed them to see that they left town safely and found his little girl on the side of the road. He got angry when she told him what happened and reported this matter to the police. Thus, Genma had to abandon the yattai and head for China.

When they reached China, they headed for the famous springs of Jusenkyo, where Ranma got cursed. He then tried to teach him the neko-ken, which leads us to this point in the story.

He tried everything he could think of, but his son just couldn't learn the dreaded neko-ken. He tied him up with everything from fish sausages to fish oil. But every time he came out with a tremendous fear of cats.

Suddenly, a shadow sprang over the bushes and knocked him unconscious. The last thing he saw before darkness claimed him was a figure on a stick breaking the slab of stone that covered the hole.

Cologne was teaching her great-granddaughter when she felt a sense of great fear coming from near Jusenkyo. She told her great- granddaughter to keep practicing and headed towards the source of the fear. What she saw angered her. She pogo-ed over the bushes and knocked the man watching the slab of stone unconscious. She then proceeded to break the said stone and rescued the child. Unfortunately the child jumped out because he had learned the Neko-ken and was in a feline-state. Cologne projected an aura of calmness and the boy relaxed. He purred and soon lay down on the lap that Cologne was offering. Soon the boy was asleep.

Cologne went back up on her staff and examined the boy. He had numerous scratches over his body. His hair was a mess and he smelled of fish. She carried the boy to the village on her back. Then it started to rain and she felt the boy shift behind her. Shocked, she stopped and looked at the boy again. He now had red hair; apart from that he didn't seem to change much, though his body did seem a little bit curvier than before. She checked his Ki and confirmed her suspicion of him being now a girl.

So that fool also took him to Jusenkyo She thought before continuing her path to the village.

As soon as she got to the village, she took him....her to the village healer.

"What happened, elder Cologne?" Asked Conditioner, the village healer.

"This boy's father had the stupidity to teach his child the Neko ken," Cologne answered.

"Oh no, But I thought the technique was lost over the ages?! And what do you mean by boy, this is obviously a girl."

"It seems like his father had found it. He also took him to Jusenkyo. What can you do to help the boy?"

"Well....I can heal his wounds but I'm not sure if I can help him with the fear."

"Do what you can, I sense a great potential in this boy."

"Yes honored elder"

Conditioner carried the young boy....girl into the hut and didn't come out after a day. Cologne left a few hours after she left. When Cologne went back to the campsite the unconscious man was gone, all that was left was the child's pack and the yowling of the hungry cats. She calmed the cats and let them out. The cats ran away as soon as they were out. She looked at the remains of the campsite. Apparently the man left in a hurry. So there was some leftover stuff that he didn't pack. She took the child's pack and looked around. She spotted a small address book lying on the ground. She opened it and read it. It contained the address and phone number of some man named Tendo. She turned the page and saw the address and telephone of a woman called Nodoka Saotome. It was highlighted so she assumed that the woman was the child's mother. She went back to the village with the child's pack and the address book.

A few months later....

Nodoka walked down the trail until she saw the entrance to a secluded village, guarded by two tall women. She approached the two women and said:

"I am Nodoka; I am here to see elder Cologne."

"You are expected. Elder Cologne's hut is the last one on the right." One of the guards said.

Nodoka thanked the guards then walked towards the hut she was pointed out. On her way there she saw a red haired little girl playing, or rather sparring, with a purple haired little girl. The red haired girl looked rather familiar to her, as if she had seen her somewhere before. She looked on for a while then shook her head to clear it out. When she reached the cabin she knocked on the door, then she went in when the door opened.

"Greetings, I am Cologne." Cologne introduced herself after setting down a cup of tea and inviting her guest to seat down.

"Greetings Elder Cologne, I take it you found my son?"

"Yes, but before I tell you where he is, there is something I must tell you."

"What is it?! What has happened to him?!"

"Calm down, your son is fine. But what I am about to tell you is a little hard to believe."

"We'll see after you tell me."

"Very well then, when I have found your son, your husband was training him in a technique called the Neko-ken. The technique was banned not only for its fierceness, but also for the method it was taught. The trainee, usually a child of six to seven years old, is tied up in fish products and thrown into a pit of staving cats."

Nodoka's face paled when she heard this. Her expression then turned to anger as she listened.

"He tried to teach him the technique, and I suspect he threw him in more than once."

"Where is that bastard?! I'll kill him for doing that to my child!" Nodoka said angrily.

"We don't know; he escaped soon after I rescued your son. But, there's more."

"What else has that bastard done?!"

"He took your son to the cursed springs of Jusenkyo."

"Cursed... springs of Jusenkyo?"

"Yes, anyone who falls in the springs will take the form of what last drowned in there"

"Which one did my son fall in?"

"Spring of the drowned girl"

"So...you mean, the red haired little girl I saw..."

"Yes, that is him... or rather her."


"The village healer tried to cure him from his fears of the cat. But she didn't have the power to do it herself. Then the spirit that drowned in the pool appeared and gave her the power she needed. It seemed that the springs were angry with your husband for treating your son...daughter like that and had decided to help her. Unfortunately, in doing so, it made her cursed form permanent."

"So my son is now my daughter?"


"I will take her back with me to Japan."

"That is your decision to make, however, would you consider being adopted into the Amazons? I sense a great potential in your child, it would be horrible to see that potential go to waste."

"It won't be necessary."

"How is it so?"

"The Himura clan was always considered as part of the Amazons, is it not?"

"You mean..."

"Yes, my maiden name is Himura. My clan had been a vital point in your survival during the wars. So we're considered as Amazons, are we not?"

"Yes, that is true. May I ask you to bring your child back once every month and a half for training in Amazon techniques?"

"I see no harm in that, very well. I shall accept."

Nodoka and Cologne walked outside. The red haired little girl was still playing...sparring with the purple haired little girl. They laughed as they jumped and ran around trying to get a hit in.

"Ranma, come here, there's someone here to see you." Cologne called out to the two playing/sparring little girls

The red haired little girl heard her, jumped towards them, and landed a few inches in front of them. You can notice that she still isn't very skilled since she stumbled a little when she landed.

"Ranma, this is your mo...."


Before Cologne had a chance to continue, Ranma recognized Nodoka and glomped her.

"My little Ranma, I'm here to take you home."

"But I wanna stay here, Shampoo is my bestest friend and great-grandmother Cologne is teaching all sort of cool stuff."

"That's best sweetie. Don't worry; we'll come to visit them once in a while. Then you can play with Shampoo and Cologne can teach you all sort of things, ok?

"Ok mommy."

Nodoka and Ranma stayed for the night and left the next morning. Ranma waved goodbye to Shampoo. Shampoo waved back and looked until both figures disappeared in the horizon. She had tears in her eyes but she wiped them away knowing that she will come back in a few weeks time.


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