"Couldn't find them?" Severus asked, strolling casually into their study as if nothing had happened. The room was lit by a single candle on the desk, casting more shadows than light onto the walls, picking out the paleness of Severus's skin, the strange gleam in his eyes, the almost arrogant way he leant against the door-frame, looking deliciously aristocratic in his suit.

Lucius swore under his breath, unable to do anything except lean against the desk, his face hidden by white-blond hair. He'd searched the entire castle, from top to bottom, and when he'd returned to the Ball, Rosier had disappeared too. He remembered the mocking smirk on Lestrange's face; he was losing it, he was losing control of the Inner Circle, and all because of some stupid little girl who'd whimpered and crumbled the second her scary big sister had turned on her. So shoddy, this - thing - that had captivated him.

But he'd be damned if he was going to admit it.

He could hear Severus come into the room, close the door behind him with a soft click. He snarled inwardly.

"Sev, leave me alone."

"You don't mean that," Severus said coolly. "If you did, you wouldn't be in here."

Lucius hated the self-assurance in his voice. Stupid, stupid, stupid. "Sev, go away," he spat, looking up into deep, dark eyes. The intensity of Severus's gaze made him shudder but he refused to back down, his Malfoy pride preventing him just walking out. He had to assert himself over something, or what would he be?

Oh, he'd been so stupid.

He felt Severus's hand on his shoulder, and snatched it away. "Don't fucking pity me, Sev," he snarled, standing up. "I'm going to kill him. I'm going to find him, and I'm going to slit his throat, and skin him alive. And I'll make Narcissa watch."

Severus let him get as far as the door before he spoke, voice silky and compelling.

"By the way... am I good?" Malice glittered in Severus's eyes as he leant casually against the sofa, arms folded.


"When I'm kissing you - touching you - in your dreams. Am I good? I feel I've got a right to know."

Lucius swore under his breath.

"What, you're going to kill Lestrange now as well? There goes the Quidditch team."

"Shut up!" Lucius shouted, feeling a horrible sense of everything crumbling around him. "Just shut up Sev!"

"Why should I?" Severus smiled. "Are you going to make me, Lucius?"

Lucius wheeled around and tried to hit him. Unfortunately, Severus was too fast for him - grabbing Lucius's arm, he pulled him over and onto the sofa on top of him in one fluid motion. Lucius tried to struggle, but the long-fingered hands on his shoulders were surprisingly strong, forcing their lips to meet.

All the fight went out of Lucius in one sudden breath.

He felt himself melting into Severus, intensely aware of all the places they were touching - Severus's cool hand on the back of his neck, gently stroking the exposed skin; their chests pressed together, allowing him to feel the rhythmic pulse of his room-mate's heart-beat and the shaky hammering of his own; Severus's breath, warm on his face.

He offered no resistance as he was pulled downwards again, his eyes meeting the darkness in Severus's with ravening want. Lucius felt a raw, visceral shock run through him as their lips touched again - but this time Severus opened his mouth slightly, and Lucius could taste the wine on his breath, spicy and warm. He responded hesitantly, freeing one of his arms so that he could reach up and touch Severus's hair; he was SO intense, Lucius realised dazedly, and kissing him - oh god, he was kissing him - felt so...

Lucius broke the kiss, swearing under his breath.

"Very smart, Sev." He felt a sudden, powerful ache in his chest, something gnawing away at him inside. Something flickered in Severus's eyes. "Very fucking smart. I guess I'm not the only one around here who can use a Love Potion."

Severus looked deep into his eyes, raking over his soul. He laughed, softly. "What makes you think I had to?" He shifted sinuously under Lucius, making the blond-haired boy very aware of the position they were in... allowing Lucius to feel hardness pressing against his hip. Lucius swallowed, and looked away.

"You bastard." His voice came out a lot shakier than he intended, but he tried to blame it on the wine he'd drunk before going to the Ball. "You set me up - you and Lestrange - I guess this is your way of getting back at me..."

"For what?"

"For Narcissa."

Severus laughed. "You think I wanted her? And I'm pretty sure you didn't either." He gave Lucius a look which smouldered, all black hair and black suit and swollen, just-been-kissed lips. Lucius swallowed hard, trying to find that famous self-assurance, heat rising to his face. He shook his head, unwilling to meet Severus's eyes, feeling how horribly tempting it would be to just lie back down in his arms and let Severus touch him.

Severus sighed, pushing Lucius off him. "Fine. You can be in denial if you want, Lucius. But if you go into your room, I think you'll find that the rest of the Love Potion you brewed for Narcissa was, in fact, borrowed by Bellatrix earlier this evening in an attempt to repair the damage done by your, ah, admissions to Lestrange under the Veritaserum."

"Which YOU brewed," Lucius snapped, getting up. He could feel his heart thudding as he looked down at Severus sprawled out on the couch. A moment before, he'd been lying on top of him...

The note was, indeed, there. And Lucius had seen Bellatrix's signature enough times to know that it was genuine. He crumpled it into a tight little ball, dropping it to the floor.

Severus was still lying on the couch, with his hair falling onto the crimson cushions like a stream of black ink, black tie undone and half-pulled off - when had that happened? - and white shirt crumpled, the near-darkness in the room making the pallor of his skin almost luminescent. Lucius's eyes lingered on Severus's full lips, as a slow, vicious smile played over the dark-haired Slytherin's face.

"Tell me you don't want this, and it's over," he whispered, extending a pale hand towards Lucius. "I'll accept that all the bickering, and the rivalry, and the tension, is all because we're Slytherins, and it's what we do - not because there's something deeper. But this is your last chance, Lucius."

Lucius thought of the last few weeks, and what it would be like to be without Sev, and why Bellatrix's words at the Ball had cut to the quick.

Silence, except for the ragged sound of Lucius's breathing.

Severus's eyes shimmered, and for a second Lucius could see into them as he never had before. So, this was Severus, and they were so alike...


Something inside Lucius gave way. "Sev, I -"

"I knew you'd see it. Eventually."

And then Severus was kissing him, his mouth hot and hungry, hands clenched almost painfully in Lucius's hair, kissing him with an intensity that almost hurt. Lucius pressed himself against his room-mate, feeling his arousal rub against Severus's answering hardness, making his vision cloud over. Severus's tongue was in his mouth, warm and slick, and Lucius responded fiercely, lips bruised, body aching with want.

"Always did look sexy in evening wear," Severus murmured into Lucius's open mouth, pushing him back into the cushions, long fingers deftly undoing his room-mate's bow tie, pulling it off, then setting to work on the buttons of his shirt. Lucius gasped, overwhelmed by the immediacy of what they were doing, fighting against the feeling of losing control. A few hours ago, he'd punched Sev - he ran his fingers over the bruise, feeling Severus flinch away with a hiss of intaken breath. Severus had finished now, and Lucius tried not to make a sound as his cool hands skimmed over Lucius's bare chest, following its contours, stroking possessively; a moment later, Severus's lips descended on the warm skin, trailing a wet path over Lucius's collarbone.

"Sev -"

"Oh Lucius, please shut up and stop spoiling the moment."

Lucius half-smiled, suddenly aware that one of them, at least, must have known that this would happen. Severus's shirt came away easily to Lucius's searching fingers, after a few false starts with the top button, and he revelled in the sensation of skin against skin, warm and slightly damp. Lucius buried his hands in Severus's hair, clenching them involuntarily as his room-mate licked teasingly at Lucius's nipples, hot breath tantalising as he withdrew, then darted his tongue over the pale plains of Lucius's chest, then returned and started to suck. Lucius stifled a moan, kissing the side of Severus's neck, pulling at the tender skin until he was very sure that marks would be evident to the whole of Slytherin in the morning. He wanted to own Sev, to have him. Whatever else he'd lost, he could have this.

He arched upwards into Severus's arms, leaving the soft warmth of the velvet against his damp skin, needing to feel Severus's hardness against his. Severus smiled slightly, a little breathless himself, rubbing against Lucius as he let his teeth graze Lucius's nipple, making his room-mate almost howl with frustration.

"Ah, the Malfoy need for instant gratification," Severus murmured drily. Lucius kissed Severus hard,

shaking. He closed his eyes as Severus slid a hand between his legs, brushing gently against his straining erection through layers of expensive, well-cut fabric. "Was that - a whimper, Lucius?"

"Fuck off," Lucius mouthed. Then, aware that Severus's eyes were mocking him even as his hand rubbed tantalisingly over Lucius's arousal - "Fuck you."

"Oh, the witty retort to that would be far too easy," Severus whispered, his breath hot in Lucius's ear, sending tingles of anticipation down his spine. Lucius ran unsteady hands down Severus's bare back, dipping below the waist-band of his room-mate's trousers. Severus bit his lip, leaning into Lucius's touch, then his hands were pulling off Lucius's belt, struggling with buttons, normally deft fingers now shaking and clumsy.

"Sev, oh - " and Lucius cursed himself for how desperate, how needy he sounded. Severus made no sharp comment, his breath coming almost as fast as Lucius's now, hair falling into his face, pulling free his room-mate's devastatingly expensive trousers. They slid off easily, pooling onto the floor in a whisper of costly fabric, and Lucius was practically begging Severus to touch him.

He'd been touched before, but this touch - Sev's touch - flayed him alive.

It lasted only a moment before their lips met again, and both of them were panting now, kissing greedily, all tongue and wetness and hot searing skin. Severus's eyes were open, staring into Lucius's like darkness made visible, and his hand was hot between Lucius's legs, rubbing him slowly, making Lucius gasp and writhe. Then, with a mocking smile and a half-murmured "Lucius," he slipped his hands inside the blond boy's underwear.

This was... time stopped for Lucius with the first touch of Severus's skillful, talented fingers on bare flesh.

And realisation flooded back. The Malfoy heir, on his back and naked, being pleasured slowly and teasingly by his dark-haired room-mate. Lucius swallowed -

"Sev, I can't, please, this isn't -"

"This is - "

Severus covered Lucius's mouth with his own, taking the lower lip between his teeth, making Lucius struggle. For a second, all Lucius's nights and dreams flashed back to him, and he smiled against Severus's lips, arching up into that delicious, perfect touch. He wanted this, he knew now. He wanted Sev's touch, his mouth, his hands, wanted to possess him. His hands tangled in Severus's hair, pulling him closer, wanting to merge them into one, the light and the dark together. Severus bent down, lips on Lucius's neck, nipping the skin lightly, leaving his mark on the pale flesh. Lucius closed his eyes, losing himself in the feeling of Severus's hands on his erection, all the fight leaving him.

"...Good?" Severus's voice was teasing.



Severus had pulled off his clothes as well, Lucius realised, and they were twining together, the candlelight casting long shadows in the hollows of their naked bodies, licking over pale bare skin, caressing Severus's black hair. He reached down to find Severus's hardness, curling his fingers around the needy flesh, squeezing involuntarily, making Severus close his eyes and moan softly. Lucius felt a predatory smile creep across his face as he started to stroke. Severus's tongue flickered on the tip of Lucius's ear, making him squirm into Severus's hands, silently begging him to touch harder, stroke faster, now. The Malfoy need for instant gratification... Lucius writhed against Severus, hearing his room-mate start to gasp, breath coming hard.

"How - how much was this sofa, Lucius?" Sev's eyes were play-innocent, and Lucius felt something unfamiliar tug at him inside as he tried to get enough breath to answer.

"Probably more than a small castle in Eastern Europe," he managed to get out.

"Isn't that a shame," Severus said softly in Lucius's ear, hot breath and silky voice, fighting for air. His hands were moving faster, Lucius realised dazedly, hard and slick with sweat, and his room-mate bent his head to play with Lucius's nipples, dark hair stroking too-hot skin, tongue teasing. Lucius felt himself start to move involuntarily under Severus's strokes, wrapping an arm around his back, pulling him close. He pushed upwards into Severus's hands, forcing a rhythm, squeezing and stroking Severus's erection with a similar intensity. Nothing but movement, and heat, and the soft sound of Severus moaning under his touch... and then pleasure, nothing but blinding pleasure and the feeling of melting into his... room-mate? Lover? Fellow Slytherin. Lucius was half-aware that he was almost sobbing with pleasure, a yearning sound, the blood pounding in his ears as the wave of sensation crashed over him, Severus warm and slick and hard beneath his hands...

A half-stifled gasp.


And then Lucius was intensely aware of the fact that he was wrapped around Severus, their bodies sticky and hot, not to mention the expensive antique sofa that had probably just been ruined...

"Leave it to the House Elves," Severus said, as if reading his thoughts. "They're bred not to ask questions." His voice sounded uncertain, a little shaky. Lucius reached up, brushing the dark hair out of Severus's eyes, kissing him briefly but firmly on the lips. He didn't want to think about what had just happened, beyond the fact that it obviously had. A look passed between them, and he inwardly sighed with relief at its complicity - obviously, while Sev had known it was going to happen, he hadn't thought about after...

"Sleep?" he asked, wanting to keep the conversation to a blessed minimum, at least until he'd had time to think. Time to consider the Malfoy heir's position on lying naked and breathless, coming so hard it was difficult not to scream, kissing confused and disorientated, with his - male - room-mate.

Severus raised an eyebrow. "Tired out?"

Lucius mouthed 'fuck off' at him, and started to get up.

"Your room or mine? Yours is nicer..."

Lucius considered for a moment. "Let's say yours. No-one's likely to come looking for you first thing tomorrow morning." He could see Severus thinking it over, hair falling over swollen lips, face slightly flushed, beautiful. "Okay? Sev?"

Severus smiled, eyes feral and Slytherin. "Only if you wear those pyjamas."


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