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Fond Memories
by Uenki

Chapter One – Flashbacks

Eight years, long dreadful eight years has passed by. Ogino Chihiro, aged 18, sat down on the cushioned chair with a blank look on her face. Her brown hair was no longer short; it was long with soft curls at the bottom. Her figure was no longer scrawny and as thin as a pole; instead she had grown up just right with a slender body. Her brownish orbs no longer sparkled with joy; instead, it looked dull and lifeless.

Her feelings were mixed with anger and sadness. Sometimes, she still pondered that whether if she should just disappear in the Kamikakushi eight years ago or to rescue her parents from that world, the spiritual world where deities and demons lived. Where gods could just be taking a bathe in the bathhouse like a normal sight to be seen… Chihiro laughed, laughed for the fact that she had rescued her parents from that world. That world would be far more better than this world, the world that "humans" like her lived, where Fate is cruel, and destiny is always never to be seen…

Her parents were dead, by a mere disease that happened that struck the whole village in Nermia, Cholera. She was not struck by the disease for she had been living out in the city, working as a waitress to feed both herself and her sickly family. But now, a burden are freed, though so longed for that, but she still loved her family, it was too sudden. All too sudden. She stood up from the cushioned chair and fell onto the bed with her hands supporting her head, a small sigh escaped from her lips, she closed her eyes. She felt welcoming and warm in the darkness, it seems to have no depth in the darkness, and she felt free of everything…

"Chihiro…" a voice called, sounding far away, yet it was soft and soothing, melodious maybe. Is she in a dream? The soft lush greenish grass felt soft to the touch, their hands held tight, latching in to one another's, running and finally halting to a stop. No, this was definitely a dream, for she was not who she are, she was herself 8 years ago, when she was 10 year old. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail, wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Hand in hand beside her was a boy, a boy with ivory white skin, brilliant green eyes, and a deep shoulder length sea greenish hair.

"Will he meet again?" her 8 year old self asked timidly, a blush creeping up to her cheeks. The boy gave a small smile and gave an audible 'En' with a soft nod. 8 year old Chihiro smiled back, and he told her softly.

"Run back to your parents, remember not to turn back." Her hands were tore off from hers, though she noticed, he was quite reluctant to do so. And she ran, towards the tall, red building. Her parents were already there, smiling and waving to her. They are not pigs anymore, they are human, alive and kicking. The grin came onto her lips, but somewhere on her mind…

"Haku!" 18 year old Chihiro cried, her eyes opened with a snap. The dream scene seems to be dissolving away, and she was back into reality, sitting onto her bed. A small, lone smile came to her lips. Once, she thought that she was all alone, but in fact, she was not at all alone. There was still him, the one whom she knew now that she really loved him, there was still her White Dragon, Haku.

She remembered vividly those faces that cheered her up during the time when she accidentally 'stumbled' into the Kamikakushi, but there was one person which she could not even get out of her mind after all these years, it was the only person that made her cried so much, it was the only person that had made her heart leapt when she saw him, it was always him, Kohaku was his name, his real name.

She stood up from the bed, and she walked out of her room, and went out of the house, not even bothering to change her clothes. She knew where she was heading to, it was perfectly clear in her mind, even though he promised her that they will meet again… They will, but it was not Haku to find her, it was her going to find Haku, for he was the only one she left during these heartache moments.

She hailed a cab and settled down, telling the address to the driver, which the driver gave her a strange look for the place that she was going was seldom visited by people in her world anymore, it was told to be torn down and old, and people wished for the placed to be demolished, in replace by tall buildings. Chihiro fidgeted in the cab, for she had not seen them for a time so long… She wondered that if they would remember her anymore, she smiled and shook her head.

They will… Especially him… Wait for me, Haku, I am coming.

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