Nick was in the shower, smiling as he thought about how great his life was going.

Work was great as always, and he and Alex had been getting closer and closer with every moment they spent together. She never ceased to amaze him. He fell deeper in love with her every day and he was pretty sure she felt the same way. No matter when or where she saw him, she always gave him the biggest smile...

His heart warmed at the thought as he leaned into the warm spray of water, sighing appreciatively. He closed his eyes.


He pulled his face from the falling stream and looked through the shower doors. He felt a ripple of shock.

It couldn't be...

He'd given her a key to his place, but it was Friday morning and she always had a class then.

As he moved his face nearer to the glass and peered into the bathroom beyond, he thought he saw a flash of movement...

His eyes widened as Alex slowly emerged from the mist, slowly removing her clothes as she approached the shower doors. She was smiling at him seductively and he felt the stirrings of arousal begin.

He smiled excitedly. "Alex?"

As the last of her clothing fell away, she slid the shower door open. She watched him, smiling as she slipped inside. He stared back in shock, uncertain if he could move. She raised an eyebrow at his shocked expression.

"My class was cancelled... Mind if I join you?"

As the spray reached her, he watched as the water dripped down her naked body, sliding down her breasts... His gaze was drawn to where the slight patch of down between her legs began to glisten, and the water streamed down her hips, her legs... He felt himself stiffening.

He shuddered lightly.

Am I dreaming this again?

She moved closer, one hand outstretched. He drew in a breath as her fingers caressed his cheek. She lay her other hand on his chest and he was aching to touch her back... She looked at him quizzically.

"Nick, are you OK?"

She moved closer and looked at him closely with concern.

He laughed nervously and then pulled her tightly against him.

"Sorry... I thought you might be a dream... You're not going to disappear into the steam on me, are you?"

She smiled at him curiously, unsure of what to make of his odd behaviour.

"No... And I think I know how to prove to you that I'm not a dream..."

Her stare became heated as she looked longingly at his mouth. As their lips finally met, energy pulsed through him and he pulled her more tightly against his throbbing body. He kissed her hungrily, unable to taste enough of her.

She clutched at him, matching his passion in her own kisses. His hands massaged her back and slowly slid down to her bottom, pulling her even closer against his erection. He groaned into her mouth, loving the feel of her against him again.

She pulled back from his mouth slightly and smiled shyly at him. Her hands slid down his wet chest, and then her head dipped down to follow their path. He shivered as her lips touched him, the sensation mingling erotically with the spray from the shower.

She began to slide lower down his body and he had to lean back against the wall for support as her tongue massaged his belly button, her hands clutching at his hips. He thought he might lose control as he felt her hands slide down his hips to his thighs and her lips trailed down below his stomach...

He felt instantly alarmed when he could suddenly no longer feel her touching him; he was afraid to open his eyes.

No... Not again...

Slowly, he looked down, unable to breathe...

And he saw her smiling up at him, naked, glistening and beautiful under the cascade of water. His relief was overwhelming and he drew in a ragged breath.


She smiled teasingly. "Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you were still awake. What, with all this talk about dreams..."

He laughed out loud in relief and was about to reach down and pull her back up for a teasing reprimand when suddenly she touched him again... He slumped back against the wall once more and smiled in elation as she began to love him slowly and sensually...

God, I love her...

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