Friends by Night, Enemies by Day

Inuyasha and Kagome hate each other. When Inuyasha becomes her "secret, mysterious friend" on the Internet, their bond grows into something more but little does Kagome know that her best friend by night is her sworn enemy by day. Full summary inside.

Full Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome despise each other; they can't stand one another or so that's what it seems. But when one day Inuyasha asks for Kagome's e-mail, the world turns upside down as Inuyasha becomes Kagome's secret, mysterious friend and their bond grows closer and closer only however through the computer; while in real life, they are at the furthest points away from being friends.

Author's Note: Yes I'm back with a new story, all I needed was a night of sleep. I thought of this last night in my bed. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! This one takes place in the Kagome's time (present) and there are no demonic powers or priestess powers. Also, everyone lives in Kagome's time so it doesn't follow the outline of the Inuyasha series.

Disclaimer: Well, I don't own Inuyasha but I'm working on it alright?

Friends by Night, Enemies by Day

By: Gracie-poo

Chapter 1: Kindergarten Cookie

"I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!" Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs. They felt like bursting. "OF ALL THE DAYS INUYASHA! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" And with that, Kagome stormed down the hall, tears obvious in her eyes leaving a smirking, tall, silver haired, golden eyed boy standing arrogantly in the hallway. The whispers of the other students who had just witnessed the scene grew louder as Inuyasha smirked again and reached down and picked up the remains of his practical joke.

It was picture day for the students at Four Souls Secondary School. Inuyasha had plotted the "greatest" prank ever to play on Kagome; he said that about every new prank he pulled so greatest only meant greatest up to date. That morning, while packing his usual school books, CD player and other accessories, he also brought a pie plate and a bottle of whipped cream. Can you guess how it turned out? Catastrophic.

Inuyasha and Kagome have a long history. They go way back into the years of kindergarten. Now you'd think that Inuyasha wasn't always such a jerk. Well you're wrong. He was.


Inuyasha looked around the playground on his first day of kindergarten and saw a little girl with black hair crying when her mom had left her minutes ago and reached into his snack bag and pulled out a cookie. He walked over to the little girl and extended his arm towards her. The little girl looked up and saw the boy's gesture and was touched and reached out to take the boy's offer only to have the boy suddenly retract his arm and stuff the cookie into his mouth. Even back then, he sported that all famous all powerful Inuyasha smirk. Later that day while playing in the water area, the little girl picked up a small bucket, filled it with water and slowly headed towards the silver haired fiend and poured the entire bucket's contents on his pretty little head.


This is how it's been for the past ten years, pulling pranks, trying to top the previous ones and thinking up plots of revenge. You could say that Inuyasha and Kagome hated each other's guts but that would only be the understatment of the year.

Kagome stormed down the hall, trying to hold back the tears but to no avail. It was ruined. She had her mom specially do her hair in the morning so her picture for her grade 10 year would be perfect but it was too good to be true. Inuyasha just had to pie her face and hair with whipped cream! She saw the girls washroom up ahead and quickly pushed past the door and went inside one of the stalls.

Sango had witnessed the whole thing on her way to her English class with Kagome, Inuyasha had complimented Kagome on how nice she looked and when she turned around, a mess of white cream was shoved into her face and hair. "NOT!" Inuyasha cried and doubled over laughing at the sight of Kagome with whipped cream all over her. "What a jerk!" Sango thought. She knew the extent of the damage Inuyasha had done to her best friend. Kagome had purposely gotten up early for her mom to do her hair nicely and now it was ruined only shortly after the bell had rung. Sango rushed into the bathroom Kagome had entered and heard soft sobbing that was unmistakably Kagome's.

"I HATE him so much!" Kagome said through her tears.

"Kagome, come on out, let's clean you up. I've already told Eri that we'll be late for English class. Miss Kaede will understand." Sango said softly. Kagome slowly opened the stall door and stepped out to see her best friend's concerned face. Sango untied the bandana in her hair and walked over to the sink and wet it. "Come here Kagome, let's wash your face first. Then I'll redo your hair if you want me to."

"But Sango, your band-"

"No buts, you're a wreck and need to clean up." Sango began to wipe Kagome's face clean of the whipped cream