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Yumi and Odd were in the princible's office when they found out that they had sisters.

".... You two have sisters and they're being transfered over here due to an awful disaster. They will be here any minute." the princible said calmly.

"WHAT!? We have sisters!? But then why didnt our parents tell us!?" Yumi and Odd yelled.

"Settle down now, you two!" the princible said. Just then the door opened and two scared 14 year-old girls walked into the office. One had brown hair and hazle eyes. The other had blonde hair and blue eyes. They were both wearing black tanktops and black capries. Yumi and Odd turned around to look at them.

"Okaaaaaay.... Now what?" Odd asked.

"You must be Lindsey, Yumi's sister." the princible said, indicating the brown-headed girl.

"And you must be Kari, Odd's sister." the princible said to the blonde-headed girl. They both nodded.

"Yumi, would you show them to their room? Their stuff is already there. Their room is next to yours." the princible said.

"What?... Oh okay fine." Yumi replied.

"I'll go too!" Odd said. The princible nodded.

The next day, when school was out for the day and everyone was hanging out, Lindsey and Kari walked out of the building and looked around.

"This school is very confusing." Lindsey said as she and Kari walked towards a bench. They sat down.

"I wish Kim had come with us. I remember all of the fun times that we had together." Kari sighed. Lindsey nodded. Sissy noticed them and came over.

"Hey I'm Sissy. I see that you're new around here. I'll be your friend if you want. But dont even try to make friends with Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy. They're really mean to everyone and bully people around." Sissy said, holding her hand out. Lindsey and Kari just looked at her hand. Ulrich noticed Sissy and nudged the others.

"What's Sissy doing over with them?" Jeremy asked. They started to walk over to Lindsey and Kari.

"Sorry Sissy but I dont think that I want you as my friend, thanks very much! I think that Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy are great friends, unlike you!" Lindsey said coldly. Sissy growled and stomped away. Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy looked shocked that anyone would ever say that to Sissy. But then they started laughing.

"What does the princible mean when he said that Yumi is my sister and that Odd is your brother?" Lindsey asked.

"I dont know. But I know that our parents died in that sudden earthquake....." Kari said sadly.

"They did?" Jeremy said as they reached them. Lindsey nodded.

"And they never even said that we had a sister or brother. Anyways who are you two?" Kari said, looking at Ulrich and Jeremy.

"I'm Ulrich and this is Jeremy." Ulrich said.

"Hey you two told off Sissy! Great job! I always wanted to do that!" Odd said, grinning.

"Yeah thanks." Lindsey said. Sissy stormed up to Lindsey and Kari.

"You're gonna pay for that!" Sissy growled.

"Shut up Sissy and get lost!" Yumi yelled.

"What did you just say Yumi!?" Sissy hissed.

"I said SHUT UP AND GET LOST!" Yumi barked.

"No! Who's gonna make me!?" Sissy said.

"I am!" Yumi snapped.

"Oh yeah?" Sissy shot back. Yumi glared at Sissy.

"Well deal with it! I'm NOT leaving!" Sissy growled.

"Hey what's going on over here!?" Jim said, running over.

"Jim, Sissy was being mean to Lindsey and Kari even though they're new here." Yumi explained. Jim looked at Sissy.

"Is that true?" he asked.

"No it isnt!" Sissy cried.

"Come on Sissy, we're going to have a little talk with your father about this." Jim growled, dragging her away.

"Thanks Yumi." Lindsey and Kari said, smiling. Yumi smiled back.

"Dont mention it." she said.

"What's her problem anyways?" Kari asked.

"She's always like that. She wants to make everyone's life misrable." Yumi explained.

"Why does she want to do that?" Lindsey wondered. Yumi shrugged.

"Hey do you guys want to sit at our table during lunch?" Jeremy asked.

"Sure why not?" Lindsey and Kari said, smiling. At the lunch table Odd asked Lindsey and Kari what happened to their former parents. Lindsey and Kari flushed and they had sad expressions on their faces.

"Well...." Lindsey started.

"Hey if you dont want to talk about it you dont have to." Yumi said.

"We'd rather tell someone about it." Kari said.

"Okay." the others said.

"Well, it started when we came home from school. Kari and I lived in a house shared by our former families. Our parents were talking about something very important. We heard them say words like 'Xana', 'Aelita', and 'Lyoko'. We didnt understand them but then the TV turned on even though it was off and a symbol like an eye appeared and our parents yelled that he had found them and that he was going to kill them all.... We just were completely lost. I think that this 'Xana' was trying to get something from them, a secret that they had, that's why he was hunting them down. Then, about a minute after the symbol appeared, a huge earthquake struck our town. Our parents yelled for us to leave the house at once and run away. We said that we couldnt possibly leave them. They yelled the same thing and so then we ran out of the house. Our parents and families died in the house. The people in the town were safe but the only ones who were killed was our families. But then these monsters just.... appeared out of thin air. Then they started chasing us, shooting lasers. After awhile we got hit and we were knocked out cold. The monsters disappeared and after two hours, some people found us and sent us here...." Lindsey said, tears welling up in her eyes. She blinked a few times to get rid of the tears and Kari did the same. Jeremy stood up. Suddenly a minor earthquake shook the school. Everyone screamed except Lindsey, Kari, Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy.

"Hey Jeremy! Let's go talk to Aelita!" Yumi said.

"You guys know Aelita?" Lindsey asked.

"Yeah long story but we'll tell you later." Odd said.Yumi, Odd, Jeremy, and Ulrich ran towards Jeremy's room while Lindsey and Kari ran towards their room. Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich crowded around Jeremy.

"Aelita?" Jeremy said.

"Yes Jeremy?" Aelita said, appearing on the screen.

"Do you feel any pulsations yet?" Jeremy asked.

"No not yet." Aelita answered.

"Well we're having an earthquake here. And I think that it' might be Xana's doing. And there's two girls who say that they're parents were talking about you before. Lindsey and Kari. I think that Xana may be after them." Jeremy said.

"I dont think that I remember meeting anyone but you four." Aelita said slowly.

"Kiwi stop barking!" Odd groaned.

"Well I'll go check the regions." Aelita said, disappearing.

"Okay let's go to the factory." Jeremy said. They ran out of Jeremy's room and out of the school. A few minutes later, Lindsey and Kari, who were just exploring the school, walked past Jeremy's room when Aelita appeared on the screen.

"Jeremy! Jeremy! Xana's activated a tower in the desert region! Jeremy? Are you there Jeremy!?" Aelita said. Kari and Lindsey walked into the doorway.

"Aelita?" Lindsey whispered. Aelita stared at them and she disappeared. Confused, Lindsey and Kari looked out the window. Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy were running towards the forest.

"Hey where are they going?" Kari wondered. Lindsey shrugged. Lindsey and Kari ran out of Jeremy's room and out of the school too, and ran after the others. Suddenly a few crabs appeared out of thin air in back of them. Lindsey looked behind her and screamed. They began to shoot lasers. One of the lasers hit Lindsey in the shoulder. She stumbled.

"Ah!" Lindsey cried.

"Come on Lindsey! Run!" Kari said, running over to her. Kari helped Lindsey up and helped her run. Odd heard the lasers and looked over his shoulder. He stopped and turned to run back towards Lindsey and Kari.

"Odd! W-what the heck! Ulrich, Jeremy, come on!" Yumi yelled, chasing after Odd.

"Lindsey, Kari, over here quick!" Odd yelled.

"Why are Xana's monsters here!?" Yumi gasped.

"Xana!?" Lindsey whispered, fear in her eyes. Kari was the same way.

"Come on follow us!" Jeremy said. Yumi helped Kari up while Odd helped Lindsey up.

"Thanks." Lindsey said. Jeremy and Ulrich helped Lindsey and Kari down the ladder that led into the underground sewer. Yumi closed the sewer plate over the hole before dropping down the ladder.

"Why are they chasing those two?" Yumi said.

"I'd better ask Aelita when we get to the factory." Jeremy said.

"Grab those two extra skateboards and follow us." Jeremy instructed Lindsey and Kari. They did as they were told. They grabbed them, threw them, jumped on, and skated after the others. They got to the end of the sewer and left the skateboards, and scooter, leaning against the wall and started to climb the ladder. Yumi, Ulrich, Odd, and Jeremy went first. Then Lindsey and Kari went last. Lindsey and Kari raced after Odd, Jeremy, Ulrich, and Yumi when they heard the crabs coming, shooting lasers at them. They all swung down to the elevator on the ropes. They followed them into the elevator and Jeremy pressed the red button. Jeremy, Lindsey, and Kari stepped out of the elevator when it reached the room with the super computer while Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich went up another level. Yumi pressed the button again and she, Odd, and Ulrich stepped out and walked over to one of the scanners and stepped inside them.

"Scanner Yumi.... Scanner Ulrich.... Scanner Odd.... Transfer Yumi.... Transfer Ulrich.... Transfer Odd.... Virtualization!" Jeremy said, hitting the enter key. Kari and Lindsey were standing behind Jeremy.

"What are you doing Jeremy?" Lindsey asked.

"Cant talk now. I'll tell you later." He responded. Lindsey nodded.

Odd, Yumi, and Ulrich appeared in Lyoko and dropped to the ground. They were in the desert region.

"You guys have company! Cover Aelita!" Jeremy said. Ten crabs were closing in on them, shooting lasers. Aelita hid behind a rock as the others attacked the crabs.

"Laser Arrow!" Odd said, shooting four arrows at two crabs, destroying them, but getting hit in the process.

"Impact!" Ulrich yelled as his sword hit the symbol on another crab. A sudden earthquake rocked the factory.

"Hey Jeremy what's happening!?" Yumi said as she threw her fan at a crab and destroyed it. She caught her fan.

"There's an earthquake." Jeremy said.

"At the factory!?" Odd asked as he and the others destroyed the rest of the crabs.

"Yeah!" Jeremy responded.

"It's Xana isnt it?" Lindsey said.

"Yeah it's Xana alright. And he's after you two." Jeremy said. Lindsey and Kari looked at each other.

"Uh Jeremy are there any more monsters coming this way?" Odd asked.

"Uh yeah. And Aelita? Can you feel any pulsations now?" Jeremy questioned.

"Yes Xana has activated a tower. I tried to contact you in your room but you werent there." Aelita said.

"Oh. Okay. We dont have much time so Aelita, you have to deactivate the tower now!" Jeremy said as the factory shook. Lindsey and Kari held on to Jeremy's chair. In a few minutes, they were at the tower, but five crabs had surrounded them.

"Laser Arrow!" Odd shouted as he shot a few more arrows at two crabs and destroyed them. Yumi threw her fan at one of the crabs while Ulrich hit one crab with his sword. Aelita ran towards the tower. Yumi got hit twice before destroying the rest of the crabs with Ulrich's help. Aelita went into a tower. But when she tried to deactivate it, she couldnt.

"Jeremy, I cant deactivate the tower! Jeremy? Jeremy? Are you there?" Aelita said. There were large cracks created by the earthquake in the room where Jeremy, Lindsey, and Kari were.

"Jeremy?" Aelita continued to say, hoping that he would hear her.

"Are you two okay?" Jeremy said, glancing back at them. They both nodded.

"Yes Aelita? I can barely hear you!" Jeremy said.

"I cant deactivate the tower." Aelita said.

"Hey Jeremy is there any more monsters?" Ulrich asked.

"For all I know, there might be more." Yumi sighed.

"I dont think so, oh wait yeah Yumi's right, there's more coming." Jeremy said.

"I'm right again!" Yumi growled.

"Great how many are there?" Ulrich muttered.

"Um Jeremy? Why is Aelita taking so long to deactivate the tower?" Odd asked.

"She said that she cant deactivate the tower." Jeremy responded. Lindsey and Kari glanced at each other.

"Well you know that we cant stay here all day! Than we'll be out of life points in no time at all! Laser Arrow!" Odd said as he shot some arrows at the crabs. Three arrows hit the crabs, destroying them.

"Impact!" Ulrich yelled as he destroyed another crab. Yumi threw her fan at several crabs, destroying them all.

"Jeremy can you find the problem with the tower? I cant type in the code!" Aelita said.

"I dont know if I can Aelita. But I'll try." Jeremy said, typing a few things.

"Try it now." Jeremy said after a few minutes. Aelita tried again. She placed her hand on the little screen. Suddenly the words 'CODE: LYOKO' appeared.

"Return to the past now!" Jeremy said, pressing the enter key. The huge white light pasted over the factory and covered the school. Everything was back to normal and Lindsey and Kari didnt remember a thing.


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