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Lindsey, Kari, Jeremy, Odd, and Ulrich walked into their math classroom. They all sat down together and started to talk about what they did in Lyoko. Five minutes later, the math teacher got their attention.

"Today class, we have a new student. Kimberly Johnson. She was sent here when her parents (Lance and Lora), her older sister (April) and her older brother (Matt) mysteriously disappeared." the math teacher said, indecating to a tall black-haired girl. Her purple eyes darted around the room nervously. Lindsey and Kari looked at each other.

"Kim!" they yelled standing up. Kim looked over at them. Her purple eyes lit up.

"Kari! Lindsey!" Kim smiled. Ulrich, Odd, and Jeremy looked suprised.

"Lindsey, Kari, what do you have to say for the class?" the math teacher asked.

"Uhh... Kim is our friend from America. That's were we use to live before." Lindsey said nervously. Kari nodded.

"Ok...." the math teacher said, confused. After Math they (Kim, Kari, and Lindsey) went to History. In Hisory, Kim, Kari, and Lindsey's cellphone vibrated. They looked at their cellphones and it said XANA. Kim's hand shot up into the air.

"Yes Kim?" the history teacher asked.

"May I go to the infermary? Lindsey and Kari can take me there." Kim asked.

"Yes you may." the history teacher said. The trio stood up and when they meet the others in the sewers, Kim turned face Kari and Lindsey.

"Lindsey why is your friend Kim here?" Jeremy asked.

"Her cellphone..... Look at her..... cellphone!" Kari gasped. Kim gave Jeremy her cell phone. He looked at it. It plainly said, 'I know where you are.' Then Xana's symbol blinked at the end of the sentence.

"It says the same thing on ours now." Lindsey said.

"Come on! Lets hurry up and go to the factory!" Yumi said as they grabbed their skateboards and rode towards the factory. When they got to the factory, there were some crabs and hornets waiting. Kari slowly backed up.

"Whats wrong Kari?" Odd asked, grabbing her arm. Kim looked as Lindsey and Kari with fear in her eyes.

"So Xana is really true isnt he?" she whimpered.

"Jeremy we need to help Aelita! Lets go!" Ulrich said.

"I'm ready when you guys are!" Kim said. They ran fowards and dodged the lasers. They quickly got to the elevator and Jeremy pressed the red button.

"Lindsey, Kari please tell me that this is a joke!" Kim pleaded.

"It's not a joke, Kim." Jeremy said as he pressed the red button again. Kim and Jeremy walked into the supercomputer room while the others went down a level. When they reached the scanner room the stepped into their own scanners. When Jeremy was about to scan the others he noticed a new card that was on the screen. It was a female warrior. 'Could that be Kim?' Jeremy thought.

"Scanner Odd... Scanner Ulrich... Scanner Yumi... Scanner Kari... Scanner Lindsey... Transfer Odd... Transfer Ulrich... Transfer Yumi... Transfer Kari... Transfer Lindsey! Virtualization!" Jeremy said, as their data flashed on the screen. Then he pressed the enter key.

"Hey Kim, I think you share a secret with Lindsey and Kari right?" Jeremy asked.

"Uh... Yeah. What of it?" Kim asked.

"Well then that means he's also after you too." Jeremy answered.

"Great, just great. Well no one will find out about our little secret." Kim said. 'Hopefully Aelita doesnt figure out that we were from Lyoko in the first place. We were materialized right befor XANA attacked so our formal parents were in a hurry to get us out of Lyoko.' Kim thought.

"Kim? What are you staring at?" Jeremy's voice broke her trail of thought.

"Uhhh.... nothing." Kim said quickly.

"Go to the scanners. Go down a level and you'll see them." Jeremy instructed. 'Now I'm going to have to build another scanner. Just more work for me....' Jeremy thought. Kim walked into the elevatorand went down a level. When the elevator stopped she pressed the red button and walked into the scanner room. Kim walked into a random scanner which turned out to be Ulrich's.

"Scanner Kim... Transfer Kim... Virtualization!" Jeremy said as her data flashed across the screen. He hit the enter key once again. She dropped down onto the grey pathway of the mountain reigon. She looked down at herself. She wore an outfit similar to Ulrich's but it was black and red. And she had two twin swords, a blue headband and almost looked like Ulrich. Kim ran over to Lindsey and Kari. She told them about what she remembered.

"We remember that too." Lindsey said. Kari nodded.

"What do you guys remember?" Aelita asked.

"Well if we tell you, Xana will be after you too." Kim said.

"Oh I see then we better get going." Aelita said. Kari pushed Odd into a huge rock.

"Ouch! What was that for Kari!?" Odd asked, shaking his head.

"For acting so stupid the last time we were here!" Kari snapped.

"Sorry." Odd sighed.

"Guys go find the activated tower! I dont know Xana's planning, but I dont want anyone to get hurt." Jeremy said.

"Ok, the activated tower's this way." Aelita said, running towards the activated tower. The others ran behind her. Along the way they wern't attacked by any monsters. When they looked back Kim, Kari, and Lindsey were gone.

"Hey where did Kim, Kari, and Lindsey go?!" Yumi gasped.

"I dont know they disappered off my screen!" Jeremy said. Kim, Kari, and Lindsey dropped into a mist-filled reigon. "Jeremy!! Ulrich!! Yumi!! Odd!!" Kim, Kari, and Lindsey yelled.

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