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Malcolm struggled to keep his eyes open, feeling his strength drain away as he attempted to look at the others.

"You'll be fine," someone was telling him. "You'll be fine, just hang in there."

He coughed weakly, feeling another shooting pain run across his chest.

Not long now............

"Malcolm! Malcolm!"

He could hear voices crying out to him, but he forgot it all as he faded away into the blissful darkness...................

Head pounding Malcolm stirred slightly; he could hear the familiar beeps of the machines in sickbay and was struck with the sudden realisation that he'd ended up in Phlox's care yet again.


He didn't recognise the voice and his eyes immediately snapped open. A woman was sat beside him; she had short spiky blonde hair and dark brown eyes that were filled with deep concern.

Looking around he didn't even recognise his surroundings, he was certainly in a sickbay or medical facility of some sorts but it definitely wasn't the Enterprise sickbay, the absence of Phlox and his animals, of anyone in a Starfleet uniform gave that away straight away.

"Malcolm, honey, do you remember what happened?" the woman asked concerned.

He paused a moment trying to collect his jumbled thoughts.

"You fell and hit your head," she supplied. "And scared the life out of me too I might add, the Doctor wants to keep you overnight."

Malcolm's mouth seemed to go on autopilot.

"What about the boys?" he asked anxiously.

"With Maddie," she told him.

There was a short period of silence before she added:

"I'm gonna go get a drink, you want one?"

Malcolm shook his head and winced feeling a throb of pain run through his head.

She exited the room leaving Malcolm with his confused thoughts.

Let me think. What's going on? One minute I can barely breathe the next I wake up with just a head wound.

Still, I need to concentrate, how did I know about the boys? Whose boys are they?

I obviously know that woman from somewhere.

It's all gotta be in here somewhere. Emma.


That's her name. Emma.

What are the boys called then?

Joseph. Edward. Samuel. No. Hang on. I don't call them that. They're Joe, Eddie and Sam.

I think.

Hang on! They're my boys!

How is this possible? Where's the Enterprise? What am I doing here? Why do I suddenly have a family? Three kids and a wife don't appear overnight!

His thoughts were interrupted by the return of Emma. She flopped back down in the chair beside him, sipping at her drink.

"You're my wife," he said suddenly.

"And you're my husband," she said grinning.

He smiled nervously.

"And we have three boys?"

"Did that head injury scramble your brain cells?" she asked frowning.

"Just so I know I'm not going insane, I need you to tell me about me," he pressed.

She gave him a strange look. "Malcolm I..............."

"Emma please."

"Fine." She shook her head sighing. "Your name is Malcolm Reed you're a Commander in the Navy, your married to me Emma and we have three boys, Joe, Eddie and Sam. You adore pineapple and you're currently on shore leave...............Malcolm what's wrong?"

How to tell her this without sounding insane.....................?

"Just making sure I'm still in one piece," he joked weakly.

Emma didn't look convinced but nodded slightly.

Malcolm slowly closed his eyes watching as his 'wife' faded from view.

Darkness, pure darkness, impenetrable darkness that surrounded him. He couldn't move, couldn't open his eyes to the light.

"Why isn't he waking up? It's been two days."

"Captain, I'm afraid he's dropped into a coma."

Phlox's voice was so far away coming across as more of a whisper other than anything else.

"A coma?"

"His injuries were severe; in all honesty I'm surprised he made it back here in time."

"Is there nothing you can do?"

"I've tended his injuries best I can, the rest now I'm afraid is up to him."

'I'm still here!" Malcolm wanted to scream. "I'm still here! Help me!"

The voices drifted out again and after what seemed like an eternity another voice floated in.

"Mal, ya gotta try 'n' wake up buddy, we need ya, and ya gotta wake up."

Malcolm wished with all his heart he could open his eyes, the cold, harsh darkness that surrounded him pressed against him blocking out any noise.

Malcolm woke with a jolt.

The room was dark. Emma had fallen asleep. The darkness and the voices of his crewmates had vanished.

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