I am Your Grim Reaper

Disclaimer: I don't own Immortal Rain. Kaori Ozaki does though.

It was never as simple as it was when you started. Never. As one travels you experience what happens and then you tend to find the one person who will always be an enigma to your curiousity. At least that's what happened to me.

I am Machika Balfaltin, granddaughter to the greatest assassain, Grim Reaper Zol. I am his descendant and his heir. I am Grim Reaper Machika.

I was the only one to have learned of Rain Jewlitt, the Meteor Methuselah. He was mine since I began my career as an assassain.

He was my first bounty and always will be. Even if I have to leave him alive for his very last years.

And all of my mind was swept away by a single lip lock.

All of it was gone when he kissed me.

It may have been accidental, but I felt the truth with my own cherry ones.

He loved me.

His humanity was coming out whenever I was near him, but it was the truth with that accidental kiss.

He would not stop loving me ever.

He wanted to be human and now I finally understand his wish.

He wants to die.

He wants me to raise my weapon f choice and become the man my grandfather was.

He wants his death upon that sickle.

Rain doesn't want anyone else to take his life.

Why doesn't he wish it so?

He knows that anyone else will desecrate his body.

He knows that I would never give his heart to anyone when it already belonged with me.

He knows too much.

Rain has gotten his wish.

He is as human as me.

He is as mortal as me.

He is going to die by me.......

That is when I get scared.

I am sleeping with him by my side.

I fear that when I awaken I will not be the one taking his life.

I fear that I will not be the one giving him a proper burial.

I most of all fear that he will leave me one day with no word on him being human.

Him leaving me there alone with this humanity he had as nothing but panther piss.

All of these things I feel as he ushers me to do it.

His body decrepit and wilting as he nods and smiles.

I am only forty-seven.

I have been married to Rain for almost 35 years.

I am his wife.

With one last tear-filled goodbye, I slash his head off as he wished.

No ceremony needed between the two of us.

He smiles.

He is finally free after so much waiting.

Though I know he is free from his body's waiting, he is waiting for me at those pearly whites.

And the burial goes off without a hitch.

His burial is short, yet sweet as our only children and our grandchildren surround the hole, unsure what to make of their predescor who killed her spouse with as much grimness as it took.

Everyone lays bright colors on the grave, I lay his favorite, a hibiscus flower.

I was his as much as he was mine from the very beginning.

Rain, I am your Grim Reaper.

I love immortal rain and so I decided to do a quick fic from Machika's POV of when Rain dies. This seems to be short and sweet. There is probably one more small immortal rain fic coming and it will be a story from Rain's POV. Anyway, gtg!! JA NE!!!