Mrs Mather leaned against the pillar, looking at the small girl with freckles. The small girl was scrubbing the floor as hard as she could, and when she stopped to have a rest a big long-haired ginger tabby cat dug its claws into her. "Bellatrix, dear, you missed a bit over there," Mrs Mather said one day. Bellatrix Lestrange, the small girl, scowled at her mistress but reminded herself she couldn't do anything about it. Servants were made to do a job and they were made to do it without complaining.
Bellatrix was new to the job. She'd had to give up shining wood at the local pet store because her family needed the money. Servants were paid less, but the family did work out that if she cleaned for more hours than she shined wood they would get extra income that worked out at two pounds an hour. Bellatrix thought they were being very selfish and she almost told her mother that she wasn't going to give up shining wood to be a servant in a stupid dress and bonnet.
But her mother had insisted on the job. She was not going to let her family go broke so she put on the bonnet and the tight dress, and moved her belongings into Mrs Natasha Mather's house. Mrs Mather's husband, Frank Potter, was a woodcutter so she could understand why she had to work for them. Mrs Mather could never get anything done because she had to tend to her husband all the time. Mrs Mather had decided to keep her maiden name. She would have been Mrs Potter, but she couldn't face it. And it was better to be Mrs Mather.
Frank had a little son, called James, from his first wife. Mrs Mather hated James and took out her anger on Bellatrix. The servant girl was nice, but she couldn't help it. She couldn't help her anger. And the servant girl just ignored what she was saying. So Mrs Mather kept on doing it and smiling.
Bellatrix hung up her bonnet one night, put on her regular clothes and opened her diary. But she couldn't decide what to write? What could she write? She had been made to clean the cat, today, and she'd got loads of scratches in the process which were itching right then. Bellatrix shut her diary with a snap. No inspiration was coming and it was useless to keep on trying.
The next day, Bellatrix was sorting through the mail when she came across one envelope with her name on. Excited, she sat down where she was and peeled open the envelope with her long fingernails. As she read it, a smile crossed her face. She would be leaving to go to school.
A brilliant, new school.
And the name? Hogwarts.