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Chapter 1: A Disastrous Morning

"Ugh! Another wonderful day about to be spoiled by the world's most horrible boss! What did I ever do to deserve such a fate?" Ginevra Molly Weasley wailed to the alarm clock. "Better get ready soon; don't want to give the stupid git any reason to yell at me."

She bolted into the bathroom to take a quick shower. "Gods, the cold bastard! Who would have thought that I, Ginny, would be personal assistant to the bloody ferret! Git! HE will probably fire me as soon as possible! Good riddance too him to, except I desperately need the money, and he does pay well; despite all his numerous faults, this wasn't one of them." She pulled the brush viciously through her flaming hair. "Really though, I've cursed him, hexed him, and now I have to be NICE to him? And cater to his every need!"

"C'mon Gin, buck up!" She talked to her reflection in the mirror. "We'll get another job soon enough!"

"You look very mad, deary. Best put some cold water on you face," the mirror replied cheerfully back.

After charming her hair and clothes to perfection she Apparated to work the now expanded law firm, Malfoy & Co.

"The conceited wanker! SO cocky! What about the other people in the firm? Just Malfoy & Co. Poor Steve. If only he could have held on to it. Instead he was forced to sell to Malfoy."

She landed haphazardly on her desk, clattering papers and quills.

"That will teach me to apparate when I am mad," she exclaimed out loud to no one in general. Praying he didn't hear the noise, she adjusted herself on her seat.

"Weasley, is that you?" he drawled in that awful voice of his.

Actually, if she was forced to admit it, his voice was not awful at all. It was deep and had a very caressing tone to it. It was the person who was awful. Nothing ever escapes his attention, the wanker.

"Yes, Malfoy. I am here, sir"

"After you have settled down, step in here a minute."

"Prat! Can't even say please? Sure he was her boss but he should at least show some respect. She was a person wasn't she? Ordering her around like she was his house elf. Git!"

Such thoughts were not good for her, and she knew it. They showed on her face, which was really not very helpful at all. She pushed her chair back a bit too forcefully and, to her utter dismay, it fell with a loud thud, knocking her off her feet!


"You know Weasley, that is the second time in five seconds that you've made a racket!" He called out from his office.

She could just imagine the trademark smirk plastered on his face.

"You need to walk around with a pillow or you could hurt yourself! At the very least use your magic and put a silencing charm around your workspace will you? Because, frankly, none of us can work with all the commotion you are causing! And do you plan on getting in here anytime this century? Merlin, everybody is so damn incompetent. No wonder Steve Abbot was so eager to sell the damn firm. Weasley, get in here goddamn it!" he yelled finally losing his patience.

Yanking the door open he encountered the most amazing sight. Ginevra Weasley was sprawled on the floor. The muggle business skirt she wore was hiked up to her mid thigh; as his eyes traveled up and down those smooth, long legs Draco unconsciously drew in a sharp breath. Forcing his eyes past those tantalizing legs, he saw the white silk blouse she was wearing, which did absolutely nothing to conceal her bra, a flimsy lace thing that left little to the imagination. Allowing his eyes to travel upwards, he took in her flushed face framed by little tendrils escaping her tight bun. Her eyes were flashing with anger and embarrassment, the deep chocolate molasses tugged at him with the power to pull him in totally. Her rosy lips were very dainty, and it appeared a fairy had pressed her wand on her upper lip, forming a most kissable dent. There was a sprinkling of freckles on her nose that added to her allure—he wanted to count and kiss each and every one of them.

He shook his head to clear it of such unwanted thoughts. For Gods sakes, she is a Weasley and he was not to be thinking about her, except when coming up with insults to throw at her. Not that she was beautiful anyway—not in the classical sense. Gods, how could she be with such a carroty mop of hair? Actually it was more of auburn in color. Oh, who gives a damn! And she has pale skin to the boot. But then there is no denying that she was attractive, or at least had the potential to be if she did something else with her hair instead of always confining it in a bun that would have made McGonagall envious! Anyway, who gives a damn about Weasley's hair? Certainly not he! The one lovingly called Adonis by his beautiful girlfriend. Now there was the epitome of a woman! Slender, with a willowy figure, tall too, not like little Weasley right here! And she had beautiful honey blond hair, with enchanting topaz eyes. Plus she was from his social class, born to a good family, and an actress for muggle movies. Sure she was muggle, but he wasn't going to marry her or any such absurd thing! A man's got to have fun after all, and Sylvia Price was certainly one that made his blood heat up. Which brought him back to the present situation because the task he was going to assign Weasley concerned Sylvia.

"Hmm, Weasley, who would have thought that such a short person would have such long legs?" He smirked at her, which, of course, jolted her from her stupor.

Scrambling up, she drew herself to her full height, and fury flashed in her eyes.

"What business do you have, Malfoy, looking at my legs? The way you looked at me was improper. And for your information five foot five inches is not short by any means. Just because you lovely girlfriend is a bloody Amazon doesn't mean we all are."

"Well, Weasley, you certainly weren't too anxious to remove yourself from display, now were you? And it would be Mr. Malfoy, Weasley. It wouldn't do to forget that."

It was fascinating to see the play of emotions on her face—the fury, embarrassment, and the desire to slap him, then finally the control being exerted to suppress her fury.

Seems like control won because she replied back tightly, "How may I assist you, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Make a reservation at Lucianos for two under the name Malfoy, of course, at 7:00PM. Also call Madam Flourish for some of her excellent roses—white ones preferably. Have them delivered to her as soon as possible. Oh yes, the note should be signed 'Guess who'"

After which he went back to his office, giving Gin some breathing space, or so she thought, but he popped back out again.

"Oh, by the way, when is the first appointment of the day?" he asked, amused to note the sigh of relief that was about to escape, now caught in her throat. She had the dear caught in the head- lights look on her face.

"At 8:30, Sir," she replied back meekly. Catching him looking at her with surprise, she asked bewilderedly, "What is that much too early? Did I tear my blouse? Is something on my face?" She proceeded to check herself, and patted everything back into place.

"No, no it was nothing."

She had addressed him as 'Sir' twice in 15 minutes! He gave her one of his infuriating smirks that made him look sexy as hell, one must admit. "Gin concentrate! Malfoy and sexy should not be thought of in the same sentence, she admonished herself. Of course, he is sexy, there is no denying that. He had the most beautiful eyes that matched his slate coloured suit. In amusement, they sparkled like mercury and fury darkened them considerably. She could only imagine how they would look when he was in the throes of passion! They had a bluish tinge when he was surprised. Whoa! Did she just say she wanted to see Malfoy in the throes of passion? And was she just sitting here analyzing his eyes?" But then she was a sucker for gray eyes. They were so versatile! They changed with the person's emotions.

"Might as well finish the reasons why he is so sexy," she mused privately. "He wore his hair without any evidence of the gel reminiscent of his Hogwarts days. It was a bit long, and had that tousled look about it, like someone had run their fingers lovingly through his hair; occasionally, a stubborn lock fell across his forehead. He had high cheekbones, and his jaw was delicate. His face was lean and long, and his cheeks hollowed. His lips were full, and he had a very beautiful mouth; too bad the words that came from it were nasty, as were the smirks it twisted into. Oh and his body was another thing! Long legs, lean physique, flat stomach. Personally she didn't know how he looked under those suits, but the way they draped over his body left a good image."

No matter how he looked it didn't changed the fact that he was a wanker. Raking his eyes over her like she was some scum, no doubt thinking about how his precious girlfriend would never get into such humiliating situations. He must think she's a tramp, who enjoyed putting herself on display. Oh, who gives a damn what he thinks anyway. Plus she did have work to do. After making the calls he requested Ginny set to her work for the day giving her little time to stew on her horrible morning.