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Chapter 5: Unwanted thoughts

Some time later, Draco found himself sitting on the floor with Weasley, slumped against the wall, his eyes closed. There were so many things wrong with this situation but he couldn't care less. For one thing, Malfoys do not show any form of weakness, and exhaustion is but a form of weakness. Malfoys also do not slump. EVER. They were the epitome of grace and posture which radiated both beauty and power. There was nothing graceful or powerful about being slumped on the floor. That was the other point. Sitting on the floor! Malfoys deserve to sit on chairs made of gold, not the cold stone. And the biggest point of all...He was sitting with a Weasley without making one derogatory comment! It was actually very...quiet. To his surprise Weasley didn't say one thing about his diaper changing skills either.

Oh Gods, diapers! Abominable things. Let's just not even go there. What did he ever do to be stuck with this? He refused to consider even for one moment that the child was after all his. He has always taken precautions. Made sure the contraceptive charm was performed. Personally. Because women were devious creatures who try to claim him and his money by purposefully getting pregnant. The wiles of a woman! Well there were times when he was a bit drunk and he might not have rembered...wait, No! He was sure he didn't get anyone pregnant, much less on a muggle cruise. He just couldn't figure out who would impersonate him. Has this been the first time? Was it a Muggle or a wizard? So many things plagued his mind, but he was nowhere near an answer. All the clue they had was that he had been there. His name has been listed and there is very little probability of there existing two Draco Malfoys. So until he proves himself, he was stuck with Weasley and the baby.

Whatever drove him to ask her for assistance? He had practically groveled! Replaying the events in his mind he was disgusted with himself. But he also knew that he took the smart action. If changing diapers was anything to go by, feeding, bathing etc. are going to be infinitely worse, and he would need a female's help. He didn't want to disturb his mother because that would bring up unwanted questions, and she was actually married for a second time now to Blaise's father. His father was one of the few purebloods who didn't support Voldemort. So Blaise was now actually his brother, which couldn't have made him happier because he was and is his only real friend. His housekeeper was the only servant he had, and she could have helped he supposed, but that week she had taken a break to attend her niece's wedding. And as much as he hated to admit it, the Weasley was competent. The way she deals with her work is admirable, and she can be both friendly and firm without sounding rude. Bloody brilliant. Plus she and the baby had already connected. The way she tenderly sang to him was still stuck in his head. So he just asked her for help, the best thing he ever did. Sure he was paying her, but when was money ever a big deal to him? He opened his eyes to see the object of his musings.

One could tell she was exhausted as well. She had removed her high heeled stilettos. She looked exhausted but happy. She was attractive, not beautiful in the classic sense, but a nice paintable like face, very expressive. Her skirt had hiked up to her mid thigh but she hadn't noticed. She had already shrugged off the jacket when she was changing the diaper with him. Then it hit him out of nowhere. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, but a companialbe one. It was quite different. Actually very pleasant. He was surprised to see that he liked it. It was so much better than getting a rise out of her. Actually it would be a very close competition. Why was he always insulting Wealsey? Other than it was enjoyable getting a rise out of her? Was name so important? His insults were more mature, but then when have insults ever been mature? It was petty, and it was actually getting to be quite boring. He knew that they both shared many of the same interests, books being a big one! He could actually enjoy himself so much more if they were friends or at least polite instead of being at one another's throats. If he was honest with himself, he knew that the Weasleys weren't all bad. Especially the one sitting next to him, and the twins. It was just the golden trio that got on his nerves. A sneer grazed his lips involuntarily. He was broken out of his reverie by Weasley.

"What are you sneering at Malfoy?" Weasley demanded, color rising to her cheeks.

"Why were you looking at me Weasley? Can't resist my beautiful face?" he whispered softly, leaning close to her, his lips almost touching her ear. His pulse quickened and he felt a quick jolt of triumph when he heard her sharp intake of breath. He was pulled away from further exploration by the sound of a baby's wail. Will it never end?? His sigh of frustration was lost among the wails of the baby.

Ginny sighed with relief. Saved by the bell! More like Tom's wail. She didn't know what had been going on. This day has been as crazy as it can get. The past half hour with Malfoy had actually been quite enjoyable! She had to surpress peals of laughter at the horrified expression on his face when she said he had to change the diaper. This person, who intimidated the Wizengamot without effort was scared by the mere thought of changing a baby's diaper! His sigh of relief after putting in the first pin immediately followed by an expression of despair on mentioning the other side was so adorable! He looked very vulnerable and she found herself liking that side of him better. After they were done, they simply slid down the wall and just sat there with their eyes closed. Well, he had his closed. He looked so peaceful but sexy at the same time. A lock of hair was falling across his forehead, and she had to resist the urge to brush it aside. When he wanted to, his face can be very expressive. He must be thinking about something amusing. He had shifted, and she immediately dropped her eyes for fear of being caught looking at him. Why was she doing that anyway? He was such a git. Then she felt eyes on her. First she pretended that she couldn't feel his gaze. Soon she was becoming nervous. So she had opened her eyes to look at him. He had been staring at her, but not at her. Maybe he was focusing about some lint on her suit or a run in her stocking, she didn't know. She followed his gaze and saw them fixed on her legs. She quickly looked up at him to see a sneer gaze his beautiful lip,s and she somehow felt angered. So she decided to ask him about it, but the git always had the ability to turn everything on her. He leaned ever so close like he was about to kiss her, but she couldn't break his gaze. She couldn't jerk away. She actually wanted him to kiss her. His lips almost touched her ear lob; she could feel his warm breath grazing her ears. She felt a quick jolt of fire at the pit of her stomach, and quivered, refusing to move into it. She didn't know what would have happened if Tom had not cried! God what the hell was she doing? She shouldn't be engaging in moments like these with her boss, especially a Malfoy! She just hasn't had enough sleep. Too many worries plaguing her mind. Plus the exhaustion from looking after the child. And also strees. Let's just chalk it up to that and make sure it doesn't happen again, Gin, she told herself as she walked to pick up Tom and feed him. If it wasn't one thing, it was the other.

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