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The Damned and the Lonely


Soon enough September rolled around, and Harry and Draco found themselves on the train heading for Hogwarts and their last year of schooling. Seventh year was, luckily, usually an easy year for students. Their course load wasn't as full, as they focused more on a specific branch of magic to better prepare them for 'the adult world' and finding a job. There were several elective courses offered only to the seventh years as well.

Harry had been made this year's Head Boy. He was pretty sure it had everything to do with his fame. What would people think if their savior wasn't Head Boy? Harry was going to decline the position, but then realized that the Head Boy got his own room. Most likely Draco would have had to return to the Slytherin dorms since Voldemort and most of the Death Eaters, and therefore most of the danger, were gone. So Harry kept the position, if only for the private room and the chance to maybe make a few changes around Hogwarts.

Draco had decided to focus his schooling on potions, a wise choice. Draco excelled in potions, a fact that made Professor Snape, his godfather, very proud, though the stoic man concealed it most times. There was still a general dislike between Harry and the professor, but Draco knew better than to press them into 'getting along.' The two of them would never clash well, but they no longer provoked each other on purpose, if only for Draco's sake.

Harry had decided to take up a few elective courses dealing with mediwizardry. He was contemplating becoming a healer, since he no longer wanted to be an auror, or have any job connected to the ministry whatsoever. He also kept his Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and took a couple half-year courses that seemed interesting.

Even though most of Voldemort's supporters were behind bars, Harry wasn't naive enough to believe his life wouldn't be in danger sometime in the future. Voldemort was not the first to claim the title 'Dark Lord,' and he would not be the last. Because Harry was 'The-Boy-Who-Lived-Again,' any idiot who wanted the world to think him to be a powerful Dark Lord would most likely target Harry. If someone could succeed where Voldemort failed, they would be thought of as even more powerful and frightening. Harry just hoped there would be a few decades or so of peace before another maniac came along.

Seventh year turned out to be an actually almost normal year for Harry. There were a few skirmishes with the children of Death Eaters who were killed or sentenced to the kiss, and also a few encounters with the anti-homosexual, mostly Gryffindor, students, but all in all it was a good year. Hermione finally got Ron to see reason, and the Weasley tribe and Harry patched up their ruined relationship. It was nothing like what it used to be, but Harry still saw the Weasley's as his first true 'family' and therefore held a certain soft spot for them. They were on speaking terms, and Harry visited them for a few hours during the Christmas holidays.

Soon enough, Graduation was upon them, and with it, plans for the future. Harry and Draco had a pretty good plan for what would happen when they left Hogwarts. They would live together in the house they had bought, of course. Harry had decided to go to a wizarding university to learn mediwizardry and become a healer. He was also tossing around the idea of taking night-school to finish off his muggle education. If he managed to do that, after he became a healer, he was thinking of perhaps attending a muggle university. No matter what, Harry had grown up believing himself to be a muggle, and his roots were in the muggle world. He was sure his mother would be very proud of him going to a muggle university as well, since she herself was muggleborn.

Draco, on the other hand, was going into the potion business along with Professor Snape. The two of them had plans to open their own apothecary, and Draco would become Snape's apprentice in order to become a potion Master. Now that Voldemort was gone for good, Snape no longer had to stay close to Dumbledore to 'spy' on him and stay in the Dark Lord's favor. The man had never liked teaching anyway, except for when that rare, brilliant student came along, like Draco.

At Graduation there were many, many tears shed. The grounds of Hogwarts were filled with students and their relatives, all exchanging congratulations, students weeping at the thought of going away from their friends. Addresses and floo contacts were flying back and forth.

Harry stood apart from the crowd, alone, surveying all the happy families with a sad look in his eye. It was times like these that he really felt the lack of a true family. Sure, the Weasley's had congratulated him and fawned over him for a bit, but they had their own son to be proud of, and they would never be the same in Harry's eyes after sixth year. Even Draco had his mother still, and Professor Snape.

Draco's mother had welcomed him back into the family almost immediately after Lucius was sentenced. She had always loved her son, the one good thing to come of her arranged marriage, besides the riches. She couldn't have been prouder when Draco refused the Dark Mark. Now that she was free of Lucius and the high standards of the Malfoy name, she had become a much softer woman than the last time Harry saw her.

Harry sighed to himself, fighting back tears. He missed his mum and dad more than ever. He wished he could talk to them for just a few minutes, wished that he could know for sure if he had made them proud. Refusing to cry in front of everyone, Harry turned and walked quickly back into the castle, intent on finding a place to hide from prying eyes. Greyish-blue eyes followed his path across the lawn, however. Draco excused himself from his current company and quickly followed after Harry.

After concealing himself in a small alcove off a lesser-used hallway, Harry finally let the tears flow. He didn't hear the footsteps behind him until Draco knelt down beside him and pulled his lover into a comforting embrace. Harry hid his face against his lover's chest, slightly ashamed at the way he was acting.

"What's wrong?" the blond asked once Harry had calmed a bit.

"It's nothing, it's stupid really." Harry said. "I just...I miss my parents. All these people with their loving families gathered around them...I just feel a little left out. I should be used to being a freak by now, though." the last sentence was mumbled, not meant to be heard by Draco, but it was anyway.

"Don't say that!" Draco said harshly. Harry looked up, startled. "You are not a freak, Harry. Forget everything those wretched muggles ever said." He demanded.

"You're right Draco, I'm sorry. It just kinda slipped out." Harry said sheepishly. Draco narrowed his eyes at the brunet, but accepted the answer.

"All done with the waterworks, then?" he asked. Harry rolled his eyes and answered yes. "Good, then come back outside. My mother is dying to meet you."

"She's okay" Harry asked a bit self-consciously.

"It was a bit of a shock to her, but she's fine now. A little angry that she didn't know about the bond or the engagement immediately, but she couldn't be happier. I found love, the one thing she regretted most about having to have an arranged marriage." Draco said, brushing a strand of hair out of Harry's face. The green-eyed boy smiled, pressing a quick kiss to Draco's lips before they cleaned themselves up a bit and headed outside again.

Harry and Narcissa, Draco's mother, got along quite well actually. She was much nicer than he had expected her to be. She didn't believe in the purebloods-are-superior jargon that her husband had put so much stock in.

The Graduation ceremony was a bit long, but passed quickly, and soon Harry and Draco were posing for pictures with their diplomas. Tears began cascading down many faces once more as people began to leave. Promises to write often and to get together sometime over the summer were thrown here and there. Some of the girls were nearly hysterical. Harry and Draco said their goodbyes to the few people that mattered, and were content to leave all the hysteria.

"Ready to go home?" Draco asked. Harry nodded, and the two of them walked out the gates and apparated away. Once they were inside, they began to 'celebrate' their graduation. It was a relief to get out of their stuffy graduation robes, and the rest of their clothing followed not to long after.

"Draco?" Harry whispered as they rubbed against each other, kissing, touching, trying to get as close as possible.

"Yeah?" Draco asked, his voice the same hushed whisper, as if anything louder would disturb the peacefulness.

"I think I'm ready." Harry said, determined.

"Ready?" Draco asked in confusion as he rubbed against his lover.

"For sex." Harry said, breaking away from the creamy skin to look into silver eyes. This would be the first time they had sex since the rape had happened. They had discussed the possibility of Harry topping, but Harry refused. The rape had completely shattered his confidence when it came to sex. Harry was too afraid that he would hurt Draco if he topped.

"Are you sure?" Draco asked, fully aware now.

"Positive." Harry said, kissing the blond and preventing any protests from leaving the soft pink lips. Draco groaned slightly into the kiss, giving up. He knew better than to argue with his lover if he thought himself ready, but was going to make sure that he did everything possible to keep Harry feeling safe. Draco started by first making Harry orgasm, telling him that it would make him more relaxed. Harry didn't protest too much.

It was slow and slightly awkward, but soon enough Harry was ready to be penetrated. Harry was still a bit nervous about being pinned down, so the green-eyed boy was straddling Draco's waist, both of them in a half-sitting position, Harry laying against Draco's chest, on top of him.

"You have control here, Harry. You decide how fast I penetrate you, and if you panic, just move away." Draco reassured his lover. Harry smiled, kissing Draco, and slowly the blond was buried deeply inside of his love, Harry clinging to him like a lifeline. Draco forced himself to stay perfectly still no matter how hard it was, waiting for his lover to be ready to continue.

"Alright?" Draco asked, rubbing his free hand up and down Harry's back.

"Yeah." Harry said, laying his head on Draco's chest. They stayed still for a moment longer, relishing in the feeling of being so close, of almost being a part of the other rather than a separate entity. Soon enough a slow but steady rhythm built up, moans and whispered words of love filling the silence, hands and mouths roaming bare skin as they expressed their love for one another.

Afterwards, the two of them lay content in each other's arms. A whispered spell cleaned up the mess they had made, and another returned the blankets to their bed. The room turned silent as they drifted off to sleep, wrapped tightly in each other's arms.

The End