The Titans

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How about… with a Full Summary? Voldemort is at his wits end about how to kill Harry Potter, so he casts a spell. Downside? Well, five Hogwarts students are now the Hogwarts Titans!

But, there's a twist. It isn't just Harry Potter being pursued by the titans. It's Draco Malfoy as well. How will Virginia Weasley cope with everything she touches turning to ice?

And how will Draco melt her icy heart, before his is frozen too?

This is my second Harry Potter fic on here. I hope you all enjoy it, and with no further gilding the lily, and with no more ado, I give you… chapter… one!

Prologue – Best Idea I've Had In Ages

"Wormtail!" A snake-faced man shouted into the still, silent room. Shortly after his wail, an aged, balding, short man entered the dining room.

"Y-yes, M-master?" The bald one, often known as Wormtail asked.

"I need a new plan. Harry Potter keeps spoiling mine." Snake-face said sulkily, sounding for all the world like a child that's had their favourite toy taken away.

"Wh-what should I do, M-master?"

"Help me think of a plan, rat! What should I do?" Snake-Face half-commanded, half-asked.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Around them, a snake coiled and un-coiled. Snakes seemed to be a theme in this… unconventional family.

"I remember James talking-" Wormtail started.

"Do not utter that name in my house!" Snake-Face shouted, red eyes blazing like the fire in front of him.

"Erm… s-sorry, M-master. I re-remember h-hearing about a- a spell, a while ago."

"Well?" Snake-Face asked when Baldy stopped. "Are you going to carry on, or do I have to wait another bloody millennia?"

"S-sorry, M-master. It's called the Titanius spell. It turns people into the five titans."

"Yes…? And how does that help me?"

"Well, you cast a spell upon five Hogwarts students, and because they have been transformed into the titans, they will do your every bidding."

"Is there any counter-curse?" Snake-Face looked as interested as his ugly features could twist into.

"No. The students just have to find the thing they were missing. Which, for the students I have in mind, will be beyond their grasp."

Excitement lit up the small, beady eyes. "Master, what do you think?"

Baldy was like a puppy, begging for approval for his 'Master'.

The room fell silent again. Fire flickered, the wind howled outside the window, the mirror above the fireplace smashed and the snake on the floor hissed.

"What do I think?" Snake-Face hissed, in sync with the snake on the floor. "I think…"

Baldy's head drooped.

"I think… it's the best idea I've had in ages."

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