Hey there! I'm finally getting around to writing up some new fan fiction. I will be updating my multi-chap stories sooner or later, and doing some anime one-shots.

I wrote this fic-let whilst driving home from New Jersey. Then I fell asleep. Enjoy, and, as always; I own nothing. Make mention of any glaring errors.

The waves.

It had been long since Elrond heard those of the sea. When he had....he did not care to recall them. It brought back memories of grief...of longing.

They were soothing, the crashing waves. It seemed to have lured old Bilbo to sleep, at the least. Gandalf, and the Lady, they were silent. The wizard was smoking a pipe, and the Lady Galadriel's eyes remained fixed on the fast fading shores of Arda.

The yawn of a half-ling caught the Elf-lord's attention. Frodo approached the ship's railing, gazing into the rolling waves, seemingly transfixed. The two stood in silence for a long while.

There hadn't been much conversation since the ship left the Gray Havens. It was as if the hobbits didn't wish to speak, for fear the boat would disappear, and they would wake from a dream.

It was the half-ling who spoke first.

"L-lord Elrond?"

The half-elf turned his gaze to Frodo.

"Yes, Frodo?"

"Is there a reason why you wished to leave Middle-Earth? Or am I being too bold?"

Elrond smiled inwardly.

"You are not. It is a just question. The lady Celebrian, my spouse, dwells in Eldamar. She has for many a year."

Frodo's curiosity got the better of him, and he blurted out, "Why?" before he could stop himself.

"She was hurt deeply," he spoke, remaining stoic, "so she departed, long ago"

Silence settled over the two.

"Was she kind?" Frodo ventured.

Elrond let a small smile grace his lips.

"Yes, and very beautiful. She loved her children; it grieved her most to leave them."

"I wonder if my Mum was like that..." Frodo muttered.

Elrond looked down at the half-ling confused. Did he not know his mother?

Frodo caught the confusion on the Half-elf's face.

"My parents drowneded when I was young; I lived with the Brandybucks 'till I was twenty-two. Then Bilbo took me in."

"I...I am sorry."

"It's alright," Frodo sighed, looking out towards the water, " I didn't know them that well anyway."

"I am sure," the Half-elf spoke, "that if they were like you, they were indeed wonderful"

Frodo smiled slightly, then glanced towards the Lady.

"What does she seek?"

"Her kin," Elrond replied, "she was born there."

Frodo pulled away from the railing and yawned again, then retreated to the far wall of the Grey Ship. Elrond settled back into thought.

The shores of the Undying Lands were drawing close. Would she remember him? Even now, drawing so near to Eldamar, his memory was clouded. He barely remembered what she looked like, and her voice...it had faded, waiting until their reunion to be brought back to life in his mind.

The white shores drew close. As the hobbits slept, the crashing, pulsing waves made notice of the elven ship's passing.

It was then that the Ringbearers passed out of the Circles of the world, and the Fourth age of Middle-Earth began. The Fellowship that had been formed all those years ago in Imladris was now irrevocably broken.