Hi! I'm back!! So I was really bored and so I started writing this. So
that's all I have to say...for now. Yami!!!

Yami: (yawn) what?

Pjewel: hmph. Do my disclaimer!

Yami: Pharaoh'sJewel does not own YuGiOh, but she owns the floor on which I
am about to sleep on. (Zzz)

Pjewel: --; maybe this'll wake you up. (Pushes button and floor opens up
into a pit with alligators.) Bon Voyage, hon!

Yami: O.O I'm awake! I'm awake!! Don't kill me!!

Pjewel: (lol) good. And I will not kill you, then I'd have no one to do
my disclaimers for me. So this is about Yami being the pharaoh and stuff
and someone killed someone else and Yami's angry and plotting mad revenge.
So to find out...read it!! And then review please!


Revenge is Sweet

I've waited long for this day-
The day that I'd make you pay
Taking her life- that's crossing the line
Killing my queen, taking what's mine

How could you not remember?
Your evil hand held that dagger
The dagger that killed- the dagger that took her

Now to put an end to you once and for all
Once you're gone, it's safe for us all Your evil, scheming mind put to rest forever
There will never be another like you-ever

We are related-though I cannot say how
Your life will still end right here and now
Shedding your blood to avenge my loss
Then your bones shall be scattered among the lost

Today is the day
That I'd make you pay
For her life will be avenged through you
Seto, the target, and my "friend," Your miserable life is through.

Yami: (sniff) he killed her?

Pjewel: (sob) yeah.

Yami: So now I want to kill him?

Pjewel: yup.


Pjewel: Yea! Off with his head! He shall be executed at...um...when?

Yami: at dawn!! Yeah!

Pjewel: sorry Seto pplz. Really sorry. (Kind of) um...let's see...oh while
Yami's still plotting Seto's execution, I shall make a couple of notes. I
really wonder how many reviews I'll get for this! ok! get out there and review!!