"And now we present the class of 2009!" The principal of Pokemon High said.

Haru, one of the students of Pokemon High, smiled, for he was finally able to recieve his first pokemon. As the students walked down the stage, there were three boxes containing three starter pokemon. One box had a leaf on it and contained a Treecko, another box with a fire symbol contained a Torchic, and the last box had a water symbol and contained a Mudkip.

Haru was next to recieve his pokemon. He walked up to the principal who was in a brown suit that had a black tie. Haru shook his hand with his left hand and took the deploma with his right. He walked over to the table where the three pokeball's stood.

"Hello. What pokemon would you like to recieve?" said the woman behind the table.

Haru thought for a while; he always wanted a grass type pokemon. "Ill take a Treecko." Haru replied.

The lady nodded as she handed him the red and white ball.

Haru smiled and walked outside as the sun shined bright on his black hair. He had green eyes and pale skin; he also wore glasses, but sometimes he wore contacts. Haru was dressed in a Graduating robe and with the square hat. He then saw his mom outside who had a smile on her face and of course, tears running down her cheeks.

Haru walked over to his mom who wore a blue dress with a skirt up to her legs and a blue jacket over the dress.

Haru gave his mom a hug. Tears seemed to fall down his cheek too.

"One minute it was your first day at Pokemon High and the next your graduating! I'm so proud of you honey!" Haru's mother, June, replied.

June was a single mom. She was very pretty for her age who looked twenty. She had black hair and beautiful emerald green eyes.

Haru smiled as he then showed his mom the pokeball he recived. "I got a Treecko, mom," replied the 13 year old.

He enlarged the pokeball and threw it in the air, releasing his Treecko. Tt was a green geiko with large, yellow eyes, a red belly, and a rather large tail as well.

"Wow! He is cooler then I thought," Haru commented.

"Aww, and he is cute as a button," as the two commented the Treeko, a woman walked up to the two handing him three items.

"Here is your Pokedex and Pokenav as well as your five pokeballs. Good luck on your pokemon journey!" she bowed as she continued to the rest of the students.

Haru placed the items in his pocket and then kneeled down. The treeko took a few steps back.

"Don't be afraid, little guy. I won't hurt you," Haru replied. Treecko eyed him as he then nodded walking over to the boy.

"Treeko tree!" he cried as he gave him a thums up.

"Well, we better get you ready for your journey honey," his mom explained as they then drove home.

After Haru packed he sat on his bed with Treecko's pokeball in hand. He opened it and released the treecko.

"Treecko!" Treecko replied as he looked at Haru.

"Hi, Treecko. Since you're my pokemon, I wanted to name you. So how about? Leaf?" Haru asked.

Treecko looked at him shaking his head.

"Blade?" he replied.

Treecko shook his head again.

"How about Ruby?" he said.

Treecko smiled and nodded.

Haru smiled back at his new pokemon with a sparkle in his eyes...