"Caleb I presume" Faith stated with a dangerous glint in her eyes, ready to kick the man's ass if it was needed.

Buffy brought out a knife from her belt and prepared to attack. There was no way she would get out of this without a fight.





Chapter 31: Inheritance

"So Buffy has talked about me," Caleb muttered. "How flattering of her to do so" He stated at last. Buffy took her small chance of releasing herself of his grasp and pushed him to fall behind her, which worked leaving her only a long scratch on her neck.

"I wouldn't be so-" She didn't finish because she had to duck because of the dagger sent with an extreme accurate precision to her head. She heard the dagger's end connecting with the wall and probably having pierced the stone behind her. "..Flattered" She finished staring at the man dressed as a priest before her.

"Speed, strength and that small cloud of evil around you, all the characteristics that indicate you are Faith" The priest said stretching his arms ready for a fight with the slayer. "I suppose I can call the you the other slayer, can I not?" He didn't wait for her answer but attacked the angered slayer and after sharing a few hits here and there the priest had managed to punch the slayer's face leaving a bruise under her eye and Faith had managed to scratch the priest's abdomen with her own dagger, leaving the priest's wardrobe with a long slash in the middle. "What does it feel being always compared to another?" Caleb taunted the slayer before giving her a full kick in the abdomen.

"Better than being creepy lapdog" Faith hissed angrily cleaning with the back of her hand the blood coming from her front. She grabbed a stake in her coat and acted quickly managing to stab Caleb's forearm with it. The priest stepped back covering the recent injury with his other hand and hissing softly in pain. His jaw tensed avoiding him from screaming and he ripped the robe's sleeve. He mad a quick tourniquet with the fabric on his arm and when he turned to watch the slayer ready for action, or about to hit him he didn't find her in front of him or near him, he looked around the room and stopped with shock as he saw the slayer pulling from the rock the Scythe he had been guarding. "So shiny, me likes" Faith said smirking as she met the horrified eyes of the priest. "I wonder what can I do with this shinny pretty weapon" The slayer smirked widely when he saw the upset expression of the priest. "Some harm to you I believe by the stupefied look in your eyes" Faith grinned but froze immediately when she heard the oh so familiar voice near her.

"You could make so much more harm in the other side, imagine the power you would gain by killing Buffy," The Mayor said softly yet, strong enough for her to hear. "I am sure their little-"

"Stop it!" Faith said reacting quickly and arming herself against him.

"I should have known, you would so easily betray what you wished for and I gave to you" The Mayor Wilkins' voice started turning into a more feminine one, even more familiar than the one of the slayer's father figure. The First turned quickly into Buffy, but this time she looked at Faith disgusted, angrily, like she had done after knowing of Faith's betrayal. "After all weren't you the one that betrayed the closest thing to a friend you had?" Faith's eyes widened and she slowly dropped her pose. "Let me tell you something, once again you will be-" Faith felt the presence of the priest coming closer to her and hit him when he was close enough of her with the new weapon's handle, hitting Caleb's stomach hard enough to let him out of breath. She turned to watch Buffy staring at her angrily, but calming quickly and knowingly smirking at her. "And here I thought both slayers would die the same night, well you will share the individuality for a while before I come back, to finish off what he started" Faith understood quickly and without caring for the First, she started running to where she came from and ran as fast as she could to reach Buffy before it was too late.


"I'm starting to get tired of this" Buffy announced as she stood up, taking more time, than the dozen of times before. The vampire who stood the nearest didn't pay her much attention and attack, and Buffy could see a second one coming also for his punching turn. She had already killed one of the Turok Vampires, not in the most heroic way; it was more of an accident than anything else. She kicked and punched once again, making all the pretty attacks she had learned all over the years of pain and torture since she had been called as the slayer. She had lost her knives, axe, stakes, and any type of weapon she had carried with her, in the fight, mostly because of the multiple attacks made by the vampires, that liked a lot attacking her all together. One could suspect they had a brain after all. "One thing is to-," She panted shortly before ducking quickly, because of the axe being swung where her neck had been before. "..Try to kill me" She finished kicking one of the vampires, pushing him away and making him hit the cave's walls. "Another thing, is to take my weapons-" She panted once again and received a brief hit on her back, making her stumble a bit, but she gained balance quick enough.

She had been fighting for a long while now, but the intensity of having to fight a normal pack of demons, was making a huge difference with the Turok. So it seemed that they understood, (they probably were trained and that was the only thought they could handle in their head) that attacking together was really a good idea, taking notice that they are almost impossible to stake, it requires long physical control to be able to break their necks in a handy way, and having three other pals making the prey (in this case, Buffy) distracted by trying to avoid the many attacks this apparently heavy creatures could make all together. So that gave the slayer none time to deal with the killing of the demons. Having killed only one vampire, accidentally.

The vampire tried again hitting her on the back, not being successful this time and she managed the time to roll in the floor and grab a long stick in the ground. She moved it expertly and hit one of the vampire's back hardly with it, breaking it in half. The grabbed her broken stick and tried stab the vampire with it's broken point. She leaned over it with all her might and jumped having only the stick as a support. The vampire groaned in pain but eventually the stick managed to pierce it's rough skin and while the stick was piercing the vampire in the floor, the slayer tried to make the other two angry vampires stay away from her, without of course, loosing the stick's pressure on the vampire's back. She felt the stick finally passing through the rough exterior of the vampire and a huge cloud of dust appeared under her making her fall on her back. The other two vampires took the chance to kick her back, to stop her from standing up.

The slayer whined softly and tried to stand up once again, but was stopped by both vampires that kicked her quickly not only in the back but also on the legs, one of which was probably fractured by now. Using her one good leg the slayer tried to knock one down successfully. She pushed away from the other and managed to stand up. This wasn't of much help considering the slayer had one leg seriously injured, her back was extremely soar from the previous hits, and the other two vampires were as good as new. She had lost the stick and had no other weapons to defend herself. She was also too far from the tunnel's door to even think of escaping.

"Hey! Look behind of you!" The slayer yelled trying to distract the vampires; both vampires were not interested in anything behind her. "At least I tried" Buffy muttered for herself. The vampires started surrounding her again. "Can't you attack at once?" She whined and tried following the attackers with her eyes. The first one that attacked managed to send her to the floor again, but this time she rolled before the vampire hit her. But she didn't count on the other vampire coming from behind her. It did come from behind her and grabbed her by the neck pulling her feet of the ground. Buffy for sure started feeling the lack of air affecting seriously her sight and she felt her body start going into unconsciousness. She struggled with no avail and as she started to drift into lalaland, she felt the pressure on her neck disappearing and then she hit with a thud the ground.

"Hey B! Wake up I need some help here!" As she heard Faith's voice calling her the blonde slayer's eyes snapped wide open, and she saw her sister slayer starting to fight with the pair of vampires by herself. The vampires were distracted with Faith so Buffy had time to stand up and join the fight. The black haired slayer punched one of the vampire's head and while it recovered from the blow she hit the other's shin. She glanced at Spike hanging from the chains.

"We need to get him," Buffy muttered as she saw Faith glancing at the souled vampire.

"First we have to finish this" Faith said giving another hit to one of the vampires. "You could give this a use" She gave Buffy the new weapon she had.

"What's this?" Buffy muttered for herself, she saw one of the vampires noticing her presence and coming to attack her, she swung the glowing weapon slashing the vampire's front and making it yell in pain..

"I don't know" Faith answered hitting the other vampire with her hammer.

"Well it works for me," Buffy said grinning weakly. She swung again the scythe, missing the vampire's neck for only a few inches.

"Caleb says hi by the way" Faith said grinning as she cracked the vampire's neck, turning him into ashes. She saw Buffy struggling with the other vampire. "What's wrong with your leg?" She asked seeing the other slayer's strange movements, al avoiding using the leg.

"Could you give me a hand?" Buffy asked as the vampire managed to shove her off.

"I would be glad to do so" She grabbed the hammer's handle with ease and took impulse, calculating where was the vampire's head exactly and quickly, she swung it and managed to hit the vampire's back of his head sending him to the floor near Buffy. The blonde slayer cut quickly with the scythe the vampire's neck turning him to ashes.

"I thought this would never be over" Buffy said as Faith helped her to stand up. Some one in the room started clapping and both slayers turned to see an unchained well dressed Spike clapping as he smirked widely.

"Well done," He said as he continued clapping. "I wouldn't have done it better"

"Where's Spike?" Buffy asked angrily to the First.

"Nothing can fool you," The First said sarcastically, changing into the slayer's form. "I guess he would be the one you should look at" She said glancing behind them, Buffy turned to watch Caleb grabbing an unchained, yet extremely wounded Spike. "I would have preferred for him to be in better condition," Buffy/First continued, walking towards the real slayers. "It would have been fun to see you killing him," She said to Buffy. "Or maybe you would have left your dirty work to the other slayer" She added smiling. Spike struggled a bit but got tired quickly and quit trying to escape from the grasp of priest. Caleb had him grabbed with his unharmed arm. With the other he held a stake ready to stab the vampire.

"And here I thought he would stay unconscious for a bit longer" Faith muttered angrily. "Next time I'll chop the arm off" She threatened.

"Leave him in the floor, and you might conserve your lapdog after all" Buffy said to her own form.

"You should re-consider the options you are giving me" Buffy/First said smirking. "After all, you are outnumbered" Both slayers saw the Turok vampires coming from the stairs. Buffy brought out of Faith's belt a dagger quickly and threw it at Caleb, managing to him in the injured arm, the priest cried out in pain releasing Spike from his grip. Buffy ran as quick as she could to Spike's side. Faith following her quickly watching both of their backs for the vampires coming closer.

"We need to go B" Faith said. "I'll carry him, you can't-"

"Leave me here" Spike mumbled dryly. "I love you," He mumbled caressing one last time Buffy's cheek. He handed the stake in the floor to Buffy.

"B we need to go now!" Faith yelled. Buffy whipped some tears in her cheeks; she helped Spike to stand up, and leaned him against the wall.

"I'll come back for you" Buffy said determined.

"There won't be anything to be back for when you do come back" Caleb said in the floor near them, he was pale for the lost of blood and held the injury pressing it tightly. "If you manage to come out in the first place".


Buffy tighten her grip in the stake and stared once again at Spike, he nodded understanding and he closed his eyes. "I love you" Buffy whispered

"No you don't, but thanks for saying it" Buffy stabbed him in the heart and Spike disappeared in ashes.


"One hour and a half Giles, and they are not back!" Hermione said angrily. "We are heading towards the Cemetery," She announced determined. "Hatcher, prepare a team and communicate with the one that's in the cemetery's door"

"Alright" Hatcher said and went out of the room immediately. A slam in the door sounded and then they heard Faith yelling something they couldn't understand most of the people in the room moved quickly to the door to find the black haired slayer holding Buffy's arm over her shoulder's and a very tired Buffy staring at them blankly. Both drenched and looking as if they had every type of dirt over them.

"What happened?" Giles asked.

"I'll tell you later, we need to get her to her room now!" Xander grabbed Buffy where Faith had been doing so and Harry grabbed the other side carrying her up the stairs.

"Better take her to a bathroom" Willow muttered seeing the gray drops falling down in the floor. "I'll help her"

"I'll be in a bath myself," Faith said. She grabbed a bag no one noticed was in the entranced, and went to where she knew the downstairs bathroom was.


"Did you take her to her room?" Faith asked as she dried her hair with a towel. Willow nodded." I thought there would be a thousand of girls running in the house," Faith said to Willow, ignoring Hermione's presence.

"Glory attacked the potentials so half of them are upstairs being taken care of, the other half are downstairs training with the wizards" Willow explained. "Hermione is the one organizing the wizards" She introduced. "Hermione, this is Faith" Hermione examined the slayer quickly and shook her hand.

"Next time you two pull a stunt like that, please let us know" The witch said grinning friendly like.

"Will do" Faith said. "Now, I believe-"

"What's that?" Hermione asked, pointing at the scythe Faith carried in her belt.

"Something B and I found" She explained shortly. "I'm going upstairs"

"I'll go with you" Hermione offered.

"I'm going to call Giles" Xander said coming from upstairs.

"I'm going to call Dawn" Willow said going behind him. Faith entered Buffy's room and saw her lying in bed talking animatedly with the dark haired guy next to her, attending her injuries. When they noticed her presence the blonde before the dark haired man. He stood up and offered her a smile.

"Harry Potter" Harry said offering a hand to shake.

"Faith, the slayer" Buffy introduced from the bed as both of them shook hands. "As soon as I recover from the broken ribs I swear I'll kill you for trying that" The blonde slayer threatened glaring at the black haired slayer.

"Hey, you told me to go for the closest exit, I did just that" Faith said innocently. "How's the leg?" Faith asked changing the subject as she saw the wizard bandaging it.

"She says it will heal over night," He muttered continuing to cover the swollen leg. Faith glanced at her very bruised arm and grabbed some of the bandages left. "I'll help you with that" Harry said moving away from Buffy and bandaging quickly Faith's arm. "It's not broken, just bruised, it probably stings too"

"Then it will only take a few hours, a lot less than what will take her leg to heal" Faith moved away her arm and grabbed the Hydrogen Peroxide and placed it softly with a small cotton ball, in the dirty injury, cleaning it. "Next time, I'll take the front"

"Yeah right, you probably planned this!" Buffy accused. "You planned it before you came probably, two of the three broken ribs are broken because of your weird ideas!"

"Don't you have a weird budu thing that could make her heal faster?" Faith asked curiously and also annoyed by the blonde slayer's compliments.

"No!" Buffy said whining immediately. "It's obvious you haven't tasted that crap they make, everything tastes like if it had been cooked in a toilet," Buffy muttered angrily under her breath.

"You didn't say that about the chocolate frogs" Harry said glaring at the blonde slayer.

"That was an obvious idea of a muggle, that you people probably copied!" She accused.

"You people?"

"… And also Mr. Giles said that we should try not applying magic on you, it might weaken your healing system" Hermione interrupted glaring at both of the arguing champions.

"So we have to heal naturally, what about the potentials?" Faith asked interested.

"We are applying magic only to those that were harmed by Glory, with the others we are trying to use the minimum amount of magic possible, in case we weaken the future slayer" Hermione explained.

"You were right B! They just met us and want us to die to see the next slayer arising!" She declared outraged.

"Well I'm not sure about me, I already passed giving down the torch, so they want you to die" Buffy said smartly and Faith glared at both wizards.

"We don't want her to die!" Hermione denied quickly. Buffy chuckled and Faith joined her quickly. After the chuckles had ended they stayed in silence, watching how Harry finished bandaging the leg and continued to the other wounds.

"How is-" Giles stopped as he saw Buffy being awake. "How are you?"

"Broken leg, ribs, an infected wound in the same leg she broke, she also has some scratches in her neck and head" Harry diagnosed.

"I thought you were an Aurora" Buffy said raising an eyebrow.

"Auror" Hermione corrected quickly.

"Yes I am an Auror, we tend to know some healing stuff, you know in case you get into a situation you have to heal your partner or yourself" Harry explained quickly.

"Did you find…?" Giles asked changing the subject. Buffy stared at him shortly to glance at her bandaged leg.

"We did" Faith answered.

"Where is-" He interrupted himself, seeing Faith was shaking her head softly. "Where did you find this?" He asked pointing at the weapon resting over the bed.

"I found it in one of the caves, Caleb was guarding it" Faith said sitting in the bed's corner. "It was stuck into one of the walls' rocks"

"So you pulled it out of it?"

"Yup, very King Arthur if you ask me, even the priest was shocked I got it out" Faith explained proudly. "Well the guy seemed pretty ticked off"

"Do you feel that?" Buffy asked. "When you hold it?" She explained further.

"Yeah, like if it belonged to me… to us I suppose" She corrected quickly. Buffy nodded.

"If this indeed belong to you, to the slayer, then I should have, but I haven't, seen it in any watcher's diary, which I'm sure would have mentioned a mythical weapon that belonged to the slayer, that was made for her use only" The watcher explained as he leaned in the wall.

"I haven't seen it in any of the books we've been searching in all this time" Hermione said.

"We need to go back, to the cave" Buffy said trying to stand up.

"Buffy you can't go out like that!" Giles preached. "You are harmed, you should rest-"

"You should rest B" Faith said when Buffy was about to refute Giles. "Gain some force and then we'll go, ready for everything that dares to breath, or not, inside that cave" Buffy contemplated the idea for a moment and then laid back into the bed. Giles seamed pleased enough.

"We've been planning Buffy…"


"Thank God you faked you were asleep, I thought he would never stop!" Faith whined. "I mean come on! A complete hour without stopping to drink something?" She placed her hands as high as she could to receive the other slayer's foot and helped her do the final jump without hurting her already hurt leg.

"And Hermione explaining the hexes here and there, I thought I was going to die" Both of them chuckled softly, trying not to make loud sounds. "So what do you want, the fancy prom weapon, or the break up hammer?"

"You made names for them?" Faith asked dryly. "If they could talk, they wouldn't feel ready to fight, they would feel so unfrightening"

"I'm the one that's nuts? You are giving them feelings!" Buffy whined glaring at the other slayer.

"If you enemies would see you right now, they would for sure loose every tingling fear they had towards you" Harry said coming down from his own window.

"What are you doing!" Buffy hissed.

"I'm helping you not to get killed before the master attack, I did not spent an hour, plus another hour and a half planning the whole thing, just so you can get killed before it even happens!" He hissed back.

"And he needed some back ups also" Ginny said.

"She heard me when-"

"He was talking to me" Ron finished for Harry.

"Anyone else?"

"Of course, I have a whole team coming down with us, I promised Harry I would keep my mouth shut about Mione, but not in a million of hell years I would enter into that cave without my team" Ginny stated with only one breath. "If the maps I saw are in fact correct that cave system has a complete access to the school's basement, therefore the Turok vampires have complete access to those caves also"

"It is correct, I have a broken leg to prove it" Buffy said smirking.

"As long as they don't ruin anything, they can tag along as well" Faith agreed nodding.

"But, I will have to have your word that on any circumstance, you will obey every order Faith and I make" Buffy said. The wizards nodded.

"That goes for your team as well Red" Faith said and Ginny nodded. "Then let's go"

"You lead the way" Buffy said and Faith obeyed. Harry noticed Buffy limping so he walked next to her to serve as a support. "Thanks, wonder boy," She mumbled. "It's not as swollen as it was before" She excused herself, as she saw the reproachful stare of Harry.

"She knows better than going to fight harmed, Potter" Faith said from ahead of them.

"It's still-"

"The bone is not fractured anymore, we slayer are made of a harder dough, like cookie dough you know?"

"Cookie Dough?" Ginny asked.

"Yup, I'm just like cookie dough" Buffy agreed nodding.

"Here we are" Faith said standing in the middle of an empty street.

"This is not even close to the Hemery Frances Cemetery" Ginny said. "We are in the suburbs!"

"That's right my… colleague" Faith awkwardly. "We are more precisely in front of the main sewer's entrance"

"I think we forgot to tell them how we got out of the Cemetery" Buffy commented biting her lip slightly. "It was actually the Turok's fault we ended up here, if you come to think about it"

--- Two hours before ---

"How are we going to get out of this?" Buffy wondered out loud watching the many vampires coming near them, just waiting for a signal to attack them.

"Well, we lost the nearest entrance, but we still have one risky shoot" Faith said confidently calculating as she observed the cave the possibilities they had of getting out with the idea they have. "We are going up there" She said to Buffy and pointed at roof, in which there was an entrance from where the stair came.

"Oh great, we have a target, now the only thing left to do is pass the fifty vampires in the middle of the way, and the ones coming down from the stairs and those that are in the cave over us" Buffy said sarcastically.

"We have a brand new pretty weapon, I'm sure we can kill those in the room above" Faith said grinning widely.

"What about the rest?" Buffy asked suspicious.

"They'll just have to wait for their turns when we come back," Faith said stepping back. "We are going to make a very long jump"

"And how am I supposed to land Faith?" Buffy asked glaring at the brunette. "How am I going to take off?"

"With a little help" Faith answered grinning widely making Buffy nervous. "I'm going to …. Impulse you"

"You mean you are going to hit me hard enough to take me …." She pointed the opposite wall "…there?"

"Aren't you a smart thing?" Faith said merrily.

"You're taking your vengeance… why can't you be normal and hire a vengeance demon?" Buffy muttered under her breath. "How are you going to reach there?"

"They are going to help me," Faith said grinning at the growling vampires.

"You know, it freaks me out they haven't attacked yet" Buffy mumbled.

"We'll care about that later," Faith muttered back. "Ready?"

"No" Buffy glared at Faith. The second one grabbed the blonde's shirt and with enough impulse she mimicked the movement they did when they hit any demon sending them to the walls. Buffy indeed went to the other side of the room, but did not had the time of grabbing the stair, because of the Turok who was in the place she was supposed to hit. She did hit the wall, and she did in fact hurt herself as she had thought previously. But what she didn't expect was for the cave's wall to break and go through the wall into a much more wet place. The sewer to be precise. The hole she made had been made in the upper half of the cave's wall, but the sewer's floor was made in almost exactly the middle of the room's height, the constructor being probably oblivious about the caves. Buffy felt as she went through the rock made wall something that pierced her already hurt leg pain fully, and she was having a hard time standing up in the low waters, even if she knew what was in those waters. She heard Faith yelling not soon after and Faith landed less harmed in the dirty water.

"I wasn't planning this B, but I'm glad to know you added something to the master idea, I thought I was going to do it all alone" She stood up, not using her left hand, which Buffy looked had a nasty bruise in it. "Can you stand up?" Buffy glared.

"Oh of course I can, I'm having fun in here" She said sarcastically.

"What did you hurt this time?" Faith asked clicking her tongue. "You are a bit prone to accidents did you know that"

"I'm going to hurt you so bad when, I get up" Buffy said still glaring at Faith. "I hate you"

"We don't have much time for your tantrums Buffy" Faith said grinning widely. "Are your arms alright?"

"Yeah, the only limb of my body that are intact" Buffy muttered. Faith grabbed Buffy's left arm and passed it over her shoulders. "Let's go we don't have much time, 'til they find their way here" They walked hurriedly as fast as Buffy could go, until they find an entrance from the street. They opened it up and Faith went first helping Buffy come out after her.


"So as you can see, thanks to my dear friend, I broke two ribs and got a possible nasty infection in my leg" Buffy said glaring at Faith.

"Hey! You said you were better" Faith said equally glaring at Buffy. "I should have left you"

"I have to communicate with my team they should come this way, I sent them to the Cemetery thinking you would go that way!" Ginny muttered angrily.

"You forgot to put two and two together Red, your team didn't see us coming from there" Faith said opening the sewer. "Who wants to go first?" She asked cheerily to the wizards.

"I'll go" Harry offered and from his wand's end came out a powerful light, he illuminated the sewer and went down.

"I want one of those" Buffy muttered to Faith softly, and the second one smirked.

"The owner or the object?" Faith asked grinning like a Cheshire cat. "'Cause I wouldn't mind either" She went down after Ron. Ginny gave one last suspicious yet defeated look at Buffy and went after Faith. Buffy closed the sewer and started walking to the Hemery Frances Cemetery, without limping.




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