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Chapter Three-Le Awesome Parties

Irma and Sprout were so excited that they had the world that they decided to throw a party for Lord Voldemort. They also decided to make it a surprise party. Now, what they didn't know was that Voldemort was planning a surprise party for them, too. Neither of them planned to make their party because, they didn't like the other(s), they just felt like throwing a party.

As Sprout put up the decorations, Irma went to the store, where everyone was bowing down to her. They made sure to eat lots of spicy salsa and chips, and put up pink decorations. Voldemort did the same.

The only thing that was different about their parties was that they were on different days. Irma and Sprout's was on Monday, and Voldemort's was on Tuesday. There would be lots of partying.

So, on Monday, Irma invited Voldemort over to their house for a cup o' tea for the big fellow. Voldemort was delighted, and accepted the invitation. When they got to their house, Sprout jumped out and yelled, 'SURPRISE!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!'

Now, Voldemort was very confused, and he said, 'It's not my birthday.'

'Oh, right,' Sprout replied, 'OK, then. SURPRISE!!!'

Voldemort then understood that this was a party somewhat like the one he had planned, and so he decided to enjoy it. They drank lots of butterbeer, and ate lots of chips and salsa. Then it was time to go home. Voldemort asked the two ladies if they wanted to go to his house for appetizers the next night, and of course, they agreed. The said their goodbyes, and went their different ways.

The next night, Irma and Sprout arrived at Voldemort's house. When no one answered the door, they walked in on their own. When they stepped inside, Voldemort jumped out and said, 'SURPRISE!!!!!'

The girls were so excited that they ate all the chips and salsa they could find. They also drank more butterbeer. Then they went home.

Irma and Sprout were so happy that they and Voldemort had such a happy friendship that they decided to sing. They went out to where most wizards were, and sang a Christmas song called Holy Night. Everyone was so terrified of their terrible singing that they went home, locked all of their doors, and put silencing charms on their neighborhoods.

Dumbledore cried even more.

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