The bright sun, the fresh salty air, and the blue water made Hermione smile and breathe the cool salty breeze deeper, and slowly exhale. The tropical air warmed her skin and the wind cooled her off.

The crystal blue water surrounded her, and it felt as if she was flying. Hermione closed her eyes and spread her arms out as if flying, and she imagined herself looking below at the crystal waters. This was perfect. She imagined herself turning over and looking at the fluffy clouds and….

"What the hell are you doing?" Hermione snapped out of her trance and slapped herself. Great, I forgot the one person who's ruining this for me, thought Hermione.

Hermione turned around in the direction of the drawling voice and spotted Draco Malfoy, the last person she wanted to share her getaway with.

"That's none of your business," said Hermione. Hermione made her way to a seat and sat down.

"You were acting as if you were flying or something. You had a ridiculous smile on your face," said Draco, is pale flesh turned pink from the rays of the sun.

"At least I don't look like a tomato," said Hermione. Draco globbed on some more Sun-A-Way onto his burning skin.

"This is the worst project I ever had to do. First, we will be here for a week. Second, we are on some unstable muggle contraption-

"A boat," interrupted Hermione. Draco rolled his eyes and continued.

-And I feel like vomiting. Third, I'm burned to a crisp. And to top it all off, I had to do this project with you," hissed Draco, narrowing his pale eyes.

"I'm not too happy with you either, you know," said Hermione, leaning over the boat and looking at the water.

"I guess this is a good spot. Now, all we have to do is find magical sea creatures and record what we find. You find the sea creatures, I'll record the data," said Hermione. Draco raised a blonde eyebrow and looked at her.

"Why do I have to find them? You can't tell me what to do," said Draco, now standing.

"Fine, I'll find them! Geez," cried Hermione. Draco plopped back onto his seat and tried to sooth his aching skin.

"Get me that purple potion beside you," ordered Hermione. Draco growled and handed the potion to her. "Okay, I'll just pour it into the water and they should come to the surface in no time."

Draco sighed and brushed his bleached hair out of his face. Why must I be stuck with Granger? Thought Draco. Draco turned and looked at Hermione.

She was leaning on the side of the boat; her legs lifted off of the ground. Draco's pale eyes then slowly moved down and stopped at Hermione's butt. He had to admit she did have a nice butt….

Draco slapped himself and looked away. What's wrong with you! You were staring at that mudblood, Granger! Said a voice in his head.

"Okay, I'm done. Now we wait," said Hermione. Draco snapped out of his trance and looked as far away from her as possible.

"Whatever," mumbled Draco.

"Why do you have to ruin everything!" shouted Hermione. Draco whipped his head around to find her right in front of him, her hazel eyes narrowed and her arms on her waist.

"Me? Ruin everything? Let me tell you something, Granger," hissed Draco. "I'm about to vomit, my skin feels like it is on fire, and I'm stuck here with you for a week!" Draco was slowly moving in towards Hermione, his pale face becoming redder.

"If you think I'm ruining everything, you can-

Before Draco could finish, Draco stepped on a rope and slipped, falling on top of Hermione.

Draco opened his eyes to find a pair of breasts staring right back at him.

"GET OFF OF ME!" shrieked Hermione. She punched his sore back and Draco yelped.

"OWW! It's not like I did that on purpose!" cried Draco.

"You are just a little spoiled brat, always complaining about something!" yelled Hermione.

The battle of insults kept going, and as they insulted each other with the nastiest things they could think of, a very big storm was approaching them, full-speed.

Hermione glanced over Draco's shoulder and saw dark, heavy clouds coming towards them. Hermione gasped and quickly let the sail down and started to put everything away.

Draco watched Hermione franticly put everything away.

"What?" said Draco. Hermione stopped and pointed behind him. Draco turned around to see dark clouds coming towards them fast. Draco's eyes widened and he quickly began to help Hermione.

"Hurry! The storm will be here any minute!" cried Hermione.

"I am!" cried Draco. Then, without warning, Draco looked up and saw that the clouds were right above them.

"HEY GRANGER! WHERE DO I PUT THIS!" shouted Draco, his voice barley heard through the rain and thunder. Hermione flicked her hair away from her eyes and pointed to his left.

The storm was raging now; the sea seemed to roll the little boat back and forth as thunder rumbled in their chests. Hermione could barley see anything through the rain. Draco ran beside Hermione and helped her carry in a large box to the inside of the boat.

Draco plopped the box on the floor and wiped his hair away from his face. He was totally soaked.

"This is one more negative on my list," said Draco, squeezing water away from his hair. Hermione fell back onto the bed and sighed.

"They said there was no storms heading our way!" said Hermione. "I wonder if Ron and Harry got caught in the storm too."

"I hope they did and their boat caught on fire and Weasley was struck by lightning and so was Potter and Potter got a new scar and I hope they drown in the sea," said Draco, as if he planned it all out.

"Shut-up, Malfoy," sighed Hermione. Suddenly, Hermione's eyes widened and she gasped.

"Oh, no! I forgot the potion!" cried Hermione. Hermione quickly got up and headed for the door.

"You can't go out there! You'll be thrown off of the boat! I don't care if you do or anything, but I need help on this project," said Draco.

Hermione rolled her eyes and went outside. Draco growled and hurried behind her.

The rain was so hard and thick Draco couldn't see anything. He tried to look past the veil of water, but he could not see a thing.

This must be what it's like for Potter with out his goofy glasses, thought Draco. Draco ran to the end of the boat, then suddenly he felt a rope wrap around his leg and he slipped and bumped his head onto the side of the boat, just before falling into Hermione.

Hermione felt Draco go limp and she gasped. She pulled Draco, but he was far too heavy. Suddenly, Draco shot up and grabbed Hermione and slipped again.

Hermione shrieked as they both fell off of the side of the boat and into the cold water. The tall waves hit the two with such force, Hermione passed out before she even knew it.

Draco quickly pulled Hermione to him and shook her.

"HERMIONE!" yelled Draco. She fell limp against his chest. Draco then turned and saw a 40-foot wave coming straight at him, and then everything went black.

Next chapter Draco and Hermione wake up to find themselves on a deserted island, but will they cooperate? Can they survive? Or should I say each other? Will there be romance?