Draco watched Hermione slowly disappear from view as she slowly walked into the dark room. He struggled with the tight rope that binded him to the pole, but it was useless. Those pirates knew how to tie a knot pretty well.

Draco slumped down in despair. He couldn't save her this time. They could be doing something horrible to her right now. With a sad moan, Draco pounded the back of his head against the pole.

Think Draco, think! How do I get from here to there without anyone noticing? And without any magic?

Just when he was about to smash his head against the pole, he suddenly heard something. It was an annoying whistle that he heard so many times at Hogwarts. It was the same little melody being whistled over and over again.

It couldn't be, could it?

Draco spun his head as far as it could go to see the source of the whistling. Draco strained his head to see over the pole, but it was useless. Suddenly, Draco had an idea.

"Psst! You there, the one whistling! Who are you?" hissed Draco. The whistling suddenly stopped, and then Draco heard heavy footsteps coming closer and closer. Draco gasped as the figure walked right in front of him, blocking the sunlight.

The boy had freckles all over his nose and cheeks and the sun illuminated his fiery red hair. The boy jerked back and gasped also.

"Malfoy! What the bloody hell are you doing here?" cried Ron.

"Doing the tango, you moron," replied Draco sarcastically.

"What a minute, where's Hermione? You were with her, weren't you? What did you do to her you slimy git!" roared Ron, his freckled face becoming slightly pink.

"Some of you new friends took her and tied me up to this pole you long-legged freak! Now untie me at once!" yelled Draco.

"Not a chance, Malfoy. I'd rather leave you here and let your body decompose and grow fungus before I'd even think about untying you and throwing your body into the shark-infested water," growled Ron.

"I bet if I threw some money at you to untie me and it rolled into a shark's mouth you wouldn't even hesitate to dive in for it," replied Draco coldly.

Before Draco could even have a thought, Ron pounced on him and started to strangle him with his large hands that overlapped his neck. Draco tried to struggle but he was still tied to the pole. Right before Draco felt as if he was going to pass out, another boy jumped in and pulled Ron away from the gasping Draco.

"Ron! What's going on! What are you-" and before he could finish his sentence, the other boy took a closer look and the red-faced Draco and jumped back in surprise.

"Malfoy! Wha-who-how-

Granger and I were captured by those pirates and they tied me up here while they took the girl to some dark room and who knows what they could be doing because I'm sitting out here frying to death while Weasley here is trying to kill me with his bare hands!" cried Draco, out of breath.

Harry raised a dark eyebrow at Draco.

"Um, ok. Anyway, where exactly did they take her?" asked Harry.

"How should I know? I'm still stuck here," said Draco.

"What do you think they would want with her?" asked Ron.

"Hmmm, well maybe they want her to clean some dishes," said Harry.

"Already did that," said Ron.

"I'm still tied," said Draco in a low voice.

"I can't believe we didn't know they were on the ship! We should have heard something about it from the other pirates," wondered Harry, his bright green eyes concentrated on the floor as he scratched his messy dark hair.

"Do you think they might be using her to make more wooden legs?" asked Ron.

"Hello! Down here! Still tied!" cried Draco.

"No, I think they have enough," said Harry.

"How did they capture her in the first place?"

"Rope constricting breathing. Pole with splinters, digging into bare back, ouch," said Draco.

"Whatever they are doing it might not be good. They could be raping her!" cried Harry.

"WILL YOU TWO DIMWITS UNTIE ME NOW!" Yelled Draco. Harry and Ron both turned and looked at the crazy eyed Draco still sitting on the wooden floor tied to the pole.

"How can we trust you? How do we know that this isn't some trick?" asked Ron.

"You are just going to have to! It's not like I want you two to be touching me!" cried Draco.

"Harry? What do you think? Should we let widdle Draccy poo go?" asked Ron in a mocking baby voice.

Draco narrowed his cold grey eyes at Ron.

"I think we have better things to do. Let's go find Herm," said Harry casually. Ron and Harry laughed and ran off to the captain's door and disappeared around the corner.

"Hey! Wait a minute! You just can't leave me here! See if I do anything for you you bastards!" yelled Draco. It was too late. Ron and Harry were gone.

Now what? Thought Draco.

"Do ye like it?" asked the large pirate. Hermione held up the gold mirror and smiled.

"It's beautiful! How did you do that?" cried Hermione. She studied the elegant braided bun on the back of her head.

The pirate blushed and threw his hands in the air. "Oh it's nuttin," just something I picked up. You really think its nice?" asked the pirate.

"Of course! You did a wonderful job! Why are you a pirate instead of a hair stylist? You're so good at it!" said Hermione.

"I dunno, me dad was a pirate and so was me grandad. He didn't wan his son to style hair."

Hermione took a sip of her English tea. "Well I believe you should be able to do anything you want. You can be anything you want to be, Francis! You shouldn't care what others think. Do what makes you happy," said Hermione, patting the pirate's large hairy hand.

"Yer right! I should do anythin I want ter do! It's just, I don want the others te think me of a sissy," said the pirate looking at the floor.

"Francis, you go out there and be the best hair stylist you can be! If they were really your crew, they would support you," said Hermione.

Francis smiled through his thick beard and filled her cup with more tea.

"You like the tea?" asked Francis.

"It's heavenly, where did you get it?" asked Hermione as she took a sip of the tea.

"We took it from an English ship after we invaded it," said Francis casually.

"Oh, ok," said Hermione uneasy.

Suddenly the heavy wooden door slammed open to reveal two dark figures standing at the doorway.

"Hermione!" cried the two voices.

Hermione knew those voices anywhere.

"Harry! Ron!" cried Hermione. She got up and threw her arms around them and gave them a tight hug.

"What on earth are you two doing here!" cried Hermione.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," said Harry, his head crushed against her shoulder. Hermione blushed and let go of them.

"Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?" asked Ron.

"I'm okay! He didn't do anything to me, actually he was a gentleman," said Hermione, making the bashful giant smile.

"Did you get caught in the storm too?" asked Harry.

"Sure did. We were thrown off board but we were washed ashore on a deserted island," said Hermione.

"Me and Harry's boat sank and the pirates picked us up from the ocean. Since they saved our lives, we have to be cabin boys for a while," said Ron.

"Speakin of cabin boys, aren't the two of ye supposed to be moping the deck?" growled the captain.

"Already did sir, but there was a nasty little bugger we couldn't mop up. He was stuck against the pole, the poor thing. I tried scraping it off, but it held on tight. I think it was some type of strange fungus…said Ron

Hermione's eyes suddenly popped.


Hermione rushed outside to see a blonde head banging against the pole.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry Draco, I totally forgot you!" cried Hermione as she quickly began to untie the knot.

Draco just sat there unaware of what was happening.

"Stuck to pole. Can't get loose. Tied with rope. Pain," replied the hazy-eyed Draco.

"Oh so it was Malfoy! I could have sworn it was a fungus," said Ron sarcastically.

"Ron! You just left him here?" said Hermione as she grabbed Draco's arms and pulled him up.

"Pretty much," said Ron with a grin.

"When have you started caring for it-I mean him?" asked Harry, his green eyes suspicious.

"Probably after he saved my life!" cried Hermione.

"It was the heat, Hermione. Malfoy wouldn't save anything's life," hissed Ron.

"He did! Look, I'll tell you later okay? We got to get back to Hogwarts somehow! I suppose you two don't have your wands?" said Hermione.

Ron and Harry both shook their heads.

"I could help," said Francis.

Ron, Harry, Hermione and Draco slowly got into the medium sized boat and waved goodbye to the pirates. Hermione carefully calculated the food and water and figured out how much to consume a day. The pirates told them of a wizard inhabited island 15 miles away. They could sail to the island and find a way to get back to Hogwarts. That is, if they make it to the island.

Next chapter: More is revealed about the island to Ron and Harry, but will they believe it? Will Draco make it to the island alive? Will Draco act the same around Hermione with Ron and Harry there? A love triangle? Find out next chapter!