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Chapter two- Kidnapped

Kouga was still looking for Kagome so that he could finish his plan. Kouga sensed that Inuyasha and Kagome were both in human form, and sleeping.

"Good," He whispered to himself.

Kouga came up to the tree where Kagome was sleeping and picked her up and took her back to his village. When he got to the village he laid Kagome down on the bed, and put a spell over the hut so that no one could get in and she could not get out. Kouga was the only person or demon in that matter able to get into the hut. After he finished he left the hut and when to another one so that he could sleep. When Kagome awoke Kouga was sitting next to her.

"W-Where am I?" She asked looking surprised that she was in this new hut and not in Keade's hut or in a Tree and also that Kouga was next to her, not Inuyasha.

"You my dear Kagome are in one of my many wolf demon huts, don't even think of trying to get out," Kouga started seeing Kagome stand up and go over to the door, "There is a spell over this hut so that no one can get in and you can't get out! If you do touch any part of the hut's walls it will burn you."

"Why am I here?" Kagome asked confused.

"So that you can be my mate and I can finally kill that half demon, Inutrasha," Kouga replied getting up to leave.

"Hey where are you going you said that no one can get in and that no one can get out." Kagome asked curiously.

"Only for every demon, human, and half-demon, except me," Kouga replied leaving Kagome to her self.

WITH INUYASHA AND THE OTHERS "Inuyasha where are you," Yelled Shippou.

"Stop your yelling," Said the now half-demon Inuyasha. "What do you want?"

"Have you seen Kagome," Asked Shippou.

"Um not since last night, why?" Inuyasha asked getting worried.

"She's missing," Shippou added.

"She's what," Inuyasha yelled. Now he was getting scared and he was thinking about what he had said to her last night.

"I have not seen her since last night after dinner, where was the last you saw her?" Shippou said with a hint of hope.

"Well we kinda had a fight last night, and she ran off crying and... and Kouga went in that same direction," Inuyasha yelled the last part and running off in the direction that Kagome had went in last night. When he got to the place where her scent was the strongest he tried to follow it further, but it stopped at the tree where he had first meant Kagome. The same tree that Kikyou had pinned him to for 50 years. The only thing that he could pick up, but he also could not follow was Kouga's scent. Now the only thing was to find Kouga and then Kagome would be there, and then, then, Inuyasha could kill that bastard of a wolf and make Kagome his. But the only thing standing in his way to kill Kouga was where they were. Inuyasha had no idea where Kouga's hut's were, or even what forest.

Kagome sat crying in the hut that Kouga and sealed her in with the spell.

"This is not fair," Yelled Kagome getting up to hit the door, but when she started to hit the door she noticed the smell of burning flesh, and a horrible pain in her hands. Just then Kouga came in, to see what all the noise was about. When he saw Kagome's burned hands and her crying he ran out of the hut to go and get some medicine to fix her hands. When he came back Kouga saw Kagome in the fetal position on the floor. Kouga picked Kagome up and gently put her on the bed. Then he started to fix her hands. A few times she had yelled because he had been a little rough but other wise she stayed quiet.

"Now you should know better then to try and get away from me," Kouga said finishing up her hands, but Kagome would not speak to him.

"Why won't you talk to me," Kouga asked holding Kagome's chin, and making her look up at him.

"Let go of me," Kagome yelled pushing Kouga away.

"Why are you being so rude to your mate," Kouga asked.

"You will never be my mate Inuyasha will come for me!" She yelled getting up but she sat down again but this time she sat down with her back towards Kouga. Kouga just gave up and left. Kouga came back about two hours later. He had brought Kagome some food. When he found Kagome she was sleeping in a ball on the floor. Kouga picked her up and lied her on the bed.

'God she smells good!' Kouga thought to himself. He put the food down next to her and started to rub her head. Kagome rolled closer to him, and put her hands around his waste. Kouga gently pried her hands off of him and move her further on to the bed, with that he lied down next to her. After a while he fell a sleep with his arms around her. When Kagome awoke she nearly screamed but she put her hands over her mouth to keep from making any noise. She saw Kouga with his arms around her. Kagome pried Kouga out off of her.

'Well maybe he lifted the spell,' Kagome thought. She walked up to the door and tried to kick the door and break it open. Again Kagome smelled the smell of burning flesh. Kouga woke up to the smell of burning flesh, he already knew whose it was so he got up fast and got the medicine so that he could fix up Kagome's foot.

"Kagome you know that if you don't stop trying to get out, I'm going to have to tie your hands and feet together and to the bed if you don't stop trying to get out, I can't have my mate all burned to piece's before we have pups," Kouga's said picking Kagome up because he new that she could not walk right now. Which was a good thing for his plan. Now Kouga began to fix her foot.

"Know do that again and I will have to tie your hands and feet to the bed!" Kouga yelled.

"I will keep trying to get out until you let me go or Inuyasha and the others get here." Yelled Kagome trying to get up and for a split second she turned into a half demon, but with all the burns she felt very weak and had to sit back down in human form.

"First of all I'm never going to let you go you are my mate whether you like it or not. Second I'm going to kill that half-demon Inuyasha. Third since you are going to keep trying to get away and you refuse to be my mate, I'm going to have to tie your hands and feet down to the bed!" Kouga's said with an evil smile. He got up and left the room. And about ten minutes later he came back with some rope. He knew that she was in no condition to fight so he knew he could over power her. She did try and struggle but Kouga being a full demon just pushed her down and quickly tied her hands to the headboard. Kouga gave her an evil smile, and kissed her and left. Kagome tried to get out but something about the rope would not give. She knew what Kouga was going to make her do, whether she liked it or not! But she still hoped Inuyasha would get here before Kouga made her his mate.

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