Sheik's scribbles: OH WOE IS ME! OH WOE IS ALL OF US! I have just received the most disturbing news… that Lyxie, the little wench, is discontinuing Ordinary Story! Now, I don't know the particulars, but she was babbling something along the lines of "not writing up to snuff" and "being unable to come up with a plot!" This is most distressing! This is a sad, sad day indeed. Very sad. Incredibly sad. I think I might cry. Oh, sad, sad, sad… wanders away bawling

A/N: I am grieved to say that Sheiky here is correct. I am going to discontinue Ordinary Story, but hopefully not for terribly long. My writing has been forced lately and I just haven't been able to get into it… and this makes me sad, and feel like I'm cheating all of you. So for a while, there will be no updates on Ordinary Story. This does not mean I'm stopping writing. I might be a bit quiet for a while, but I have other stories that I work on that I may publish once I'm happy with them. I do intend to continue Ordinary Story later on, and I am by no means going to leave it alone. There will be re-reading and editing like none of you will believe. Several key plot elements may change- I'm not sure. But either way, we'll see what happens. I promise you, this is NOT the end of Ordinary Story. I just need a little break from it. I am terribly, horribly sorry. Honestly, I am. Thank you all so much for all the wonderful support you've given me, and I hope that it continues, even through my hiatus. I will be back sometime soon, I'm certain. So don't fret, please! And I'm babbling. I'll see you all soon, though, I guess. Again, I apologize. Sorryyyyy.

Still yours,