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It has been quite a journey, has it not? The five stories that come before this finale were just warm-ups. Operation: TEENS, SHARE, DUMB, CHILL, and MAXIMUM were just little prequels to Operation: TIME WARP. Those that have been reading the Teens Next Door Saga this entire time should have been able to pick out little hints and clues that I left in the first five stories. Even if you have read them, I suggest that readers go back and just skim through the chapters so we all know where we are. Once you are done with that, you may come back here and read the Prologue. I am starting with a prologue in this story because I felt it was most proper to make things just start to heat up here towards the end of the saga. At first, the Teens Next Door were not supposed to have this saga. Operation: TEENS was just supposed to be another piece of fan fiction I would write for fun. Well, look at where that took us!

Operation: TIME WARP—Prologue

Dear Diary: My name is Megan Un, I'm eight years old, and you are my birthday present. Today is February 25. Today is the day I was born eight years ago. It is now 11:42 at night, and it will not be my birthday for much longer. That is why I am writing to you now so I can say I made my first ever journal entry on my birthday. I decided not to write to you before because my parents were up and constantly wanted to talk to me. They wanted to look back on all those embarrassing days from when I was a baby. I don't need to hear those stories. The past is over. I should be looking for future happiness.

Another reason I did not write is my brother. He will be turning five in a few days. At the age of four years, he is a very mischievous child. He always wants to look at the stuff I do for fun. It should not be any of his business to know what I do. He should just worry about his own life. Perhaps he will learn that at the age of five. Then again, it's very unlikely that a small child like he would change in only a few days. His immaturity is obvious at this day and age. Today he told our parents that he wanted a chimpanzee for his birthday! What a strange child! I do hope he finds some sanity one day.

Right now, I sit in a room with a single flashlight giving me light. It is very difficult to hold the flashlight and write neatly at the same time. I see that many of my letters are not drawn out correctly. Many of the vowels are not closed at the top. I forgot the tails on most of the letters going past the line of the paper. I should probably stop complaining about my handwriting—I'm just creating more mistakes with letters and words. Many of the words are bunched together and not given space. How am I going to read this when I am old?

Back on subject, I am sitting in this vacant room right now with a single sheet and pillow to keep me comfortable. You might be asking why. I shall tell you. You see, I ran away from home tonight. I felt as if I could not stay in my own home. I do not know why, but a voice kept ringing in my head on this night of the New Moon. To escape, I tied my bed sheets together and threw them over my windowsill. I know it's not very original, but it definitely works for a quick escape. I only brought one thing with me: you. You are the only thing that can keep me company right know. I know that I have no other friends in this world.

I take that last sentence back. I met four kids tonight. They live together in a giant tree house. I never knew this place existed. I must have run farther than I thought. One of the children told me I was in the next town over from where I live. I told them that I had just escaped from my own home and needed a place to stay for the night. They said I could stay with them, but just for tonight and only because it was my birthday. I agreed and thought there was no way I could repay their kindness. I don't know if I ever will be able to. I'm going to get killed when my parents find out I ran away from home. Kenny's going to do nothing but rub it in my face forever.

These kids also told me that they were part of a secret organization called the Kids Next Door or KND for short. Their leader just turned thirteen and was decommissioned. I'm sorry for him. It must be hard to be kicked out of a club like this and then have your memories erased by some evil twit up at their Moon Base. They said I could be an operative if I want. I just have to go to Antarctica. That, I'm sure, will be a hell of a time. I guess it's okay since I like the cold weather. Plus, I'll get to travel all over the world if I'm accepted into the organization.

A special operative visited us tonight, too. I barely got a good glimpse of her. I wonder who she was. The kids forced me into a closet and locked the door before I could see. She must have been the Kids Next Door Police. Either that, or she was a good fighter and could kick their butts.

I'm going to close up now. It's 11:59. I wanted to finish this entry before my birthday is up. Good night, Diary. I will try to talk to you tomorrow.