One month later.

Laney jumped out of her father's rented SUV as he pulled up in front of the arena. She was excited. It was the first time her father had let her come on the road since the accident. Waving to him as he took off to find a parking spot she headed down the walkway to the big double doors. Thankful it was still too early for the fans to be around she greeted the security at the door and walked in.

Once inside and out of the rain she paused. Her family did not like her to walk around the arenas alone. There were always wannabe wrestlers and new production people who didn't know who she was and might not be as nice to her. But she didn't want to wait in the empty, kind of spooky, hallway either.

As Laney stood there scaring herself with these thoughts she felt a tap on her shoulder. Screaming she whirled around to face her attacker. She slumped in relief when she saw the statuesque figure of Mr. McMahon.

"Welcome back Miss Calloway."

"You scared me to death." She accused holding a hand to her beating heart.

"Yes, well, I seem to do that to a lot of people around here." He said grinning down at her.

"How about you make up for it and walk me to one of the locker rooms. I don't think I want to stay here anymore."

"How about you come with me and you help me convince my hardheaded daughter she needs to go home." Vince offered instead.

"Is she still having trouble with the baby?" Delaney asked, knowing from her conversations with both Paul and Steph what had been going on in the last month. She followed him down the hallway.

"Yes she is and she is not suppose to be here this weekend. Paul doesn't know that his wife defied the doctors orders." He replied.

"Uh oh" Laney grimaced, remembering how loud Paul had yelled at her when he had come to visit her two and half weeks ago.

They were quiet as they walked down the hallway, stopping before a large door. Once it was opened Laney gasped in surprise. Stephanie was sitting in a chair before the overly large desk. The younger girl stared in astonishment at the size of her friend's belly, which was much bigger than the four month pregnancy warranted.

"Laney, I am so glad to see you. I have missed you so much and now maybe Paul won't be so mad at me." Steph said as she struggled out of her chair to hug the young girl.

"Ummm, maybe he is right to be mad. You don't look like you feel all that well." Laney pointed out, observing the dark circles and tired eyes.

"Everyone wants me to get as much rest as possible but I'm going crazy. I just needed to get out for a while. He and my father," she said pointedly while looking at him, "will just have to get over it."

At that moment the door opened to reveal a very angry Paul Levesque. Laney's eyes went wide and she quickly stepped away from his target.

"I will not get over it. You are putting your health and the health of our baby at risk by being here." He said in a quiet but steel lined voice.

McMahon and Delaney looked at each other and both headed for the door. Once outside McMahon took off to attend business leaving Laney alone in a dark hallway for the second time. Hearing the raised voices from behind the door she decided she wasn't staying and took off down the hallway. Coming to a locker room she ducked inside without thinking.

"I suggest you knock next time." Said a shirtless John Cena as he gazed at his unexpected visitor.

"Then I would never get to see anything." She replied laughing.

"You better not be looking." He warned as he pulled on a jersey. "What made you burst in here like that?"

"Paul and Steph" she answered. "Where's Randy?"

"He still not talked to you?" John asked, knowing that the separation between her and her favorite older brother had been bothering her for whole time of her confinement.

"I just don't get it. I can understand him not wanting to see me while I was hurt but there is a thing as a phone. You even called and checked up on me every week. He didn't call once. And I know Dave gave him his phone back."

"Well he can't avoid talking to you now. But I don't think he's got here yet." John told her as he tried to tickle her. Once they were done laughing he offered to take her to catering.

Walking into the crowded room Laney was hailed by the Divas. Saying goodbye to John, who was already engrossed in conversation with several other young stars, she walked over to the females table.

"I am so glad that your father let you come back. We have so much shopping to do." Stacy exclaimed as she pulled out a pen to sign the large cast on Laney's arm.

The group of females chatted together for an hour before Dave came looking for her. Following him back to his locker room she filled him in on the situation between Paul and Steph. Pausing in front of the door he turned and spoke to her. "Between you and Steph, he's not been in too good of a mood lately. He was probably just blowing off steam. He wouldn't hurt her."

"Well duh." Laney responded flopping on one of the couches. She struggled to keep a straight face when he gave her a look at her comment. Shaking his head he motioned for her to lie down.

"No way. I'm so tired of just laying around." She responded crossing her arms.

"You may not be on bed rest but I know that this is the most activity you have had in the last month. I just want you to rest for a short time."

Grumbling under her breath Laney laid down on the couch and turned on the TV. She didn't need a reminder of what happened when she did not obey the big man. Dave grinned at her attitude as he settled down to read.

Mark and Paul walked in a half hour later to find both of them sound asleep. Laney was startled awake as the door shut and she bounded off the couch.

"I am happy to see you behaving baby girl." Mark laughed when she glared at him.

Deciding to ignore him Laney turned to the other newcomer. "So Paul, how's Stephanie doing." She asked innocently.

Narrowing his eyes at her he growled. "She is at the hotel resting and will be going home tomorrow."

"You know you really shouldn't yell at a pregnant lady." Laney teased as she darted behind her father.

Paul gave chase until the commotion woke Dave, who solved the problem by lifting Laney in the air and throwing her to her father. Breathless Laney rode on her father's back as the three headed to the ring to practice.

"I need to practice baby girl, but there's someone over there that needs to talk to you." Mark informed her pointing to the arena seats.

Narrowing her eyes she pushed past him and stood there glaring.

"Well if it isn't the troublemaker." Randy teased the young girl.

Though she had planned on giving him a piece of her mind she could only stand there fighting tears.

"Ah come on Laney. I was just teasing." He said attempting to pull her over the barrier and into the seat beside him.

"You left me. For a whole month." She said quietly.

Randy sighed. "I didn't want to picture you like that. It brought back too many memories. I started to come down a few times and something always came up. But it's not like I just forgot about you. Dave kept me up to date on everything."

"You couldn't even use a phone. You're on yours like a thousand times a day." Laney pointed out.

"I guess that was my way of punishing you for scaring me." Randy frowned and looked up at her. "Forgive me?"

Laney smiled. "I might need some incentive."

"Then it's a good thing I got you a present." He laughed as she grabbed the package he handed her. "I figured you needed a new one since yours got all wet and stuff."

Delaney examined the journal in her hands. It was covered in soft pink leather and had her name etched in a fancy script on the front. Catching his worried look she went over and hugged him. "I love it Randy. Thank you so much. I'm glad we're okay now."

"Me too." He said before leaving to hunt down his script for the night.

Delaney curled up in the seat and pulled a pen out of her bag.

Dear Journal. My name is Delaney Kirsten Calloway and I am thirteen years old. I have an amzing family.

The end

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