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Pairings: Piers/Jenna/Garet, Isaac/Mia, and Felix/?, Sheba/Ivan/Feizhi, possible Alex/Jenna.

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"Piers, you're going to be fine. Now, I want you to grab your stuff and get in that building." A man replied, bringing the car to a halt. A boy about 15 years old sat there, refusing to move. A sigh escaped the man. "Please Piers. Go." Piers simply looked at the school before him.
"I don't want to. I hate school." Piers replied, coldly. His amber eyes held a dull gaze to them.
"I know. You hate school, you hate this town, and everything. But your mother begged me to take care of you if she died, and I live here. I know you liked your old home better, but no one will be there to take-"
"I can take care of myself." Piers growled, getting out of the car and making sure he slammed the door as he did so. As he walked in, he kept his eyes to the ground.
His mother was gone. She had fallen ill, and never woke up the next morning. Piers had never been so hurt in his life. In some ways... he felt abandoned. Like she left him. Only at the funeral did he realize he had an uncle. His mother knew she was going to die. The dying woman managed to contact her older brother, and tell him to take care of her son. This meant he had to leave his old school. Even thinking of the idea made him sick. Ever watched those movies? Where you're the new kid and everyone picks on you? That's what he feared.

Stepping to the counter to receive his schedule, he coughed for attention. Everyone turned to him.
"Hello. I don't remember your face!" A blonde haired woman laughed.
"That's because I'm new here." Piers whispered, not taking his eyes off the counter. His amber eyes... people made fun of those amber eyes. Piers came from a special culture where you had amber eyes, but no one knew that. Amber eyes aren't normal. He hated how people would stare and point. Yes, Piers had reasons to be anti-social.
"I'm Mrs. Anderson. Call me Dora though. What's your name?" She asked, her cheerful smile in place.
"Piers Regan..." He whispered once more.
"Piers? That's a nice name. Well, I guess you'll need someone to show you around the school. Hold on a moment." Piers nodded. Once Dora grabbed the microphone to talk to the school, she smiled. "Isaac honey! Come to the office! Mommy needs you!" Dora giggled, not realizing what she did.
"MOM!!!" A voice screamed from the cafeteria. Piers jumped slightly when the doors opened, and a blonde boy stormed in. "I told you to stop doing that!" Isaac hissed.
"I'm sorry, sweetie-"
"Quit calling me that!" Isaac yelled, before turning to Piers, who quickly looked away. "Who's he?"
"You get to be his tour guide. Show him his classes and lockers." Dora ordered.
"A girl was asking me out when you called me! Can it wait for 5 minutes?" Isaac begged.
"This wouldn't be that Mia girl, would it?" Dora asked, looking thoughtful.
"Mom!" Isaac snapped, snatching Piers' schedule and heading for the halls. Piers was silent, but followed. Once they were out of Dora's sight, Isaac turned to Piers. "My name's Isaac Anderson. That's my mom..." Piers nodded. "So... what's your name?" Isaac asked, confused that the other boy refused to look up at him.
"Piers." He simply mumbled.
"What's wrong? Do you have a zit or something?" Isaac asked, grinning.
"No!" Piers snapped, turning. Isaac gasped when he noticed the amber eyes holding anger.
"Chill man! I mean, it was a joke! Can I ask you something?"
"I was born with these eyes, so if you insult me, I swear I will have no problem punching you." Piers said, coldly and darkly. Isaac gulped, yet glared at him.
"I have nothing against your eyes! So they're amber, what's the big deal? No need to get mad!" Isaac snapped. Piers mumbled a sorry, and headed for his new locker. His face drained of its color. 666 were the locker's number. "You got the unlucky number..." Isaac whispered. Piers nodded. The number brought extra bad luck to him. His mother had died on 6- 06-06. Shaking his head, Piers sighed.
"Isaac!" A voice called. Isaac turned to see a purple haired girl running toward him. His Navy-blue eyes grew wide.
"Feizhi! What are you doing here?!" Isaac asked, forcing a grin on. A frown came onto Piers' face when he noted Isaac hiding behind him.
"You jerk! How could you just run off and leave! Was it a yes or no?!" Feizhi demanded.
"Yes or no?" Piers asked.
"Yes! Of course I'll go out with her!" Isaac protested.
"Then why didn't you tell her! Now she's hiding in the bathroom crying! She thinks you hate her!" Feizhi shouted.
"You go with Feizhi. I need to go. See ya around Piers. Hang on Mia, I'm coming!" Isaac called, rushing down the hall. Feizhi shook her head.
"What a loser. So who are you?" Feizhi asked, eyeing Piers suspiciously.
"A new kid." Piers muttered. Feizhi nodded, and grabbed his schedule.
"Whoa. You've got a few classes with me, and a bunch of classes with Jenna." Feizhi said, smiling.
"Jenna?" Piers asked, raising an eyebrow. That was a pretty name... a very pretty name...
"Don't tell me you don't know Jenna! Never mind. Anyway, I'll show you to your first class." Feizhi said, leading him down the hall.
{Jenna? Should I know her?} Piers wondered.

"Now class, I'd like to introduce a new student. His name is Piers Regan. Be pleasant toward him, or you might find yourself in detention with Mr. Morgan." The math teacher, Babi said.
"Saturos isn't too bad to hang out with! He makes a fun detention teacher!" A kid called out.
"Be quiet. Now, I'll seat you next to someone I know you'll get along with... hm... how about..." Babi smiled. "Ivan, over there." Piers looked up slightly to see a short blonde boy nervously looking around. "Don't worry Ivan. Mr. Regan doesn't bite, now do you?" Babi asked, turning back to Piers.
"Not really..." Piers whispered, before walking down the aisle. Everyone watched. A few girls began to giggle and mutter about how cute he looked. It was toward the end did he notice someone. A girl with auburn colored hair sighed as she looked out the window. The amber-eyed boy couldn't help but stare at her. For some odd reason, she looked lonely, sad, depressed. As if feeling his gaze, the girl turned to him. For a brief moment, her brown eyes stared deep into his amber eyes. Not wanting her to feel scared of his amber eyes, Piers quickly looked away, and took a seat next to the blonde.
"H-Hello. My n-name's I-I-"
"Your name's Ivan, I know." Piers replied coldly. A sigh of relief escaped Ivan. "What have you learned this year?" Piers asked.
"We just got past Algebra A." Ivan said, proudly. Piers froze. That was it? He was in a farther level. Well, this would be a boring year...

Taking a seat at an empty table near the corner, Piers silently began to eat his sandwich. This school wasn't as bad as he thought, yet it was still horrible. The blue haired boy was too busy in thought about how terrible the school was, he failed to notice someone sliding down next to him.
"Can my friends and I sit with you?" A familiar voice asked. Not even turning, Piers knew who it was, and mentally groaned. Isaac had a pleading look on his face. "Can I?" He asked. Piers swallowed, and looked behind him. No one was with him.
{Poor guy must have imaginary friends. It wouldn't hurt to let him sit with me...} "Whatever. I don't care." Piers growled. Isaac grinned.
"Hey guys! I found a place for us to sit at!" Isaac called. Piers stiffened. Oh god... no! Within moments, 6 other people sat around him. The only people he recognized were Isaac, Ivan and Feizhi. "Everyone, I'd like you to meet a new friend of mine! His name is Piers!" Isaac said, his grin still plastered on his face. Piers sighed, folded his lunched up, and quietly sat there.
"Hi Piers..." Ivan whispered. A confused look was on Piers' face when he noted that Feizhi was leaning against the little blonde.
"Allow me to introduce everyone. This is Ivan." Piers nodded to him. "This is Feizhi, who you met earlier." Feizhi smiled, hugging Ivan's arm. "This is Felix." The brunette smirked. "This is my girlfriend Mia." Mia gave a friendly wave to him. "Meet Garet, my best friend through kindergarten." Piers frowned when he saw the larger man with spiky hair nod to him, not really caring about him. "Last but not least, my other childhood friend, Jen-"Isaac stopped short when there was an empty seat. "Where'd Jenna go?" Isaac questioned.
"Alex set her up. She got called down to the office." Garet grumbled. Mia groaned.
"I hate my cousin! He's such a jerk!" Mia yelled, kicking her feet in anger.
"I hate him too." Felix muttered, angry with Garet.
"Alex?" Piers asked.
"He is Mia's older cousin. He's been playing tricks on Jenna for years. It makes me-I mean- us very angry." Garet whispered.
"He'd be lucky I don't beat the living-"
"Felix!" Feizhi snapped.
"Sorry Feizhi. I'm just sick of him being like that to my sister." Felix whispered. Piers frowned. This Jenna was talked about a lot, yet he still didn't know her...
"I just remembered I left something at my locker. I'll be back." Piers uttered.
"Hey! I'll come with you!" Isaac said, getting up as well.
"No thank you." Piers whispered.
"Oh... okay." A little bit of guilt sunk in when Piers saw how hurt Isaac looked. Shrugging it off, Piers headed for the halls. Once reaching them, a gasp escaped him when he noticed someone sitting against the wall. Who was it...? Curious and confused, Piers headed toward the person. His eyes grew wide when he heard faint sobs escaping the hands covering his or her's face.
"What's wrong?" Piers asked. Shocked, the hands were removed and a pair of tear-filled brown eyes looked up at him. {It's her!} Piers thought, seeing the same girl from earlier. Noticing his stare, the girl quickly wiped the tears from her face.
"I'm sorry to bother you. I'm fine!" She said, forcing a smile on. Piers saw through the smile and narrowed his eyes.
"Your crying, no use in hiding it. Now tell me, what's wrong?" Piers demanded, not realizing how powerful his tone was. The girl whimpered.
"I hate him!" She yelled, looking away. Piers arched an eyebrow.
"Hate who?" He asked. The girl sighed.
"Alex of course. Always picking on me. Making fun of me. Calling me an orphan..." She whispered.
"Mind if I ask for your name?" Piers asked, his cold tone still in place. The girl smiled slightly.
"You must be new to not know me. My name's Jenna." She said...

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