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"What do you want, punk?" Karst snarled, narrowing her eyes at both Piers and Isaac. Isaac nervously laughed, and stepped toward her… only to hear an irritated growl from his side. Turning, he nervously waved at a tall young man with weird colored hair. Piers couldn't quite place his finger on it… but this guy looked sort of like Saturos…

"H-Hello Agatio…" Isaac painfully laughed, trying to ignore Agatio's cold eyes on him.

"I said what do you want, punk?" Karst demanded, getting annoyed all ready. Trying to keep his cool, Isaac handed her a letter. Confused… Karst raised an eyebrow. "Sorry, I don't date punks like you…"

"It's not from me. Felix asked me to give it to you." Instantly, her eyes lit up.


"Felix told me he wanted me to give you this letter since he's too dumb and shy. Will you at least read it before the teacher yells at me for not jogging?" Cautiously, Karst took the letter… and grew red in the face.

"So… Felix gave this to me?" She asked, staring at the sealed envelope with her name in cursive on it. Isaac nodded. "Why? I thought he went for… girls like Kay…" She whispered, recalling the way Felix always got goofy with Garet's older sister.

"Well… I think he likes you now… but do me a favor, and never mention anything about him writing a letter. He gets all shy and whacked out… if you know what I mean…" Nodding, Karst stared at him.

"I'm… I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick… bye!" With that said, she took off, snapping at kids in her way.

"Mission accomplished, Piers." Isaac snickered, not realizing Agatio had been standing there, mouth open and eyes wide. "Let's get going and talk to Felix!" Both ran out… leaving a still stunned Agatio behind.

"How… how did…" Pausing, Agatio took out his wallet, and looked at a photo tucked into the plastic frame. It was a picture of Karst punching him… and tooth flying toward the camera. "How could I have lost my precious Karst…" He whimpered, falling got his knees in despair…

"AGATIO! GET UP AND GIVE ME 5 LAPS!" The teacher shouted. Sniffling, Agatio tucked his wallet away and began doing his laps around the track.

Girl's bathroom

"It… it can't be…!" Ripping open the letter, Karst tore it out and began reading it.

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

Even though you might hate me

I'm in love with you

Your Prince Charming, Felix –

"Oh…" Karst paused to let out a squeal. She had had the biggest crush on Felix since 6th grade. She could have never been happier… until a certain purple haired girl walked into the room. Feizhi frowned when she saw… Karst warmly smiles at her? (Gasp.)

"Karst… are you ok?" Feizhi asked, worried that the light maroon haired girl was sick. She never smiled like that… not even when she was beating people senselessly!

"Of course I am!" Suddenly, Karst's face flashed to a ticked off expression. "What are you looking at, bitch?" Sighing in relief, Feizhi smiled. Karst was back to normal…

With 'Prince Charming'

"Someone wrote a love letter to me?" Felix asked, raising an eyebrow. Isaac and Piers sat across from him during lunch. Instantly, Felix narrowed his eyes in distrust. "What are you two up to?"

"Whatever could you possibly mean, beloved friend of mine?" Isaac asked, a halo glowing above his messy blonde hair. Poor Piers smacked a hand to his forehead. He was just a dead give away…

"Now I know something is up… what did you do, Isaac?" Felix questioned, clenching his teeth on Isaac's name. But Isaac could only give him his goofy grin.

"Did I mention you're one of my best friends ever?" Leaping over the table – and making sure not to get any food on him- Felix grabbed Isaac by the collar.

"What the hell did you do!" Felix demanded, lifting Isaac up an inch or two.

"I-I had to help Piers! And you said if we found you a date… you'd let him go with Jenna! So I got you a date!" Isaac protested, nervously gulping while Piers watched them wide eyed. Slowly… Felix let him go.

"All right… then who did you get as my date…?" Quickly, Isaac and Piers exchanged glances. This only made Felix grow more worried.

"Well…" Isaac paused to nervously laugh. "Funny you should ask…"

"Isaac… who is it…?"

"Her name starts with a K…" His brown eyes lit up and Felix suddenly grinned.

"Is it Kay? Did you get me a date with her? Oh, I'm so excited! If you were a chick, I'd totally kiss you!" Gulping… Isaac allowed his face to fall to fear. Piers took a few steps back… this didn't look good…

"No… it's not Kay… try… Karst?" The blonde nervously laughed. Felix's eyes dulled and his happy grin became an upset frown.


5 minutes later

"Oh, come on Felix! Put Isaac down!" Mia shouted. Felix stood on top of the table, strangling Isaac… Simpson's style.

"No! Karst can't stand me! I can't stand Karst! It's not gonna work!" Felix bellowed, dropping Isaac. The blue eyed boy sat there, trying to make his face less blue. "I wouldn't mind going on a date with her, but think about it Isaac! She hates me!"


"What the hell is it now, Jenna-"Before Felix could finish, he turned to his 'sister' to see… a pair of light pink eyes. "K-Karst!"

"I've decided I'm gonna go out with you." With that, she walked off… as though, not caring for Felix's answer. Even though it was sudden and confusing, no one stopped her from walking… The brunette held a panicked look. How was he going to go out with one of the scariest people in school!

"Isaac!" Mia gasped, watching Felix take Isaac's face… and bash it against the table. "Quit fighting, you 2!" The word 'fighting' seemed to echo in the cafeteria, and before anyone could say 'adept'… a crowd had circled around the 2, cheering as loud as they could for Felix or Isaac.

"My money's on Felix…" Ivan shyly whispered, holding up a $5 bill in front of Feizhi.

"Beat his ass, Isaac!" Feizhi shouted, narrowing her eyes. Piers stared at the two. Did they always bet when someone got in a fight?

"You jack-ass! I should kill you!" Felix bellowed, shoving Isaac to the floor. The blonde let out a cry of pain when Felix's fist continually got him in the stomach. "I can't believe you! Of all the dumb things you ever have done, Isaac!" Soon a small trace of blood had spat up between Isaac's lips, which started worrying the gang…

"Get off him, Felix! You're killing him!" Mia cried, grabbing onto the brunette's ponytail. But that didn't stop him. He was in too much of a rage to have noticed Mia trying to stop him…

"I haven't seen him this mad since Garet took Jenna's first kiss!" Feizhi gasped, grabbing onto her light violet hair. A spark of interest could be seen In Piers' amber eyes at this. What was that…?

"Leave him alone!" Mia yelled, her fear flashing to anger when Isaac started looking pale… However Felix didn't stop… not until… "I said… leave him alone!" Without Mia yanked so hard on Felix's hair, he made a painful cry as he fell back. Next, the blue haired girl jumped onto Felix's stomach… and began painfully stomping on his gut.

"Mia can so whoop his butt." Feizhi stated, handing Ivan $10. But just when everything looked even more violent… a voice boomed at the three, and every kid in the room froze.

"I can't leave you three alone for even 1 minute!" The crowd parted… and as usual, Saturos stood there, crimson eyes narrowed. As he looked at the trio… he slapped a hand to his forehead. "Mia…" The blue haired girl instantly jumped off Felix. "Felix…" The brunette nervously gulped as he tried to scoot away from Isaac. "Isaac…"

"What? I didn't do anything! All I did was bleed on the floor!" Isaac snapped, sitting up. A black eye had developed on the left side of his face; his lower fat lip was letting blood go down his chin while bruises could be seen along his body. All and all… he was in really bad shape…

"Exactly. You get to follow me down to the Nurse's room…" No one caught Saturos' face flustering at the thought of seeing Menardi. "Felix and Mia… to my office…" Then, he whirled to the 'audience'. "As for you, lunch is over! Get back to class!"

"Pretty good fight, huh Feizhi?" Ivan muttered, before she latched herself onto his arm. Little did they know… Piers was staring at Feizhi, his face emotionless… but his amber eyes holding something.

"Garet and Jenna kissed…?"

"What did you do to my boy, Saturos?" Dora screamed, clapping her hands to her face. Poor Saturos had walked into the room with a bloody and saddened Isaac behind him.

"Chill out mom… it was Felix…" Like Dora was going to believe that! All her years of living next to Felix and Jenna… never had Felix done such damage to her baby… "He got… really pissed off with me, ok?"

"Honey…" Shooting out of her seat, Dora grabbed a stapler… and pointed it at Saturos. "Don't defend this scum bag! I bet he told you to say that!" Nervously, Saturos jumped back first toward the door. "I'll kill him, sweetie! If we have to bury him in our backyard… I will!"

"B-Be reasonable, Dora!" Saturos cried, crimson eyes wide as the stapler jabbed him in the chest. Why was this crazy office lady picking on him? "I didn't hurt Isaac in anyway!"

"Mom!" Both turned to Isaac –Saturos looking frightened while Dora looking pissed off-. Isaac stood there, sapphire colored eyes narrowed. "He didn't beat me up, it was Felix…"

Though Dora's face softened… she still had another reason blame Saturos…

"You sure? I hope he's not using you as an excuse to see Menardi…" As if on cue… the door to the health room opened… and Menardi stepped out in a giant white coat.

"What about me?" She asked, raising a delicate eyebrow. Dora and Isaac stared at her… while some sort of dazed love sick expression came to Saturos' blue face.

"H-Hi… Menardi…" Saturos whispered, a goofy smile on his face. But she sent him a fierce venom filled glare out of the corner of her red eyes…

"White chocolate…" She hissed, making Saturos suddenly gulp. Couldn't she simply forget about that…? Slowly, her eyes went to the badly injured Isaac. "My, my… someone was reckless…" She whispered, a smile tickling at her lips.

"Please take good care of him…" Dora commanded, gently pushing her only child toward the nurse… but not before she sent Saturos a warning glance.

"Now open your text books to page 57…" Sighing, Ivan slowly opened his science book. It was 8th period, the final period of the day. And he couldn't wait until he went home…

See, unlike Felix, Piers, Jenna and Isaac who all had the same science class… Ivan was in a more 'advanced' science class. And he was alone since Feizhi and Mia had Chinese class while Garet took cooking…

"Oh! Before I forget… I'd like to introduce you to your new class mate! Her name is Sheba, and she came all the way from New York!" A spark of curiosity went through Ivan's medium violet eyes. They lived in a tiny town… so what was someone from New York doing here?

"Hi! I'm Sheba!" Looking up… Ivan grew wide eyed to see a rather cute girl –in his opinion- standing at the front of the classroom.

And though everyone was looking at her… her amethyst shaded eyes were narrowed at little Ivan… while a creepy smile played along her pink lips…

"Why's… she looking at me like that…?" Ivan thought with a loud gulp…

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