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Here is the better summary!: Draco and Hermione are doing a project required from all of the students in seventh year. What is the project? You have to read for that m'dears! Now they perform this project, but an unwanted side effect happens…or is it so unwanted?

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Chapter 1: They Are Assigned…


Hermione sat in the Great Hall along with her fellow Gryffindors. On each of her sides Harry and Ron were sitting, engulfed in the task of eating as much of the food as they could before it disappeared. Hermione had already finished all of her food and was pondering something she had read in her letter announcing her as Assistant to the Headmaster. This was a new position. It was like Head Boy and Girl, only that she would be working directly for the Deputy Headmistress and Headmaster. She knew that there was a boy as well who got this honor. She wasn't thinking about this though…

No what had her mind occupied, instead of meaningless gossip that is, was what she had caught in between the lines. When she read the letter she knew it was probably written by one of the teachers or the Headmaster himself.

Dear Miss Granger,

            I would like to inform you that you have nominated and accepted for the position of Assistant to the Headmaster along with another student. This position is higher than that of the Head position in that one has to show complete and utter competence in handling real responsibility. This position however will not exclude you from a required standard demanded of all students.

Looking forward to having you around,

Albus Dumbledore.

She had re-read that letter and found that little hint in it-'will not exclude you from a required standard.' What in the name of Merlin's right bum cheek could that mean? Hermione was roused from her thoughts as Ron nudged her.

"What? Sorry didn't catch that," she said sheepishly.

Ron sighed. "I said what do you reckon all this is about? In case you haven noticed Hermione, all of the House colors are gone!"

Hermione gave the Great Hall a once-over. Indeed there was a lack in color. None of the tables were festive with the House colors. Hermione shrugged.

"I don't know Ron, but good point. I hope its something interesting though."

"Interesting like what?" interjected Harry.

Hermione opened her mouth to answer but at the moment the food disappeared and Dumbledore stood at the Teacher's Table.

"Excuse me students. I have to make an announcement that I have been quite exited to share with you all. Now first I would like to dismiss all the sixth years and below to their dorms; all seventh years please stay in the Great Hall." Dumbledore waited as the groaning and whining group of students left the Hall rather slowly. When the double doors were shut, the Headmaster's twinkling eyes resided on the curious seventh years.

"Now as I was saying. There is quite a bit of exciting news for you all. As you all are leaving to face the real world in a few short months, the Ministry has asked that we now train you in all aspects that you will be facing. In this I am speaking of the joys of…" he looked around and saw all of the heads inclining to him, hung on his words, "marriage."

There was a murmur among the students. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at each other in some surprise. So this is what he had in mind is it? Hermione looked on to the Headmaster as he finished his statement.

"Now you all will be assigned partners and will be 'married' for the rest of the year. The third floor has been reserved for only the graduating class and has dorms each containing one common room and two bedrooms. Now I will call out your names and that of your partner."

Dumbledore could see the concern on the face of the graduating class. "Now wait don't go thinking dragons when you have lizards (I don't know if that saying works D) the sorting hat will be assigning your partners to fit your collaboration."

Dumbledore put the small hat on the stool and let it work its magic.

That hat sprang to life. "Now don't go thinking I am going to sing. I already did that earlier today. I'll just call out your names," the hat said eyeing the students with scrutiny.

Everyone sat with tension knotting in his or her stomachs. Hermione looked around at her two friends in desperation. They knew what she was thinking.

"Don't worry much Herm. You'll probably end up with one of us. Who better to collaborate with eh?" Ron said consolingly.

"Yes I guess your right. I just can't help feel a little dread. This idea really is wonderful, but there could be risks," Hermione said cautiously.

"Nah. You'll see everything will be alright. What's the worse that can happen?" Harry asked shrugging.

"Oh no you didn't! Harry!" Hermione shrieked.

Harry looked alarmed. "What? What did I do?!"

"You just jinxed everything that's what!" she said.

Before Harry could defend himself, the Sorting Hat spoke up. "Yes alright now. Here we go! Blaise Zabini…Alicia Spinnet. Greggory Goyle…Parvati Patil…" the Hat went on until it called Ron's name.

"Ronald Weasley…Luna Lovegood…Harry Potter…" every girl held her breath for this, " Pansy Parkinson…" Harry sat in numb shock as he heard his sentence. Hermione saw him look over to the Slytherine Table eyeing the very unusually shy blonde that was his 'future wife.' Finally the hat came to another name and Hermione went white.

"Hermione Granger…. Draco Malfoy…."  Hermione remained silent and very aloof until the end of the ceremony. When the Hat was done she also, like Harry, looked over to the Slytherine Table and saw Draco Malfoy giving her a look that said 'this should be interesting.' He noticed her stare at him and blew a kiss towards her. Hermione looked away quickly, cringing.

Angrily she smacked Harry on the arm rather hard. "Ow! What was that for?!" he said indignantly.

"For cursing me! That's why!"

Dumbledore rose to the podium again and spoke. "Now that you all have your partners, tomorrow you will report back to the Great Hall and the weddings will take place! For now return to your normal dorms of your Houses. Good night. Oh and will the Assistants please stay behind."

Hermione hugged Harry and Ron as they made their way to the common room. She started walking towards the Headmaster. A thought quickly occurred to her. The Assistant male will also be walking up to him! She quickly glanced around as she reached the Headmaster and saw none other than her future ball and chain: Draco Malfoy.

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