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Chapter 37: Things that Happen at Night

Minerva sat down on the chair quite exhausted. The last time she had performed an Elemental Ceremony had been years ago when she was much stronger and could endure long drains of her magic. Now at her age she felt that drain everywhere. Through her fatigue she managed to smile. She had married two people who she knew deserved to be together. She had her eyes closed as she remembered what she had done for the young couple just two hours ago. They had looked so happy. They needed this after what they had been through, and what they will go through. Just the thought multiplied her fatigue.

"My dear woman, where is your mind right now?" came a deep and wise voice. Minerva kept her smile and spoke without opening her eyes.

"Albus I was able to unite yet another couple," Minerva said with a heavy sigh.

"And that is what bothers you?" Albus asked confused.

"It's their future that worries me Albus. I feel as though I have given them something that they won't get to fully enjoy."

"My dear woman you need not feel that way," Albus said with relief, "I am afraid that the upcoming war has given you the wrong impression."

Minerva finally opened her eyes and looked at her soul-mate in the eyes. "What other impression of war should I have?"

"Minerva…the type of war that they will go through is not physical, it's soulful," Albus said intensely.

"I am afraid that I don't follow."

"Minerva do you remember how Harry defeated Voldemort? How it was that instead of killing him, he killed off the part in Harry that was actually the horcrux?" the old Headmaster asked sitting across from the woman he loved.

Minerva merely nodded, still puzzled as to where this was going. "That is basically what needs to happen here," Albus said softly.

Minerva allowed her eyes to get wide with surprise as she sat a bit more up in her chair. "Really? You mean no one is really going to die?" she asked sounding hopeful.

"If all goes as it should, then no," Albus said taking Minerva's leg up in his lap and beginning to massage her feet.


He picked up his pace and clenched his hands. Gone off on Dumbledore's business my ass, though Ninurta as he made his way out of the castle. Hermione and Draco had been gone since Friday night. He knew that it was no coincidence. They had gotten married and he knew it. No one needs to confirm it, he just knew. From what Anu had told him last time, Enlil was probably the cause for Nergal to speed up the date of the wedding. Ninurta groaned at the sluggish speed at which he had to travel due to the human body he had to inhabit. Finally he made it out to the edge of the forest and waited until his father made himself known.

Crackles and sparks of electricity started until finally the body of Lucius Malfoy manifested itself in front of Ninurta. Anu looked over at his son with a proud smile.

"What news do you bring me Ninurta?" Anu asked stepping closer to his son.

Ninurta bowed his head in respect and then let a sigh escape his mouth. "It seems there might be a slight hitch in our plans," he said annoyed.


"Thanks to Enlil's wonderful idea to sexually foul Irkalla's human body, the lovely couple moved up the day of the wedding."

Anu stiffened. "How up are you talking?"

"They are already married," Ninurta said looking at his father with disgust. It was not aimed at Anu and he knew this; his son had never approved of his baby sister whoring around with Nergal. Anu remained calm and tried to think about how this would change their plans. Although he knew that their war was not a physical one, it did not mean that they could not use physical tactics to weaken their enemy. The Elemental marriage between his daughter and that wretch was done to finally bind the souls as one, so then…

"Thank you for telling me Ninurta," Anu said, a grin starting to form on his face, "But I do not foresee any problems."

Ninurta shifted his weight and furrowed his brows. "How could their union not be a problem? They will be stronger now than before."

"Ninurta, the union was merely of their souls," Anu said looking at his son purposefully, "All we have to do is break the bond."

"How will we do that?"

"Simple," Anu said with his grin spreading, "We kill this Draco Malfoy."

Ninurta looked at his father confusedly. "Father, won't that simply weaken Irkalla? I thought our purpose was to kill her?"

Anu glanced at his son and then back ahead of him. "No. I just want to weaken her. Irkalla has done nothing wrong. She has been merely brainwashed by that foul fuck," Anu said glaring angrily at nothing in particular. He looked back towards Ninurta. "Never forget my son, that she is your sister and my daughter. I may be a heartless ruler, but towards you all…I could never do you harm."

Ninurta nodded. His father was never one to show emotion. If anything, this was the most emotion his father had ever displayed, but he was right. Irkalla was his sister and he should not want to cause her harm. However, her actions were excusable. Irkalla had acted on bad faith due to Nergal, but what was Ea's excuse?

Ninurta cleared his throat. "Father…I know you meant what you just said, but…" Ninurta trailed off not knowing whether it was right to rat out his brother.

"What is it?"Anu said.

"Father, haven't you ever given thought as to why we have not been recycled? By nature's law we should not be here talking to each other through our present re-incarnation's body."

Anu nodded. "That is true. I always thought it was just Fate. She can be ruthless you know."

Ninurta nodded. "Yes Aunt Fate has been cruel in the past, but it was not her who condemned us to this."

Anu looked at Ninurta suspiciously. "You know who did this us."

Ninurta nodded. "It was Ea."


She looked at herself in the mirror. No, this doesn't seem quite right. She took off her clothes and tried on another ensemble. She was definitely leaning towards a skirt, but what shirt should she wear? It was still cold outside and she wanted to stay warm…Ginny looked through her wardrobe and found a button up shirt with ¾ sleeves. She then looked at the skirt she had on in the mirror. It will look a little 50s, but why not? Ginny slipped the shirt on and buttoned it up. She then tucked the bottom part of the shirt into the skirt. The skirt was black and was the kind that clung straight down to just below her knee.

She then grabbed her wand and, while looking in the mirror, adjusted her hair so that it was curled at the ends. She wore no make-up since she had never been in the habit of it. Yeah, but tonight's special. She looked through her book of beauty charms and decided just on rouge and light lipstick. She walked back to her wardrobe and took out slender black heels that were closed heel, but open-toed. She then walked down to the common room and waited for her…her what? Was he her boyfriend?

Ginny sat on the chair closest to the portrait door. She and Blaise had been on very nice terms since they had found out about being soul mates, but they had not defined their relationship. Was it just expected that they be together now? They had been together at the hip since before Christmas when they found out, but in that month and a half Blaise had only kissed her once. That had been it in the Astronomy Tower and nothing since then.

True she had asked for time to get used to him, but a month was more than enough time. Maybe I need to show him that I am ready. Ginny smiled at the thought. She could do that. Slowly and subtly she could show him that she was ready to begin a new relationship with him.

Knock knock.

Ginny's face perked up at the knock as she jumped up to answer the door. She opened it and saw the person how had been occupying her thoughts only moments before. Blaise stood there in a smoky-grey button up shirt that lay on his chest untucked into his black dress pants. He sent her an appreciative once-over that caused Ginny to giggle lightly.

"You look good," Ginny said stepping out of the common room and into the stone hallway.

"You look better," Blaise said extending his arm which Ginny accepted. They walked down in silence with only the clicking of Ginny's heels being heard. As they reached the double doors to go out, Blaise let go of her arm to open the door. Ginny smiled flirtatiously at him and walked through the door. Blaise closed the door behind him and instantly felt a foreign confusion hit him. He knew that it was Ginny who was feeling this.

"What's this for Blaise?" Ginny said pointing to the broom that was hovering in front of her.

Blaise took hold of the broom and brought it closer to her. "Hop on."

Ginny grinned. "You should have told me we were gonna fly. I would have worn pants."

"Then I am glad I didn't tell you."

Ginny giggled again and waited for Blaise to mount the broom. He then helped her on to sit lady-like on the broom. Blaise kicked off and flew at a slow speed. After all, this was intended to be romantic.

"So…Where are you taking me hm?" Ginny asked demurely.

Blaise lowered his head so that his lips were close to her ear. "It's called a surprise," he whispered. Ginny smiled, but instantly put on a poker face.

"Hermione and Draco had a beautiful ceremony don't you think?" Ginny asked changing the subject.

"Yeah it was," Blaise commented sounding like he was actually thinking about it, "Having known Draco for most of my life, I think the wedding fit him to a T."

"Hermione too. She's not too frilly or flashy. The wedding wasn't extravagant, which is so like her."

Blaise started to descend near where the Whomping Willow was. Ginny could see that there were tiny little flecks of light roaming around it. Blaise landed and waited for Ginny to get off before he did as well. With a flick of his wand the fireflies floated to a higher level so that they provided light over the blanket and basket of food that appeared under them. Ginny put her hands to her mouth in surprise as she saw the scene before her unfold. Blaise took her hand and walked her near the beautiful cloud of fireflies that hovered above their dinner.

"Blaise…wow…" Ginny said as she sat down on the blanket.

"Thanks. I do try," he said with a grin in her direction.

Ginny took in everything around her; the beautiful moonlight, the romantic gesture with the fireflies and the picnic, and how charming Blaise was acting. Even though it was downright irresistible what he was doing, why was he doing it? Her previous thoughts as to the loose definition of their relationship made their way back into her head. She didn't notice Blaise glance at her. He felt the doubt and uncertainty roll off of her like thick heat. He had known that she had been wanting to talk about was it was that they were, but he wanted to beat her to the punch.

"Ginny…" Blaise said.

"Hmm?" Ginny said looking back at him.

"What are you thinking?"

Ginny sighed. "It's…" she cleared her head as she tried to search for the words. You want to show him you're ready right? Here's your chance. "Blaise what am I to you?"

Blaise took a second to really consider the question. "You're an unexpected surprise, that's what you are. You're the type of friend I never thought I would have. You're the confidant I have always wanted."

Blaise's answer had been intentional; he knew that what he had said was not what Ginny wanted to hear. He was not disappointed. Ginny's face fell slightly and the disgruntled feeling that she was emanating was proof to Blaise.

"Oh," she said dejectedly. She started to get up and straightened her skirt out as she did. Blaise stood too, and sent her a confused look. He walked over to her and took her in his arms. Ginny did not protest, but she showed no enthusiasm for the gesture.

"You didn't let me finish," Blaise said putting pressure under her chin with his finger. Ginny looked up at him, but did not let the feeling of hope get to high.

"You're the beauty in life that I never expected to see. You're the infinite trust that I was never shown," he said putting his hand on her face, "You're the once in a lifetime opportunity that I don't intend to pass up."

Blaise stopped to let the words sink in. He saw her lip quiver with emotion and decided to continue. "You're the completeness that I've never known. You're also the love I never thought I'd feel," he said stretching out his arm to catch a firefly in his hand. He brought it back down in his closed hand. He then opened it in front of Ginny's face and began to get down on one knee. Ginny felt her insides run cold and the breath leave her body.

"You're also the only woman I'll ever want to call my love, my companion, my wife," he said opening his hand and revealing a single white-gold band with a solitaire diamond in the middle. "Ginverva Weasley will you marry me?"

Ginny just continued to stare at him not really believing what was happening. She wasn't even sure if they were dating, and now he was proposing to her? She let her hands fall to her sides. Did she really want to do this? Was she ready for such a step? Maybe not right now, but one thing I do know is that I'll never feel for another man what I feel for him. Of its own accord, her left hand started to lift while her head numbly nodded.

"Yes," she felt her mouth say. Blaise grinned and put the ring on her finger. He picked her up and twirled her around.

"Not that I am not excited, but are you sure?" Blaise asked setting her back down.

"Yes," Ginny said through happy tears, "Here I was just expecting for you to say that we're at least dating."

"Well," Blaise said gripping her around the waist, "If you've already found what you want, why keep looking?"

Ginny smiled at him. "Just remember that I am a year younger than you are. You're gonna have to wait until I finish Hogwarts at least," Ginny said drying her eyes.

"As long as I can call you mine, I don't care," Blaise said with a tender smile.

"My parents are gonna flip," Ginny said putting her arms around his neck.

"Let's forget about all that now," Blaise said hugging her tightly.

Ginny blushed as she lifted her head to peck his lips timidly. Blaise chuckled. "That's not how I remember our first kiss. I think it went something more like this," he said sinking his head down and catching her lips. Ginny hugged him more tightly and allowed the rush of emotions to flow through her. Blaise was sensing every single one of this emotions, the most prominent however was arousal. Ginny had been waiting a very long time for him to kiss her again like this. Blaise let his hand trail softly down her back until it reached her hip. He clutched her tightly there and pushed her pelvis suggestively into his.

Ginny gasped and ran her hand in his hair. Blaise began to walk them backwards towards the blanket. Without breaking the kiss he laid her down and took his place on top of her with his weight on one elbow. His hand that cupped her face slid down her neck and to the place in between her breasts.

The food lay forgotten.


He looked out onto the water-streets that made up the city. The moon fell beautifully upon the city as the white granite and stone of the Venetian buildings glowed. Draco hugged his charmed jacket closer to him as he felt a shiver run up his spine. True that it was beautiful here, but it was still winter. He blew warm air into his hands and rubbed them together. Over the light rippling of the water he could hear soft breathing. He glanced over his shoulder into the room where his wife lay on the bed. Draco gripped the stone railing of the balcony as frustration and discouragement ran through him.

They were going back to Hogwarts tomorrow, and Draco Malfoy had yet to make love to his wife. Over the weekend they had had much fun going through as much of the city as they could together, but Hermione never stopped reminding Draco of how his touch disgusted her. He knew that it was not intentional, that it was because of what had happened to her that she reacted that way, but it was beginning to hurt and annoy him. Every time when his mind would let that fact slip away and he would try to even hold her hand, she'd send him a fearful glare and then shut her eyes in disgust at the sensation that crawled up her skin.

When they would sit down to eat Draco looked at Hermione as she watched the other couples caress and hold each other. She would show just a flash of guilt before looking back up to Draco and feigning a smile. Draco had tried to get her to relax and sleep when it had come time for them to go to share a bed, but Hermione said that she couldn't. So Draco had to resort to the couch. Needless to say, this was not how he had envisioned his honeymoon with Hermione.

He sighed and bowed his head. He knew that Hermione needed time to get over what had happened to her, but Draco was not a saint and he could not wait forever. He just prayed to God that he would not snap and take her against her will.


Draco tensed at the feminine voice that called out to him. He lifted his head and turned to walk back into the room. He closed the double-doors behind and found Hermione awake and standing three feet from him in her robe and nightgown. Her tired and innocent face held a look of puzzled curiosity.

"Sorry Hermione, I couldn't sleep. It was nothing. Go back to bed," Draco said taking off his jacket and revealing his naked torso to Hermione. Draco saw when Hermione's eyes widened, her face blushed, and she shifted her head to avert her gaze. Draco clenched his jaw and let out an angry groan.

"You really need to stop that. I am three feet away from you. I won't do a damn thing to you for Merlin's sake. Just go back to bed," he said harshly as he slipped off his shoes and walked over to his couch.

Hermione felt the spark of fury run through her mind at Draco's attitude. "I'm sorry if I am annoying you Draco. I can't help the way I react."

Draco leapt up from the couch and strode over to Hermione with his muscles taught with irritation. "That's bullshit and you know it Hermione. It's been a damn month since that fuck touched you. I understand that you were assaulted and that you feel violated," Draco said gripping his hands into fists, "But what I can't understand is that fact that you can't even look at me without feeling disgusted."

Hermione wrapped her arms around herself suddenly feeling small. "It's not that simple Draco. I can't just forget-"

"More bullshit!" Draco said cutting the air angrily with his hand. "You mean to tell me that you can't forget a few minutes of him touching as oppose to the months where I showed you nothing but respect and adoration?" Draco asked accusingly. He knew he was sounding harsh at the moment, but he was starting to feel degraded by the very question that he had just asked her.

Hermione looked at Draco and let her eyes shine with the water that wanted to pour from them. He was right. Dear sweet Merlin he was right! She had stayed focused on the assault that she had been through without ever thinking about the millions of caresses that Draco had given her. She had let one moment of abuse overshadow the months of love that she had spent with him. That's what was bothering him. Hermione wanted to kick herself.

She stayed put as Draco took a few steps closer to her. "Merlin Hermione…" he breathed softly, "Was one moment all it took for you to forget me?" he asked with naked sincerity.

That did it for Hermione. She let the tears flow from her eyes as she realized her mistake. She had made Draco feel so minuscule with her actions. That was not what she felt!

"I'm so sorry," Hermione said with her shoulders shaking, "I didn't realize what I was doing to you…That you would feel like this."

Draco stood directly in front of her wanting nothing more than to hug her, but he restrained himself. "I apologize for having been so harsh earlier, but I couldn't take it anymore," he said lifting his hand and putting it under her chin. Hermione did not recoil from his touch and followed his gesture to look at him. "Do you have any idea what it's like to love you and not be able to show that?"

Hermione sniffed softly and put her hand on his. She moved his hand so that it was cupping her cheek. "Draco don't ever think for one moment that you are second to anything in my life. You're all I see anymore," Hermione said removing her hand from his and shyly stroking his temple until she reached his jaw line and then his lips. "I guess I just needed you to remind me of that."

Draco wanted to respond, but stayed still as he saw her eyes shift to where her finger had been just seconds before. Hermione took a furtive step closer to him and replaced her finger with her lips. She grazed Draco's lips with such feather-light weight, that Draco wasn't sure if she was kissing him or caressing him. Draco stepped back and waited until Hermione's curious eyes looked at him.

"Hermione…Are you willing to see how much I love you?" Draco asked with lust growing in his eyes. Hermione bit her lip and nodded.

"You're right about…what happened," she said softly, "I need to forget…or more like you need to remind me...of us."

She felt Draco take her hand in his and twine their fingers together. He put his other hand on her waist, but did not bring her closer. He wanted her to feel his warmth and proximity and not be scared by it.

"Close your eyes Hermione," Draco said softly. Hermione did as told. Draco let go of her hand softly ran his index finger up the length of her arm. Hermione shivered in response. It felt as though he were running a quill up her arm. Draco's finger kept trailing up her neck until it reached her lips. He mimicked her actions earlier and outlined the soft contours of her mouth.

"Tell me what you want Hermione," Draco whispered finally using the hand on her hip to bring her closer. "I want you to control this. Tell me what you want me to do."

Keeping her eyes closed, Hermione said softly, "My robe."

Those two words were enough for Draco to understand what to do. He let go of her waist and used both of his index fingers to slip under the satin fabric of her robe. He applied light pressure so that Hermione could feel his fingers caress her collar bone while pushing the robe off of her shoulders. Draco let the satin fabric fall around Hermione's ankles and let his entire hand hold her shoulders. Hermione relished the feeling of her robe falling freely from her shoulders to the floor, and then Draco's rough hands hold her shoulders.

"What next?" Draco asked sensually.

"My nightgown," Hermione whispered. Draco looked nightgown and saw that it was buttoned on the back. He held her by the waist again to bring her against his firm chest. He could tell he was doing things right as her pert nipples rubbed him through her sheer nightgown. He used his hand to bring Hermione's hair to the opposite side of her neck. He let his nose and mouth touch the side of her face lightly as his hands traced down the straps of her nightgown the middle of her back where her buttons were. Draco nimbly undid the nightgown; his face breathed lightly in the crook of her neck, tickling her sensitive flesh and making her grow hot. He then followed the straps of her nightgown back up to the shoulder, and using his index fingers again, he fingered the straps and pulled them down.

Hermione inhaled as she felt the satin protection leave her body and the cold air hit her exposed bust and abdomen. Draco's head stayed in the crook of her neck while his hands made their way down her silky back and to her hips.

"Before I let go of you, I want you to open your eyes," Draco said huskily, "I want you to see exactly how much I want you."

Hermione shivered again, but not because of the temperature. She felt the butterflies erupt in her stomach as she opened her eyes and felt Draco pull away from her. She bit her lip again as she saw Draco stand in front of her to look at her. His eyes were dark and his jaw was clenched; he was trying not to pounce on her. Draco let his gaze start from her beautiful long legs that looked shiny in the dim moonlight. He went past her rounded hips to her flat stomach. The curves there were perfect. Finally he looked up to her naked breasts. They were round, firm, and full. The dusky pink areola was perky, making her nipples pronounced. Finally Draco looked at her face which was anxious and embarrassed.

Draco walked closer to her and put his hands on her hips again. "You're beautiful you know that? You have everything a man desires, but that only I can have," he said possessively.

Hermione said nothing as Draco lowered his face and finally took her lips with his. He started out gentle and shy so that she could adjust. He still did not want to scare her off. He walked her back towards the bed and stopped when he felt her begin to sit down. He reached down and removed the only barrier that he had not been able to before their Elemental ceremony: her underwear. He grinned inwardly as he felt the dampness of them. Draco removed his own clothing and took his place on top of his wife.

"I gave you control earlier, but now I am taking it back," he said running his hand along the side of her torso, "Tonight is about you and I want you to feel every part of it."

Again Hermione said nothing, but Draco knew that she was ok with it. There was raw trust in her eyes as she breathed in calmly. Draco began with her breasts. He took on nipple in his hand and began to rub it gently. Hermione bit her lip again, but made no noise. Draco then proceeded to take the other pink nipple in his mouth. With that Hermione sucked in a breath. His hot moist mouth felt wonderful around her flesh. And his tongue! The way he would lightly swish back and forth to tease her sensitive skin was driving her mad. This had been nothing like the other times when they had fooled around. Draco felt Hermione begin to squirm at his antics. He let go of the breast he had in his mouth and took her lips again. This time he was not careful or shy. He touched her lips with his tongue and then entered her wet mouth.

The hand that had been on her other breast left and traced its way gently downward. Draco was pleasantly surprised to find that Hermione had groomed herself in the area he least expected. He touched just above her clit which made Hermione buck her hips in response. He did it again and now she knew that he was teasing her. Draco then used his index finger and lightly touched the large folds that covered her clit. He began to rub there and then made his way inward. Hermione let go of his mouth and arched her back. She let out a moan as he finally found her clit and began to rub it gently. Draco nudged and tantalized Hermione's body knowing how it would make her writhe under him. He wanted her to feel every pleasure that he could give her. Tonight would be merely a taste of that. Hermione licked her lips and gripped Draco's arm tightly. Using the juices available, Draco slid his finger inside. Hermione felt a light flash of pain and clench her muscles. Draco widened his eyes in surprise. Good lord but she was tight! She was more so when she flexed her pubic muscles. Draco moved his finger inside of her dramatically; he would go fast and slow so that she could feel every inch of satisfaction and bliss that he could offer her.

After fingering her for a minute or two, Draco stopped and grinned at the whimper of protest she emitted. He shifted his body and hovered over hers. Hermione looked at him with the same raw trust and nodded to his silent question.

"This is where you become mine Hermione," Draco breathed, "I love you."

Hermione wanted to respond, but could not as she felt his firm shaft begin to penetrate her virgin body. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut as the pain shot up through her torso and into her brain. Draco lay there a minute loving the feel of her tight, moist vagina. Hermione opened her eyes and when she felt adjusted to the new sensation gave Draco a kiss on the lips.

Draco then began to move in and out of her. Hermione arched her back again; Draco was slowly moving through her body until she finally began to feel the pleasure with each movement. With each stroke, Hermione felt every inch of him. He was hot and slick with her lubrications. And God did he feel good. One of his calloused hands had a grip on her hip and the other held her hand above her head. Draco's speed began to accelerate. As he did Hermione's breasts bounced, taunting Draco to engulf them again in his mouth. So he did. Hermione let out a guttural groan as she felt the combined pleasure of her husband sucking on her tit and thrusting in and out of her.

Hermione began to clench her muscles so that Draco let out a groan of pleasure. Draco felt Hermione's vagina grip him tighter as he moved faster through her body.

"Merlin Draco…keep going," Draco heard Hermione say drunkenly.

Draco obliged; he soon began moving so fast that the headboard of the bed began to hit the wall. Hermione felt something odd happening within her body. It was as if all her sensations were being shunted towards the center of her body until finally…oh! Hermione moaned loudly as she felt her body release the feelings of arousal from the center to the rest of her body. Draco let his desire go as well and shuddered as he felt his seed leave him. Hermione moaned again as she felt her husband's warm fluids fill her body.

Draco let go of her hand and hip and slowly pulled out of her. He gave Hermione a sweet kiss and cupped her face.

"You alright love?" Draco asked when Hermione did not open her eyes.

"Yeah it's just…My body feels so sensitive right now," she said finally opening her eyes, "It's like very nerve is on fire."

Draco grinned. "Wow. I wasn't even trying all that much either."

Hermione slapped him playfully. "You arrogant man."

Draco hugged Hermione closer to his body and covered them up with the blankets. "I've never done that before," Draco said earning Hermione's incredulous look.

"You liar! You weren't a virgin when I met you."

"I am not saying that I've never had sex before Hermione. I am saying that I've never made love to a woman before," Draco said with a chuckle, "There's a difference between sex and making love."


"Mhmm. When you have sex, its almost purely physical. You feel arousal and lust and then you let your body act out those feelings," Draco said running his hand up and down her arm absentmindedly, "But when you make love… it's all about the other person. It's a mixture of both lust and love. I wanted you to feel everything tonight. I didn't matter."

Hermione frowned. "You mean you didn't get anything out of it?"

Draco chuckled. "Don't get me wrong, you were spectacular there at the end. I didn't know you knew how to…flex your muscles like that."

Hermione blushed. "Instinct? It just felt right doing it."


They lay there for a few minutes basking in the afterglow. Draco then shifted his weight and propped his head up on his elbow to face Hermione. She sent him a smile and giggled.

"So what do you see us doing in a few years?" Draco asked, curiosity shining in his eyes.

"I really don't know," Hermione said truthfully, "With everything that has been going on I haven't given much thought to it."

Draco nodded. "That makes sense, but can you at least tell me what you thought about in your future? Even if that doesn't include me."

"Why so curious?"

"No reason. Just wondering."

"Well…Obviously I've always thought about a career. I thought about being a healer, but what can I say? I may be a genius, but when it comes to patience I have none," Hermione said with a giggle.

"Ok so you want a career. What else?"

"Hmm. I wanted to have a career before I got married, but at least that's one thing down," Hermione then blushed as she thought of the next goal in her future. She didn't want to bring it up because she had never really talked to Draco about it. Draco caught her hesitation and nudged her.

"C'mon…Keep going," he pressed.

Hermione averted her gaze and bit her lip. "Kids."

Draco did not let any emotion show on his face nor did he find the word a surprise. True that they had never talked about it, but even men want at least one kid.

"How many?" Draco asked gently.

"Two. Both boys," Hermione said looking back up at him.

"Both boys? Why boys?"

"You'll find my reasoning odd, but I don't like girls," Hermione said wrinkling her nose.

Draco finally chuckled. "Ok this I have to hear."

"Well…About 4 years ago my cousin had her second child. Her little girl was beautiful with long brown hair and beautiful almond eyes," Hermione said remembering, "But when she got around the age of 4 I noticed that she knew that she was beautiful. She would ask her mother for absolutely everything and whenever she didn't get her way she would throw a tantrum. I just couldn't stand her."

Draco chuckled again. "Ok then why boys? What makes them different?"

"Well that same cousin had her first child who's a boy. He's eight years old right now and he's just so…so…fun," Hermione said with a sparkle in her eyes, "He actually goes outside and plays and he always tries to get me involved in playing games that don't involve putting lipstick on dolls."

"Wow Hermione, I never took you for being gender bias," Draco said amused by her explanations.

"What are you talking about? Women are absolutely evil," Hermione said with a grin.

"I won't argue that."

They laughed and then stayed somber for a few seconds. Draco looked at her again with the same curious stare he had before.

"What now?" Hermione said with mock annoyance.

Draco however was not trying to be funny this time. "Hermione…do regret not having married Krum?"

Hermione blinked a few times as the question caught her off guard. They hadn't talked about Viktor in months, and he was asking her this now of all times?

"No," Hermione said calmly.

"You sound so sure," Draco commented.

"Because I am Draco," Hermione said looking him, "Viktor was there when I needed him in my life. He isn't physically with me, and though that was not his fault, I believe there is a reason for it," Hermione said bringing her hand up to gently trace the outline of his face, "I'll never forget Viktor because as the base of any relationship is friendship, and he was my friend above all else, but...You're in my life now and you always will be. You are my present and my future. Never forget that."

Draco said nothing. He merely brought his face down to his wife's again and kissed her.

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