I in no way, shape, or form own any of Dragonball Z, or GT. The idea behind the main character of this story (who is an O.C.) comes from the incomplete story Dragonball Next (there's a link to it on my bio page if you're interested) and the character Icalla was created by Toni the Mink. If anyone were to use any character that I create for my story I probably would never notice and most likely wouldn't care, so go for it (though if you wanted to let me know about, I'd be interested in reading whatever you write).


This is a sequel to my first story, Dragonball New Beginnings: The Ammit Saga. It takes place a few years after the original; Akira, Pan, and Bra are all in college now. Bra is living in the same town as her parents and is planning on doing an internship at Capsule Corp. Pan lives with her best friend, Zori (who has had Akira's resurrection explained to her), and one of Zori's friends named Stacy; the three of them attend West Satan University. Akira is going to East Satan University and is living in the dorms. Everyone else is pretty much doing whatever it is they do when they aren't fighting bad guys.

All speech is designated with double quotation marks, all thoughts with single quotation marks and italics, and all telepathy is designated by {} around it.

Unnecessarily Longwinded Summary of The Ammit Saga:

For anyone who needs a refresher or who wants to read this story, but not its 100,000 word predecessor, here is a long summary of what happened in the Ammit Saga, for those of you who would actually like to read it (I personally think it was pretty good) and not have all of the surprises ruined for you, I suggest you not read any farther and instead go read my only other story. Those of you who already know what happened, just skip to the next bold type.

The Ammit Saga takes place a few years after DBGT ended. It tells the tale of the Z-Fighters as they once again fight an evil force that threatens the universe and introduces a new character named Akira. Akira is roughly Pan's age and while the Z Fighters compete in the latest Tenkaichi Budoukia, it is discovered (as much to his surprise as anyone else's) that he is a Saiyan (with a tail) and a powerful one at that. Akira wins the tournament, but is killed when an alien attacks during the crowning ceremony, sacrificing himself to save Pan (the two had grown close during the tournament, despite a rocky beginning to their relationship).

Akira is sent to train with King Kai and has a few adventures in the Other World, the most notable of which was the discovery of his past. Thanks to the Supreme Kai, the young Saiyan learns that he was somehow formed from Goku's soul, which is why he is as strong as he is and also why he is a Saiyan (it's hard to explain this while remaining brief, but suffice to say, there was a longer explanation in the actual story and it made much more sense than I'm making now). Akira is, naturally, a bit confused by this revelation and wonders if this "connection" with Goku makes him less of a person and more of a puppet.

Meanwhile, upon learning that an ancient warlord known as Ammit is on his way to earth, Vegeta hatches a plan to resurrect Akira with the Namekian dragonballs. Pan, who has been in a deep depression since the tournament, decideds that she should be the one to do it and, after some debate, she sets out in one of Bulma's ships equipped with a gravity room so she can train as she travels. She also has a few random adventures, but in the end Akira is returned and the two Saiyans head back to earth.

A few weeks later, Ammit and his fighters arrive (earlier than expected) and capture Goten, who was taking a break from his training at the time. That night everyone contemplates what the next day will bring; Vegeta, in particular, reflexes on the loss of Goten and what it means to be a true warrior. In a pseudo flashback it is explained why he no longer has the ability to become a SSJ4 and he then decides that he will not rely on the brute ray to reach that level again. The following morning the remaining Z Fighters head out for battle. After a long battle, most of the aliens have been injured or killed, but only Vegeta is still able to fight. While struggling against a large group of fighters he watches as Trunks is tortured, his rage triggers a SSJ3 transformation and he quickly finishes off most of the remaining forces.

When all of the grunts are no more, a brainwashed Goten challenges the Saiyan Prince, the two fight and Vegeta nearly kills Goten, but stops when Gohan pleads for his brother's life. Vegeta agrees, but is then attacked by Goku's youngest son after he turns his back. The Saiyan Prince ends the fight permanently, but still does not kill Goten.

At this time, Akira and Pan reappear on earth (thanks to instant transmission) and help to revive their injured friends.

Vegeta begins to fight Ammit's second in command (Runihura) who is aided by the remains of Ammit's army and ultimately Vegeta is defeated. However, before the final blow can be dealt, Akira steps in and saves the prince. After quickly finishing off Runihura, Akira faces off with Ammit who proves to be far more powerful than the young man. The two battle for a long time and even after becoming a SSJ4 with the help of Vegeta's moon simulating technique, Akira is still unable to get the upper hand in the fight. But when Ammit attacks and nearly kills Pan, Akira becomes enraged and ascends to the next level, finally allowing him to defeat the evil alien, though in the end it is Krillin who deals the death blow.

The heroes return to Capsule Corp and celebrate. Bulma asks Akira to live at C.C. with her and Vegeta as his legal guardians and he accepts. Pan and Akira enjoy a moment on top of the dome and their relationship begins again. Everyone lives happily ever after...well, not quite.

Chapter One: A Disturbing Experience

Her feet pounded hard against the pavement as she ran along the dimly lit, empty street. The pouring rain soaked through her clothes, but it was not the cold water that chilled her, it was him.

She glanced over her shoulder and saw that he was still chasing her, but at the moment, the distance between the two of them was increasing. The raven-haired girl rounded a corner and put on a new burst of speed. A moment later she spotted a darkened alley and, after chancing another look behind her, entered it—running straight into a rock solid body.

The force of the impact knocked her to the ground with a cry of surprise. The young woman looked around helplessly, knowing that running was out of the question and hiding was impossible. Her only chance was to attack him and pray to kami that he'd be caught off guard; it was a long shot, but it was all she had. With a surge of power she leapt to her feet and threw a hard punch at his head.

With lightening fast reflexes his hand shot up and caught her fist. He smiled sadistically as he crushed her hand with a sickening crunch. She screamed in pain.

"Now, now," the young man said with an evil chuckle, "that wasn't very nice." Then he pulled her forward by her destroyed hand and drove his knee into her stomach.

The woman fell to her knees, gasping for air and clutching the bloody lump of flesh and bone that had once been her hand; her attacker stared at her with cold ruthlessness in his eyes. His foot lashed out and sent her through the wall of a warehouse that made up part of the alley.

The dark haired woman rolled onto her stomach and gingerly pulled herself to her feet, warm, sticky blood flowed into her eyes from a long gash across her forehead. She hastily wiped the blood away with her good hand and tried to get her bearings.

"Looking for someone?" a harsh voice whispered from behind.

She spun and looked up at him wide eyed with fear. A vice-like hand clamped around her throat and lifted her off the ground effortlessly. Her one good hand struggled franticly to loosen his grip, but to no avail.

"W...why are...you doing...th...this?" she gasped. "I thought...you...lov...ed me." The already dark room was growing darker as she fought to stay conscious.

The man laughed. "Me? Love you? Hardly! You were just something for me to play with, nothing more. But now it's time to throw my toy away," he said and then dropped her onto the floor. By releasing her at that moment he'd allowed her to remain conscious, but he was not doing her a favor. He wanted her awake so she could feel helpless, betrayed, and terrified during the last moments of her life. It was the only way he could fully enjoy her death.

The young woman looked up at him, tears running down her cheeks and splashing on the dirty, blood soaked ground.

Suddenly a golden light swirled around him, chasing the shadows from the room, his face contorted into a maniacal smile.

"Please," she begged as a ball of energy formed in his palm. "Please, Akira, don't do this." The ki blast shot from his hand and nearly tore her in two; the young woman was dead before she hit the ground.

Akira looked down at her as the light surrounding his body faded and his hair became black again. His eyes seemed to twinkle as he knelt down and examined his handiwork; it had been everything he'd hoped for. "See you around Pan," he said. The Saiyan stood up, spat on the corpse, and then walked back into the shadows of the night.

"Ahhhhhh! Ouch!" Akira yelled as he smacked his head on his dorm room ceiling; even after almost an entire year he still occasionally forgot he was sleeping on the top bunk. As he lay back down in his bed, breathing heavily and rubbing his throbbing forehead, he slowly became aware that a large smile was plastered on his face. He frowned in confusion, wondering why he would be smiling after such a horrifying nightmare.

"Seriously Akira, if you're going to do that at least try and be quiet about it!" Montaro, the Saiyan's roommate, called out in annoyance from the lower bed. "Or better yet, just get Pan to put out and do that stuff with her."

A ki beam shot from Akira's finger, burned a hole in his bunk, and pierced Montaro through the chest, killing him before he could make another irritating sound.

The young Saiyan shook his head and looked down at his perfectly intact bed as the sounds of his roommate's gentle snores began to once again fill the room.

'What's going on with me?' he asked himself, feeling greatly disturbed by the two strange dreams. He was extremely tired, but had no desire to revisit his dream of Pan; so he propped himself up and meditated. It wasn't as restful as he would have liked, but he went the rest of the night without dreaming of killing anything.