A/N: I do not own Van Helsing characters or the name Van Helsing. This is the sequel to Unforeseen Awakening, and it is set 20 years later.

The woods of Transylvania were immensely quiet for a spring morning. The air was crisp and showed promise of a rainy, but lush, summer. Two horses hooves were heard while the horses were still far from view. Their riders were racing the same path they'd taken for years. Tyrney Van Helsing, son of Anna and Gabriel Van Helsing, was challenging his best friend Benjamin, Carl and Madeline's son, to a horse race. They had raced since they were ten, and they had just turned twenty.
Benjamin was just a little under a month younger that Tyrney, and he had been best friends with Tyrney since he was old enough to talk. He was a dhampir, half vampire, half human, and had traits that were useful to him since he was little. He could sense when vampires where near, and that was handy when he and Tyrney were in the woods with no one else. The first time the traits had served him well was when he was ten, and Tyrney had fallen into a trap for a deer. Tyrney was in a hole that was six feet deep, and he was unable to climb out. Benjamin also couldn't reach Tyrney when he held out his hand. His best friend was in trouble.
Benjamin was trying to find a fallen tree limb to help Tyrney grab a hold of. That was when he felt the presence of a vampire, and he pulled out his silver dagger from his side. His bright green eyes steadied, and his heart beat slowed as he threw the dagger right as the creature was leaping for him. The dagger pierced the vampire's heart, and it turned to ashes. After the vampire was gone, Benjamin dropped to the ground and trembled from exhaustion. His heart was pounding, and the blood rush caused his head to ache. But, he forced himself to get up. 'Help Tyrney,' his brain had told him. So, Benjamin climbed to his feet.
Pain surged through his body as he staggered around looking for anything to help Tyrney up. Benjamin had only taken a few steps when he dropped to his knees. His vision was blurry and he couldn't go on. He felt sick to his stomach, and he feared he would vomit if he didn't rest. So, he curled up on the ground and hoped for the pains to cease.
Benjamin had laid there for a few minutes when he could hear horse hooves, the sound was distorted but there. He opened his eyes to see his father and Gabriel there. He still couldn't move because of the pain. He saw Gabriel stoop down and examine the ashes that had been a vampire just a little while before. He looked over to Carl and then to Benjamin. Then, he went over to the hole where Tyrney was stuck in.
Carl knelt down next to Benjamin and set his hand down on his son's curly blonde hair. The boy's forehead felt like he had a fire under his skin. "Benjamin," he said gently to get his son to look at him. Benjamin opened his eyes again and looked up. His vision was still blurry.
"What's going on," he asked meekly as his eyes began to roll in the back of his head.
Benjamin had woke up in his bedroom, and he felt drained. His mother was sitting next to him on the bed, stroking his hair. "What happened to me," he asked.
Madeline told him. "You have special powers to track and destroy vampires. That power decided to emerge today," she said gently.
Benjamin remembered not being able to understand. "Why?"
Madeline sighed. "Because you are a dhampir, half vampire and half human."
Benjamin stared wildly at his mother. "What?"
"It's a story that needs to be kept for later. I will tell it to you one day when you're older." Madeline told him, and he had nothing to do but accept.
Tyrney brought Benjamin out of his reminiscence by shoving his arm. Benjamin remembered he was racing Tyrney, and Tyrney had pulled ahead of him. Benjamin nudged his horse with his boots, and the black stallion began to speed up. Benjamin's curly blonde hair, which was long enough to have two inches of curls from every point, was blown back in the wind. He looked over and saw Tyrney's long curly brunette hair looked about the same. Benjamin smirked at Tyrney as he caught up to him.
Tyrney and Benjamin rarely got to race their horses anymore. Since they were eighteen, they had been battling all sorts of monsters, like their fathers had. They had battled werewolves, banshees, and Benjamin's favorite, vampires. The creatures had seemed to have flourished since Benjamin and Tyrney could hunt them down. Neither of them minded, but their fathers did. Gabriel worried because the Holy Order had taken notice of Tyrney and Benjamin's involvement in the fighting of evil creatures. Gabriel didn't want to see his son, or Carl's, in conditions he had been in. Gabriel had finally been replaced by a man that was younger, but he was glad to give up the job. He'd been called a murderer for too long because of that job.
Before Tyrney and Benjamin could reach the point of the woods where they had marked as the finish line, Benjamin stopped his horse. He felt his brain tingling, and he knew that meant a vampire was near. Tyrney stopped his horse and stared at Benjamin, and he knew it was serious. He reached for his pistols with silver bullets, silver stops vampire healing nearly to a human healing rate. He glanced around the woods trying to get his senses to work like his father had taught him. Gabriel had a kind of sixth sense for detecting evil, or its hold on creatures. Tyrney was fortunate to have what little of that sense he had, but it was enough for him to get by.
Benjamin's eyes steadied and scanned the woods, his sight was like an eagle hunting. He had sight so powerful that he could see the insects scurrying on the ground. 'Where are you,' he thought. 'Show yourself.' He scanned some more and found leaves out of place, and Benjamin knew the vampire had walked past them. He heard a rustling in front of him, and he turned his head. He saw the vampire, dressed in a cloak to protect itself from sunlight, a trick that many vampires had began to use over the years.

Tyrney saw Benjamin hop off of his horse in a blink of an eye and charge at the vampire. 'What is he doing?' Tyrney thought thinking his friend was mad. He cocked his gun and aimed for the vampire, but he did not shoot. He watched Benjamin stop a few feet short of the vampire. The vampire hissed, "You two are the famous monster slayers? What pity you have to die so young." The vampire was female by the sound of her voice.
Benjamin showed no sign of amusement, but he felt it. He had a gift that prevented the vampire from killing, well nearly. He had the power to hunt down vampires and kill them just based on instincts. He was too good at it at his age to be killed by the vampire before him. She was too weak to kill him, and he was glad that she was ignorant to that fact because that was his leverage.
The vampire advanced on Benjamin, who remained calm. The vampire didn't understand why he didn't have any fear in her presence, but she ignored it. She didn't see the silver bullet come for her, but it ripped into her skin. She screamed, and that gave Benjamin the time he needed to pull out a silver stake and shove it into her heart. His aim was always true, and he never faltered.
The vampire stumbled back and tried to pull the stake from her heart, but it was no use. The stake was stuck, and she was dying. She quickly burnt away to a pile of black ashes. Benjamin nodded and walked back over to his spooked horse. He touched the horse's nose and spoke to it softly. "It's okay, Shadow." The horse calmed down, and Benjamin climbed back up in the saddle. He turned to Tyrney and said, "Thanks. You caught her off guard and gave me the seconds I needed to destroy her."
Tyrney nodded. "You are too good at that, Ben," he told him. "That side of you is a little scary sometimes, you do know that don't you?"
Benjamin nodded. "I know, but I cannot control it. It is so close to the normality of breathing to me, and it's almost involuntary."
Tyrney shook his head. "You would never know your father was a friar," he laughed.
Benjamin smiled and replied, "No, you wouldn't. But, you wouldn't know that my mother was once a vampire."
Tyrney nodded because Madeline just didn't seem like she would have been a vampire. It was still an amazing tale of how she was able to break free of that cursed life. Tyrney knew he had heard it hundreds of times when he'd listened to Madeline tell the children of the village her tale. They loved her to tell them about her previous life because evil was something they rarely saw. Tyrney liked to keep it that way because evil was nothing that children should have to face. He knew that Benjamin had faced evil as a child, but he had been no ordinary child. There weren't many dhampir children running around, so it was best for children to stay in the village of Vaseria, where it was safe. The woods were not safe, they were full of evil, like the vampire that Benjamin had staked.
"I saw Abigail staring at you yesterday." Benjamin taunted Tyrney. Tyrney hated when Abigail Withers was around him because she was so infatuated by him while he held no feelings for her.
"Ben, don't bring her up. You know I don't like her."
Benjamin smirked. "But, that doesn't mean that she would mind if you used her to fill your...desires, or her desires."
"Enough from you." Tyrney warned in a tone that he only used for when Benjamin was teasing him.
"It's all in fun, Tyr, all in fun." Benjamin told him.
"Yes, it is real fun being chased by the town loon." Tyrney replied. "Or seeing your sister fall for your best friend."
Benjamin glanced wearily over to Tyrney. He knew that Nazalia Mischa Van Helsing was infatuated by him, but he had shrugged it off. "You know that nothing is going on there." Benjamin said.
Tyrney nodded then turned to Benjamin with conflicted brown eyes. "But, she wants something to happen. It's not just infatuation, Ben, I think she's really lusting for you."
Benjamin rolled his eyes. "You sister does not lust. She's like the stories of your mother. She is too independent to lust over any man, especially me."
"Nazalia does not see you as my best friend, she sees you as the strong vampire slayer who sets fear in even the villagers hearts." Tyrney swallowed hard. "My mother fell hard for a monster slayer, why wouldn't my sister fall for one?" Benjamin glanced over at Tyrney's stare. "You said yourself that she was so much like my mother." Tyrney continued.
Benjamin sighed. "You know I would not act upon your sister's lust for my own pleasure." Benjamin had been friends with Tyrney too long to know that was not the smartest move he could take. A relationship with Nazalia would cause a strain upon the friendship that had spanned over two decades. There was no reason to ruin that friendship because Tyrney was the only friend Benjamin had. No one really wanted to be around him without Tyrney because he was a dhampir. It used to bother Benjamin when he was a child, but he lost the need to care about it when he became an adolescent.
"You are the only one who wouldn't." Tyrney replied spitefully. "All the men in the village that are her age or older are lusting after her, wanting her in their beds. I'd kill them all if they touched her, even if it meant I'd hang."
Benjamin knew what the men said about Nazalia, and it even made him angry. He felt the need to protect Nazalia since she was Tyrney's younger sister. Nazalia was eighteen, and some said that was too old for a girl to be unwed. But, Anna had made herself clear that her daughter could chose who she married and not be forced into a marriage because of her age. People listened to Anna because she was the Queen of the Gypsies. People also listened because they knew if they didn't that Anna would have a vendetta with them and come after them. Or, Anna would send Gabriel their way. The villagers still feared Gabriel's strength and knowledge gained from hunting evil down and killing it for years.
"I wouldn't let you hang, Tyr. I'd be there to shoot the rope in two, and we could ride out of Vaseria." Benjamin grimaced about his next sentence. "But, we would be wanted men."
"My father lived a hunted man. Even though he was not really responsible for a crime, he was able to hide from those who were looking out for him." Tyrney said grinning.
Benjamin honored Gabriel, and not just because he'd been a friend of his father's. He honored Gabriel because he knew that the dhampir powers were not all that there was to Benjamin. He knew that Benjamin was a good monster slayer besides the fact that he had skills to track down vampires. Gabriel had never told Benjamin that he also honored him because he knew that Benjamin would risk his life to save Tyrney, like Carl had risked his life to save Gabriel. Gabriel was glad to know that Tyrney was always being watched by a keen pair of eyes.