Naraku disguises himself as Inuyasha and kills Shippo in front of Kagome. He then drags her to his castle where he plans to love and torture her as her beloved Inuyasha, in hopes of shattering her spirit, soul, and heart in an attempt to make sure that the Shikon no Tama cannot be purified. Will she succumb, or is the bond she shares with Inuyasha strong enought to overcome Naraku's deceptions?

Author's Notes:

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You have been warned.

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To Suffer the Innocent

Kagome looked up from her studies with a sigh. Math had never been her best subject and it was such a beautiful day; who could blame her for wanting to take a break.

She set the book down on top of her overly stuffed backpack and glanced around at her friends. Miroku and Sango were actually talking to one another and surprisingly enough the lecher's hand was no where near her rear. What was even more surprising was that they were so close to each other and his roaming hand was not living up to its title. He was being presented with the perfect opportunity and he wasn't taking it. 'It seems like something happened between those two.' A small smile graced her lips. 'Its about time!'

Kiara had gone off hunting with Inuyasha, and Shippo was lying beside her with his arms raised over his head, which rested on the blue bundle known as her sleeping bag, sporting a bored expression that was the perfect imitation of his "adoptive" fathers. 'All he has to do now is start tapping.' As if on Que. his small leg began to move. She smiled down at him from her position on the log she had hunkered down to study on.

'Oh Shippo, you've grown up so much in the passed two years I can hardly believe it.' The soft look in her eyes grew sad. 'You have been through so much at such a young age, and yet you keep fighting just like us.' He had a bit more in common with Inuyasha than just the similar gestures.

Still watching him she made a silent promise that she would always be there for him and do everything in her power to keep him safe and loved.

Clearing away her depressing thoughts she reached down and tickled his exposed underarm. He squealed, and immediately jerked his violated arm down but wasn't quite fast enough to save the other from the same fate.

After being tickled mercilessly he finally managed to roll away; breathless from the giggles but when he recovered enough he jumped up his eyes bright with mischief.

"Hey Kagome! You wanna play the hide and go seek game?" he asked excitedly.

"Sure Shippo, why n…" was as far as she got before he leapt over and tapped her arm.

"You're it!" he yelled in delight as he sped off in to the trees.

"Don't go too far! I am only human," she said quietly before she began to count.

Sango and Miroku looked at each other and laughed at the seemingly never-ending amount of bubbly energy to small kitsun possessed.

While searching for Shippo: calling his name to see if he would giggle, and the traditional 'Oh where could he be?' call, she was beginning to get a bit nervous. She hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings and couldn't see or hear Sango and Miroku.

Not really feeling like spending the rest of the day looking for the camp she figured now would be as good a time as any to put a halt to the game before one of them got lost; namely her.

She had no doubt in her mind that Shippo would be able to find the campsite, she just couldn't help her maternal worry for his safety. 'There could be anything lurking in this forest. Without Inuyasha here who knows what could…' she jumped at the sound of branches scrapping together overhead. 'Can it, your just freaking yourself out here.' She thought in annoyance.

After careful consideration she came up with the perfect plan.

"Shippo? Shiiipooo? Oh where could that clever little fox be? He's just too smart to get caught by me I guess. I think I'll just take a little rest and have a bite of this CANDY that I brought. It's too bad that Shippo isn't here to share this delicious candy with me. I guess I'll just have to eat it all by myself." She stated loudly, sure the kit would pick up on the word 'candy'. Peering around the trees she stretched her hearing to see if she could pick up on the sound of him walking. To her immense relief she saw a tuft of orange peek out from behind a tree to be shortly followed by the rest of him.

"I'm right here Kagome, you don't have to eat it all by yourself." He said eagerly. "I'm here, I'll help you eat it," then he paused and thought for a second. "But the game is on break." He finished, eyeing her rather suspiciously. She laughed at his look, and began the task of removing the candy necklace (she actually had) from around her neck.

Shippo stayed where he was until he saw that she really did have some candy. He played this game with Inuyasha a few times, and although they both had excellent noses if Inuyasha was having a hard time finding him he would lure him out with a promise of candy. 'Big jerk,' he thought scowling, remembering that Inuyasha laughed after he fell for it and gave him a few bops on the head for being so gullible.

At the actual sight of the aforementioned candy he began to go to her eyeing it hungrily in her proffered hand.

When Kagome had successfully removed the bloody thing, and turned back to face Shippo, she was surprised to see Inuyasha creeping up behind him. He put one clawed finger to his lips in the gesture to stay quiet. Obliging, she gave him a brief nod in consent.The little guy would most likely end up being startled if she sat Inuyasha anyway. 'Inuyasha can have a little fun.'

Inuyasha was getting closer to his target, which in turn was getting closer to her. She was thinking it a bit strange that Shippo hadn't taken notice of Inuyasha's presence by now when she saw how Inuyasha's lip curled in an unusually evil grin, while he lowered his arms in readiness.

He eyes widened in horror as her own warning alarms went of in pulses as she belatedly realized that Inuyasha's jyaki was not that of Inuyasha but that of Naraku. Flicking her horrified gaze between the two she managed to force her laden feet from the ground, and began to run to her adoptive child.

Inuyasha's eyes sparked red and his grin turned to a sneer.

Shippo, confused at Kagome's actions and still not picking up on Naraku's well-concealed scent, was unaware of the evil that lurked behind him but had enough sense to gather that something was wrong and stopped; his little brow furrowed and his normally bright green eyes grew wide.

"Kg…" was the last thing that passed through his lips as twin blades scissored through his neck, severing his head from his body.

Her mouth went dry, her throat seemed to close up, and her voice froze when she tried to yell out to him.

All she could hear was the echoing thud of her heart in her ears, and her ragged breathing. Then an echo of the last unformed word that the kitsun would ever make, something that would haunt her from that moment on, the beginning of her name, in the form of a question, one that needed an answer to quell his fear and confusion.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Her realization, the mad dash to save her son, the look on his face, the way his lips parted to speak her name, the glint of metal in the sun, the sharp sound the two blades made when scrapping together. Then the slight crunch of the bones followed by the sickening wet sound the weapons made as they were passing through, lubricated by his hot blood.

She stopped dead in her tracks causing her to skid, lose her balance, and fall backwards, while everything was lost to the blades echoing ring. The gush and patter of Shippo's blood as it drained from his small body did so silently.

She stared unblinking, her heart wedged in her throat, at her decapitated son as his lifeless body slumped forward, while his head came to a rolling stop at the base of a tree. She watched as the rest of his life pooled before her, a thick, glossy, crimson red that reflected some branches swaying in the subtle breeze.

She finally tore her horrified, unbelieving sight away from the brutal scene in front of her and looked up at the murderer who was smirking down at her. His scarlet eyes dancing with something akin to glee while he moved his hands that were still in the form of sword blades, watching his victim's blood trail and drip to the ground. He reshaped them back to hands and regarded them, pleased that the blood was gone. He chuckled and looked back to her.

Kagome didn't noticed the tears that cascaded down her cheeks - they mixed with the blood that riddled her face and clothes - or the fact that she was shaking and her arms, the only things holding her up, were about to give way. She didn't even realize that she was struggling for air. Nothing was registering in her mind except for two things: 'Inuyasha murdered Shippo,' and 'I didn't save him.'

'Inuyasha' scanned the area with his eyes then smiled, and sauntered over to the tree by which Shippo's head rested. He grabbed it by what was left of his hair and studied it with mock pity before he tossed it her way. It landed and rolled with a few dull thuds to rest by her legs facing upwards. His usually bright eyes glazed with death, his mouth slightly ajar with a thin trickle of blood that escaped the corner, with a few leaves and twigs here and there from rolling over the forest floor. It missed most of the spray from the blood only having a few speckles on one side of his face. But his eyes; they were rolled slightly upward, looking directly up at her.

She regarded his head numbly her breath catching. She pushed herself into a sitting position slowly and took in the whole scene, her own eyes glazed with tears and shock. They finally landed on the mock Inuyasha again who was leaning against a tree, arms folded, looking smug.

"I have got to tell you, I really thought that you would have realized it was me sooner. He might have had a chance then. I guess your spiritual powers are still lacking in comparison to Kikyo's."

"You know, you and Kikyo are the only two people who have witnessed me in this form, and it gives me great pleasure to know that both you and Kikyo have been effected in the same way. You'll never be able to look on him with love again. Every time you see his face all you will be able to see is the young one's killer."

He flicked a furtive glance at the body.

"The one who decapitated the orphaned kitsun you came to cherish like he was your own. The one the little fox trusted and secretly thought of as 'Father'. The one you love and trust, the one you would die for. He butchered his son, your son, right before your eyes."

Kagome was still shaking, and began to whimper, much to his delight, while things started to sink in.

He was right. She thought it even before the bastard mentioned it. 'Oh Gods! Oh Gods, what has he done?! Shippo's dead! My babies dead! Oh Inuyasha! Inuyasha help me, please.' But the thought of him brought forth the face of Shippo's killer, bloody eyes narrowed, shinning with a murderous excitement. She cringed, feeling ashamed.

Not realizing she had closed her eyes she opened them to come face to face with the two halves of the child. She let out a strangled groan, and reached over to brush aside a fringe of hair. Then she began to cry. Great shuddering sobs that wracked her already shaking frame.

"No, no, no, no…" she whimpered pitifully, while she reached over to close his lids. Her hands didn't make it before she cried out, grief stricken.


At the outburst 'Inuyasha' came over to her. There were no words to describe the joy he felt at her scream or the pleasure that throbbed through his groins.

He had rid himself of his meddling heart and the part of him that wasn't able to hurt Kikyo. Although he knew this girl was not Kikyo merely her reincarnation the resemblance was uncanny, and as a result had made it difficult for him to directly hurt her.

He learned early on that this Kagome differed in personality with that of Kikyo, and had watched her enough these passed two years to completely discern between the two. This girl was bright, happy, cheerful, determined, loving and caring; always putting the needs and welfare of others before her own, not to mention a soul so big and pure that it could not be contained. It was disgusting.

It was not until recently that he had had an epiphany. Although he was perfectly capable and had every intention of being the one to complete the Shikon no Tama, there was always a small doubt that lurked in the back of his mind. A doubt that came in the form of a hanyou, a miko incarnate, a taijiya, a Houshi, and two youkai.

'More appropriately, one youkai.' He thought, grinning to himself.

The group had fouled his plans before and he could not be so naive as to think that they posed no threat. 'What if they did find a way to defeat me, complete the jewel, and have the girl purify it?' It was a question he asked himself every so often when the patchwork group found a way to one up him.

There was no way he was going to allow that happen, which is when the revelation hit him. 'What if the jewel could not be purified? What if this Kagome, herself, became corrupt to such an extent that the purification could not be accomplished?'

The concept was not a completely new one. He had done something to the same extent the first time around. 'But this time I have no restrictions. I can use my own hands, and take my time to quell my desire. Besides, I have no intentions of killing this one.'

The thought of corrupting the reincarnation was much more appealing then even that of corrupting Kikyo. True the two differed in personalities now, even then, but they did share some of the same characteristics. The real difference was that this new girl was more of a challenge. She was bright and bubbly, where as Kikyo was always more refined. That was one of the things he would enjoy watching disappear. This whole thing would be like watching the flame of a candle, burning so brightly in the beginning then slowly die down, sputtering near the end until there is nothing left but a thin stream of smoke.

There was also the fact that she had been tested before and had not succumbed to his trickery. He couldn't wait to see her beaten, her spirit gone and her soul broken. Then he would throw her back and their little group would be devastated, and to kick them while they are down would be sweet revenge.

So, he had sought out a renowned sorcerer and with a little persuasion, and some alterations, obtained a most powerful charm that would conceal its wearer's jyaki. The sorcerer had warned him that those with great spiritual power would be able to sense what he really was. Unsure of this being a purposely-placed flaw or an unavoidable imperfection, he was lenient and allowed the man a quick death.

With the need to stay hidden completely diminished due to the increase in his power, Naraku had been out doing his own dirty deeds. Unfortunately his power wasn't the only thing that was increasing.

Being a devious, ruthless bastard from the start as the human Onigumo, when he became Naraku, he inherited these traits along with his newly acquired demonic ones, but in his new form his attitude had improved to be somewhat more refined. As of late his actions were reminiscent to that of his former self. Even his subordinates (those remaining) were noticing the change. Especially since his decision to really stir things up with Inuyasha's group.

He had watched them from afar until he felt his vigilance would be better kept in person so as not to miss the opportune moment to strike, while sending out his minions, and creating disturbances to keep them occupied and unsuspecting. It had worked out better then he had ever thought possible.

Her anguished cries cut into his reflections, and as satisfying as they were to hear the increase in volume was going to attract attention. He was already beginning to sense the jyaki of Inuyasha and the fire cat.

"No, Shippo! Shippo, my poor baby." She continued, voice becoming raw.

The coppery stench of blood and death were beginning to make themselves known to her overwhelmed senses, and with her next labored breath she started to cough, which quickly turned to dry heaves.

He watched her as she scrambled away to relieve herself of the contents in her upset stomach before he grabbed her by the arm. Startled, she tried to pull away from him nearly choking on the much-needed oxygen she had just inhaled. Feeling bewildered, weak, and helpless when she looked up see 'Inuyasha,' she was half tempted to just let him grab her up. In her present state of mind she was half expecting him to swing her onto his back and whisk her away from this horrible nightmare. The rational part of her mind reminded her, 'This may look very much like Inuyasha but he killed Shippo! Which means you are in serious danger. RUN!'

With that she retched her arm free and scrambled to get to her feet and do just that.

Pleased with the display of resistance he chuckled but easily caught up to her and snatched her from the ground.

She began to shout, calling for help ignoring the pain it caused while she desperately fought for her freedom.

"I'm glad to see you have some fight left in you." He grabbed her upper arms hard, and slammed her into the nearest tree. She grunted, and her teeth clacked together as her head bounced off the trunk making her see stars.

Her grimace and grunt of obvious pain, followed by some muffled whimpers made his blood burn.

"I will break you girl." He rasped into her ear before dropping her and resuming his form as Naraku. She tried to glare up at him but her head throbbed, and random flashes of light obstructed her vision. She could however make out his leer, which was accompanied by a disturbingly Inuyasha like "heh" before one of his now numerous appendages, elongated and hit her on a very effective pressure point, rendering her unconscious.