The Renegade Rogue

Chapter 1: Prologue

Watch and wait from a distance. That is all she could do. Watch and wait as they would come for those promised by an age-old agreement. One that she could not even bring herself to terms with. As she sat on a boulder at the edge of her village she waited for the Romans to come and collect the young men of her village. The young men she would never see again. A gust of wind blew through her burgundy hair, almost as if to send her thoughts out to the ones whom they were about.

"How long do you think?" A cracking voice said from beneath her. Breaking her thoughtful stare with the plains she looked down into the deep soulful eyes of her brother, feeling the tears prick the back of her own eyes. They would be taking him this day also.

"An hour maybe more." She told him returning her gaze back to the rolling plains that lay before her. They had never felt emptier then they did at this moment. She felt betrayed by them, as they could do nothing to protect the ones she loved.

"Remora I'm scared." He croaked out quietly. Snapping her head back to her brother she stared at him. She had never heard her brother admit to fear. Staring deeper into his eyes she saw the terror running through them. He wasn't just scared, he was terrified.

"Don't fret over this. Everything happens for a reason." Remora reassured him. Also trying to convince herself at the same time. Jumping off the boulder she embraced her brother tightly. "Promise me that you won't forget me."

Gripping his sister just as tight, he held her close to him. This may very well be the last time he ever gets the chance too. "I promise." He told her as a single tear slipped from his eye. "Here they come now." Turning her head to the plains she saw a group of men headed their way.

Wait. 'Why are they on foot?' She thought watching as more and more men came over the crest of the hill. "Those are not Romans." She hissed, pulling out of her brother's embrace. Moving to the top of the boulder she strained her eyes to see who was heading towards them. She knew the Romans dressed in bright colors and these men where dressed in tattered brown cloth and furs. A chill ran down her spine as realization hit her full force.

"Who are they then?" He asked staring at the foreign men cascading down toward their home. His sister jumped off the boulder and ran as fast as her legs could carry her toward the village. Turning back to the village he chased after his sister.

"SAXONS!" She screamed back to him. 'What are they doing this far east.' She thought as she ran through the many huts to her father's house. He was chief of their village and would know what to do.

"FATHER! FATHER!" She cried running into the house. Hearing his daughter's cries he walked briskly out from his study at the back. "Remora, what's the matter?" He asked keeping his voice calm. Catching her breath quickly Remora gazed into the loving eyes of her father. She felt a sense of doom wash over her as she told him the news that would change her life forever.

"THE SAXONS ARE ATTACKING THE VILLAGE!" She screamed. Watching as fear ran through her father's eyes. It was the first time she had seen her father scared. Not wasting time he ran grabbed his weapons, and assembled all the men and women that could fight. The village readied itself for battle. One that they could not win. Remora watched. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing what SHE could do. She stood there until it was decided for her.

"REMORA!" A voice shouted over the commotion of people. Looking around for the source of the voice, she spotted her mother standing next to her father's horse with a bundle in her arms. Remora ran to her mother. Fearing what her mother was going to ask of her. Her mother, Tonalia, took her free hand and placed it on the side of Remora's face. It was a gesture of finality and both of them knew it.

"This is not your time to die." Tonalia whispered. Silent tears streamed from her eyes as she caressed the side of Remora's face with her warm hand. "Take Shadow and ride from this place."

"I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU HERE TO DIE!" Remora shouted at her mother. How could she leave them to fight this hopeless battle alone? Leave them to die.

"You have no choice." Tonalia commanded. "These are your orders. Take Lucan and Fiona and get as far away from here as you can." Tonalia ordered her daughter. Remora watched as her mother bounced baby Lucan in her arms to keep him from crying.

"Mother I-"

"NO! This is the way it has to be. Shadow has been packed with our finest weapons and as much food as possible. Ride hard and don't ever look back." Tonalia whispered and watched as a single tear fell from her daughters face. A great warrior she would become and a great hunter she already was. Her mother had no doubt that she would survive without any support. Tonalia knew that Remora would learn that it was her job to support others. Not to be supported. It was a long and difficult path, but it was the one that she was destined for.

Remora flung herself to her mother. Hugging her as tight as she could without crushing Lucan. Tonalia held her daughter tight and prayed for her protection. With a final squeeze she let go of her mother. Feeling as though she was letting a piece of herself die.

"Protect them Remora. You and I both know that you will be the only survivors of our tribe." Remora nodded at her mother's strong and painful words. "Promise me you will NEVER forget who you are." Tonalia said tapping the tattoo on the top of Remora's forearm. The head of a howling wolf surrounded by the outer flames of the sun.

"I promise that I will never forget the blood that runs through my body. The blood of the Wolfbanes." Remora managed to choke out between her tears. Covering the tattoo with her tunic, Remora climbed onto Shadow. Tonalia handed her Lucan just as Fiona came up beside her on her own horse, Liax. Fiona was only 3 years her junior. She was so young and so confused. She didn't know this was the last time they would see their village and their family.

"Follow your feet my daughter." Her father's comforting voice said from the other side of her horse. Turning to him she etched him into her memory. He stood there in his full armor, weapons at his sides looking powerful and confident. His demeanor never changing even when his people had already given up hope.

"I promise father. And may they one day lead me home." She said finding a strength that she didn't know she had. Her father smiled with pride. Walking to her side he removed the jeweled talisman of Sarmatian Kingship from around his neck. Placing it in her hand he looked to her shocked face. "May you one day unite our people and end the Roman over-rule. May you give them hope." He told her as he closed her hand over it.

Fighting back the tears, she simply nodded to her father, not trusting her voice enough to speak. Slipping the talisman over her head she bent over her horse and hugged her father the best she could. Sending a silent prayer that she may never disappoint him. Her father had been the unknown ruler over Sarmatia and he had passed that on to her. She had become ruler of a dying people and no one would know for years to come, if not ever.

Straitening up she spurred her horse and took off in the opposite direction of the fighting, towards Britain. Fiona following beside her and Lucan tightly bound to her chest. They rode hard until they were well away from the fighting, but still close enough to hear the sounds that were the end of their tribe. Going against her mother's advise she turned back to see her village for the last time.

She wished she had listened. All the houses were up in flames and she could faintly see bodies lying motionless on the ground. Her home was no more. Everyone she knew and loved were dead. No one to help her. No one to lean on. She was the only thing that was going to keep Fiona and Lucan alive and she didn't know if she could. Fresh tears came to the back of her eyes but she refused to let them fall. 'I will never cry again.' She was alone and she felt like she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Turning away from the village they continued to ride. She rode them away from the screams that would haunt her for years to come. They rode until the horse couldn't take anymore and she felt they were far enough away from the loaner Saxon army.

Once they had set up a makeshift camp and had fed Lucan, Remora then let the tension ease from her body. Placing Lucan in her lap she pulled the talisman from within her tunic.

It was as beautiful as she remembered it. A wild Sarmatian horse running free across the untamed plains, cut out of the best silver. Around it a thick band of gold with the symbols of the 13 tribes of Sarmatia, beside each symbol a jewel of different color. Each color telling where each tribe was located. She was now the only person in the world that knew how to read the talisman. Her father had taught her at a young age.

Drifting into an uneasy sleep that was filled with the deaths and screams of her people, Remora had no idea what life would have waiting for her. No idea at all.
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